Axie infinity: Basic tutorial to learn how to fight and win SLP

This game has become a global trend, therefore, it is time to know some of the things you need to know to fight in Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is based on Blockchain, similar to Pokémon games, which allows you to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency when you breed, trade and raise Axies. For this, it is necessary to have the potions called Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which we earn in the development of the game.

Each player uses cards to order the action to be performed by each Axies in his turn. Each Axies has four cards that are randomly assigned in each battle, to be able to use them it is necessary to spend energy. In battles, they can win or lose. When they lose in PvP battles, they lose their Matchmaking Rating (MMR), the good thing is that they do not lose SLP and if they win, they get MMR and Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

An easy way to earn SLP is by doing the daily quests to win and thus earn EXP for the Axies as well. There are many people who have been in this game since its inception and have managed to accumulate hundreds of Axies, no matter how many they have, they can only use a team of three to fight.

Battle modes of Axie Infinity

Battle Modes of Axie Infinity Game

The battle system of this game, as you already know, consists of a set of cards that are used per turn where you must eliminate all the Axies of your enemies.

Adventure Mode

Each player focuses on winning battles, completing quests, to level up their Axies and at the same time gain some SLP. When you are beginners it is recommended to focus on this mode before going to arena mode and spending energy.

Arena Mode

This is the player vs. player mode. The higher you climb in the leaders the more SLP you can get.

The battle game may seem a bit simple but it has its level of complexity. Axies have different classes and stats that make the gameplay unpredictable and more exciting. Each class can be weak or strong compared to other classes. It is also important to take into account the types of attacks that each Axies have, their effects and bonuses.

It is necessary to be able to win most of the battles in order to get more SLP and climb the leaderboard, hence the importance of learning the basics of Axie Infinity combat. That is why it is necessary to know the attributes of our Axies and the classes that exist.

Attributes of the Axies

Each Axie has its own characteristics and traits that determine its ability and function in battle. To learn how to fight in Axie Infinity it is necessary to know the statistics in the game and their meaning. The health, strength and effectiveness of each Axie are measured by their attributes, which in turn depend on the class and body parts chosen by the player.

Health (HP)

This represents the hit points (HP) of each Axie, i.e. the amount of damage they can take before being defeated.


The morale level will determine the probability of dealing a critical hit to an opponent, i.e. a double damage attack. When the Axie is in critical condition, you can determine how many “last chance” moves you are granted. This also makes it easier to enter the last battle, a kind of extra life, and additionally adds more charges to these.


This adds damage every time an Axie plays several cards at once or makes a combo. The additional damage is calculated by multiplying the attack of the cards by the skill by five hundred. The higher the skill level of each Axie, the more damage he can inflict on his opponent.


The speed of an Axie determines the order of turns and the frequency with which it can attack opponents. Therefore, Axies that are faster are more likely to attack first. Speed reduces the chance that the Axie can be the victim of a critical hit.

In the case that two Axies have the same speed to determine the order of attack is done as follows: High speed > low HP > high skill > high morale > low fighter ID.

The attributes and statistics of an Axie are determined through two variables: its class and body parts. It is necessary to know each Axie class and its attributes in order to learn how to fight in Axie Infinity like the pros.

axie classes

Axie Classes

Each Axie has a class, which can be weak or strong against another. When calculating damage, the card class of the attack move is compared to that of the defending Axie. There are nine classes, divided into three groups, these are:

Group 1: Beast, Bug, Mech.

Group 2: Reptile (Reptile), Plant (Plant), Dusk (Dusk)

Group 3: Aquatic, Bird, Dawn.

Three of them are special, as they do not have their own body parts or class cards. Each of these classes of Axies has its own strengths and weaknesses that will be more or less effective against others, considered one of the things you should know to fight in Axie Infinity. 

advantages of class

Class Advantages

When the Axie has the class advantage it will deal 15% additional damage. While the Axie in disadvantage will cause 15% less damage. For example, a Bird card that is used to attack a Beast will deal 15% additional damage. While the Beast card used to attack an Aquatic Axie will cause 15% less damage.

When an Axie uses a card of its class, it gets a 10% attack/shield bonus. For example, if an Axie Plant plays a plant card, it will get a 10% attack/shield bonus. A Beast Axie using a Beast card against a plant target will deal 25% more damage.

Beast, Mech and Bug classes are 15% more effective against Plant, Reptile and Dusk classes.

The Reptile, Plant and Dusk classes are 15% more effective against the Bird, Dawn and Aquatic classes.

And the Bird, Dawn and Aquatic classes are 15% more effective against the Beast, Bug and Mech classes.

Characteristics of Axie’s classes

We must know this part very well to learn the basics of combat in Axie Infinity.

Secret Class

There are three secret classes in Axie Infinity:

Mech: are descended from a purebred Beast and Bug, these are also known as “Nut”.

Dawn: descended from a purebred Plant and Bird, they are known as “Star”.

Dusk: descended from a purebred Reptile and Aquatic, they are also known as “Luna”.

Secret classes are very difficult to breed, they result from the specific combination of two purebred Axies. In fact, even if you manage to unite them, you only have a 33% chance of creating a secret class offspring.

This type of Axies benefit from the advantages and disadvantages of the different classes and do not have their own body parts or cards. When the Axie plays with a card of their class they get a bonus, but as there are no secret class cards, this can weaken them against the other classes.

Secret classes will get a bonus when playing with class cards with which they share both advantages and disadvantages:

Dusk : 7.5% class bonus for Reptile and Plants cards.

Dawn : 7.5% class bonus for Birds and Aquatics cards.

Mech : 7,5% class bonus for Beast and Bug cards.

Aquatic Class

They are strong against Beast, Bug and Mech classes and weak against Reptile, Plants and Dusk class, their basic attributes are 39 HP, 39 Speed, 35 Skill and 27 Morale.

Each of the aquatic cards gives the Axie 3 speed and 1 additional HP. When playing these cards they get an additional 10% damage bonus. The Aquatic Axie has a high speed and good HP, which makes it very versatile. It can be an excellent Off-Tank thanks to its high base HP and cards like Sponge. And because of its speed, it can also be a very high damage backdoor attacker, using some cards like Perch and Piranha.

Beast Class

This class of Axies are strong against Reptile, Plants and Dusk, but, weak against Aquatic, Birds and Dawn. The attributes for the Beast class are 31 HP, 35 Speed, 31 Skill and 43 Morale. Each Beast card gives the axe an additional 3 Morale and 1 Speed. When playing Beast cards you will get an additional 10% bonus.

Bird Class

They are strong against Beast, Bug and Mech and weak against Reptile, Plant and Dusk. The Attributes for the Bird Class are 27 HP, 43 Speed, 35 Ability and 35 Morale.

Bird cards will give the Axie 3 speed 1 additional morale. The speed and morale make it a good choice for an attacker.

Attackers have at least 2 high damage cards (over 100 damage) and sacrifice their survivability for the high level of damage they generate. The most common configuration is with 4 high damage cards or 3 high damage cards and 1 that allows the Bird to attack the backline.

Bug Class

These bugs are strong against reptiles, Plants and Dusk are weak against Aquatics, Birds and Dawn. The base attributes for this Axie class are 35 HP, 31 Speed, 35 Ability and 39 Morale.

Each card of this class additionally gives the Axie 3 morale and 1 HP. If they play these cards they get a 10% additional bonus. This class of Axies is not common to see in team configurations, as their card score is very low in the tier list. This class has many cards that apply Debuffs when used.

Plant Class

They are strong against Aquatic, Bird and Dawn and are weak against Beast, Bug and Mech. The basic attributes of this type of Axie are 61 HP, 31 Speed, 31 Ability and 41 Morale. Cards of this class give your Axie an additional 3 HP and 1 Morale, as well as a 10% additional damage bonus if played with that card. The high HP and morale make it the best choice for defenders.

This kind of Axie is normal to find in most teams because of the ability they have to absorb damage while gaining energy by destroying the opponent’s energy. This is one of the things you must know to fight in Axie Infinity.

Reptile Class

They are strong against Aquatic, Bird and Dawn while they are weak against Beast, Bugs and Mech. The basic attributes for the Reptile Class are 39 HP 35 Speed, 31 Skill and 35 Morale.

These cards give your Axie 3 HP and 1 additional Speed. Their Speed and HP make them a great tank. As a way to compensate they have a more limited damage potential.

All these are the basic characteristics of the Axie classes that you need to know to fight in Axie Infinity. Each Axie has a class with its own basic attributes that will add points. These attributes get bonus modifiers depending on the body parts, as we will see below.

Axie Body Parts

In addition to the Classes, you can customize the body parts of the Axies, each one has 6 parts:







Horns, mouths, backs and tails will determine which cards Axies can use in battle, eyes and ears only add attributes. For example, a “Goda” mouth makes the Axie use the piercing sound card.

Additionally, each body part is going to be associated with a specific class, i.e. additional abilities can be given by linking some body parts with specific classes. For example:

Bird 3 HP + 1 morale

Plant 3 HP + 1 morale

Mistake 3 morale + 1 speed

Beast 3 morale + 1 speed

Reptile 3 HP + 1 speed

Any combination of parts can be attached to the different classes, allowing them a wide range of customizations making each Axie unique.

combat axie

Combat System

As you already know this game is a turn-based card system that consists of eliminating the opponent’s 3 Axies. In each turn, the player must play his cards strategically to improve the chances of winning.

Due to the dynamics of the game, most beginners usually use a team formed by Defenders or Tank, a Support Axie in the middle and an Attacking Axie. The class lets us know their role in the battle.

There are a total of 132 skills/game cards, each skill depends on the body parts you have. These skills can be offensive and defensive. Offensive skills can damage the opponent and defensive skills can restore Axies’ health points or steal energy from the opposing team.

Attacking Axies must have cards that cause a lot of damage. And defensive Axies must have cards that help them to survive and defend their team.

defensive axie

Defensive Axies

The tank should be placed in the front position of the team to absorb the attacks, the Axies in the rear are usually more fragile but have the ability to cause greater damage.

Defenders should have the following characteristics:

A high health attribute to absorb damage.

A card with healing ability

A card with the ability to stun the enemy

At least 2 cards with high armour capacity, higher than 70.

Plant cards are the best for the Tank, some of the Reptile and Aquatic cards can also be useful. Healing or shield cards, such as Shiitake and Rosebud, make the Tank Axie even more resilient.

attacking axie

Attacking Axies

Offensive Axies or DPS usually feature:

At least 2 cards with more than 100 damage.

High Speed or Morale, over 50.

A combination of power-ups will increase damage or debuffs, preventing the enemy from causing more damage.

Speed can be very useful to take the initiative against the opponent before he can use his cards.

The ability increases the damage in combos when at least two cards are played together.

Birds and Beasts cards are generally the high damage cards.

Morale increases the probability of a critical hit. So if an Axie has high morale, like Beast and Bug Axies, they are excellent as attackers.

battle things axie

Things to know when going to Battle

There are cards with strong battle effects that provide a unique dynamic in the game

There are cards with a 0 cost with different effects, such as morale boost, speed or give energy bonus. These cards do not use energy but have their own damage and shield value, which can be combined with other cards that cost energy.

There are cards that destroy or steal energy from enemies.

There are also cards that stun enemies preventing them from attacking or using their shields in the next attack.

When using card energy must be spent, a different amount of energy is needed for each one. You need to do the calculations if you want to save energy for the next round.

Each battle costs 1 energy, both in Arena Mode and Adventure Mode. Although you can continue playing in either mode without energy, you just won’t receive the EXP points in Adventure or the SLP rewards in Arena Mode.

The maximum amount and speed of energy replacement will depend on the number of axes they have.

Now that you know all the most important features of the Axies and know the things you need to know to fight in Axie Infinity. It’s time to start playing and earn money playing Axie Infinity.

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