Google Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Work on Your Computer

One of the best, but also the worst, things about Google Chrome is the number of extensions you can find in the Chrome Store. This is a great thing because you can greatly expand the capabilities of your web browser and do so almost indefinitely. On the other hand, it is bad because there are too many of them and you cannot employ all the useful ones nor will you find them all.

Chrome extensions can help you in a thousand ways. You can find extensions to help you reorganize your e-mail inbox, to those that will filter certain websites for you, or to help you more easily download images and videos from an open website. Here are some Chrome extensions that we find useful and think will make your life easier in certain aspects of working on your computer.

Save to Google Drive

We believe that the name of the extension alone says enough about what it is about. “Save to Google Drive” is an extension that will place a small icon in the upper right corner of your web browser. And everything you watch on the Internet, you can ‘send’ to your Google Drive by clicking on the mentioned icon. There is also an option to better specify what you want to send to Google Drive.

It is also great for creating screenshots that you can save directly to Google Drive, sending pictures and videos that you find on certain websites, etc. It does not offer much but, on the other hand, it makes it easier for you to store certain digital documents in the cloud with a single mouse click.


Many (more advanced) users of Google’s Mail were disappointed when Google announced that it would shut down its “Inbox by Gmail” application. The disappointment is understandable because it was a great app with a big focus on productivity, which gave users the ability to quickly and efficiently organize their inbox and prioritize e-mails as they see fit.

Sortd (no, it is not a misspelled name) is a Chrome extension that is not a perfect replacement for the aforementioned app, but it is good enough. It integrates almost perfectly with Gmail, allowing the user to drag and drop emails into their “custom” columns. Furthermore, Sortd also offers you the option of writing a note within the e-mail and keeping a to-do list in the sidebar. The best part is that one click separates you from going back to standard Gmail if you want.


Honey is one of the most popular extensions and an extension with a huge number of user reviews. You do not have to use it much to understand why. This extension is intended for quick and easy search for coupons when shopping online via the icon next to the URL field.

The Internet has made online shopping our daily routine, but one thing you do not know – whether you are shopping the best you can or not and whether you get any discount or not. Honey will try to dispel those doubts and save you money if possible.

HTTPS Everywhere

Although newer versions of Chrome (the version 90 and above) come with a security option that, by default, opens the HTTPS version of the page instead of HTTP, there are also those with older Chrome versions. If you are one of them and, for some reason, do not want to update Chrome, install this extension. It will do a redirection for you, and if you enter the name of a website with the prefix “http”, it will redirect you to the “https” version of that same site.

This is one very useful extension, especially when every visit to the Internet has become a risk of getting a virus or malware.

I Don’t Care About Cookies

Many websites use “tracking cookies” to store information about the user and what they are doing while browsing the web. Three years ago, the European Union introduced a regulation (GDPR) requesting sites they must warn they use cookies and ask for your consent to use them for you as well. As good and useful as it is, it can sometimes be quite frustrating.

This Chrome extension is not cool or anything like that, but it will press the “I agree” button for you when the text saying cookies are used appears. This means that if you do not want to constantly press that button yourself, this extension will do it for you. If you do not want to accept cookies, this is not an extension for you.

Colorblind – Dalton for Google Chrome

Some people do not have perfect eyesight, more precisely they do not see colors well. This disorder is called color blindness, i.e. daltonism. Such people have problems in this world because it is ‘created’ for those who see colors well. But luckily, there are extensions like this that can help you with color blindness.

Colorblind – Dalton for Google Chrome is a great solution. When you install this extension, you will see a new icon in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you will get a simple menu that allows you to choose one of the three levels of color blindness you have. You also have two sliders with which you can customize the web pages to make them more readable for yourself. There is no cure for color blindness, but this extension can help.

Team Casino

Here is an extension for all gambling enthusiasts that will facilitate their passion for this activity. Team Casino is built to help you keep track of your casino offers. We know that more and more punters turn to play via their smartphones, and platforms separating from the rest can help them a lot to choose the most trusted casino for that, but still, many gambles via PCs.

Team Casino includes a “Counter” (to keep track of a number of spins, blackjack hands, etc.), “Balance Tracker” (calculates your profit or loss as your balances will be tracked at the start and end of an offer), “Wagering Calculator” (counts how many spins/hands remained to complete wagering), and “Blackjack Strategy”. The Team Casino extension is intended to be used in a way that it should be positioned alongside the game you play so that you can insert every move you make into it.


The Internet is faster than ever before, but still not perfect. Sometimes you will need to check the speed of your connection before trying to stream video from Netflix or download a large attachment from an email. Fortunately, the Speedtest extension is easy to use. Just press the “Go” button and the extension will start testing the download and upload speeds of your Internet connection no matter what network you are on.

Maybe you are at home with a laptop, and maybe you are in your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop. In any case, you will get the test results very quickly and you will know what kind of network you are connected to and what you can do on it.

The Great Suspender

One of the ‘modern problems’ of today’s web browsers is the ability to open web pages too easily in new tabs. Literally, one mouse click or keyboard shortcut, and here it is – another tab. And here we come to the problem of leaving too many tabs open. This will slow down Chrome a lot because it will ‘eat up’ all the memory available to it. Since Chrome consumes a lot of memory anyway, with each tab open, that number goes up quickly.

The Great Suspender is one of the most thankful solutions. It will automatically suspend any open tab after a certain number of minutes. You can set what that time will be: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or more. When you return to the tab, just press “Refresh” and the tab will reload.


Grammarly is not a new or obscure Chrome extension, but it is very useful. All those who write in English, be it emails, blog posts, or something else, know that they are likely to make certain grammatical mistakes. Grammarly will help you correct that right away. It will even help you reshape some sentences to sound better and more fluid. You can also choose for what purpose you use Grammarly so it will help you in different ways.

Unfortunately, Grammarly is not completely free and you will have to pay to use its all features. However, if you write a lot in English, this is a good investment.

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