Axie Infinity: A New Game To Earn Cryptocurrencies

Earning money with Axie Infinity is a reality that currently provides thousands of job opportunities for gamers around the world, who can earn good rewards while having fun. Here’s how to start playing Axie Infinity and earn cryptocurrencies from day one.

For a couple of years now, blockchain-based video games have been gaining respect from gamers everywhere, as they offer the possibility to earn tokens as rewards for victories. These winnings can be easily converted into legal tender, to be used in everyday life without too much hassle. In addition, titles like Axie Infinity can be played by anyone with access to a computer or smartphone.

Below, we will provide a guide on how to start playing Axie Infinity, how to take the first steps on the platform, what are the Axie Infinity requirements, how much money can we win playing, what are the Axie Infinity scholarships and much more.

Alright, let’s get started!

Axie Infinity: A New Game To Earn Cryptocurrencies

Axie Infinity: What is it and how does it work?

Axie Infinity is a decentralised pay-to-earn crypto-video game where players breed, train, trade and battle using creatures called Axies. Overall, its gameplay and battle system bears many similarities to titles such as Pokémon; due to its turn-based duelling mechanics, special ability cards and the breeding of digital creatures. At the same time, each level will bring more powerful opponents that must be defeated to obtain Small Love Potions (SLP), the reward present in the video game with which they can improve their stats and earn money with Axie Infinity.

In addition, within the ecosystem of Lunacia, they will have the possibility to buy tokenised plots with a size of 64 blocks; in which they will be able to place items that will provide different rewards. These plots serve different purposes such as serving as a home for Axies, harvesting or mining resources; so we could compare the activities to games like FarmVille or Pet Society. Currently, there are a total of 16,649 plots in Lunacia, of which 474 are for sale in different environments such as Savannah, Arctic, Forest, Mystic and Genesis.

For their part, Axies are created based on NFT on the Ethereum network, so each creature is unique in its class, having attributes and abilities that make up its strengths in combat. However, as in Pokémon, it is necessary to know all the characteristics before choosing the Axies that will make up the first battle team (which must contain three creatures); in order to devise different battle strategies according to the opponents. Among the main elements to consider are

Categories of Axies

Although each Axie is unique, they all belong to one of the nine categories in the game, which largely determine their effectiveness in duels against other Axies. However, there are no one species that is more powerful than another, as Axies that is more valuable or weaker than others can coexist in the same category.

Basic category: Beast, plant, insect, aquatic, bird and reptile.

Special category: Wick, Darkness and Dawn.

Body Parts

Each Axie is made up of six body parts: eyes, ears, mouth, horn, dorsal and tail. They denote the degree of purity and rarity of each creature, with the highest-ranking ones having all six parts of the same species. In other words, the symbol of each body part will be tinged with the characteristic colour of the category to which the Axie belongs. Hybrids, on the other hand, will be made up of body parts of different species.


The characteristics of each Axie will be determined by the body parts they possess, which will directly indicate the abilities to be used during battles. This means that, in addition to the categories, it is necessary to look at the parts that each creature possesses in order to obtain the skill cards we need for our team of Axies.

Efficiency and Weakness

In addition to the species categories, Axies are divided into three subcategories, which determine their level of efficiency or weakness to creatures of other species. This mechanic works similarly to Rock-Paper-Scissors or Pokémon types, with each element being more powerful or weaker than another.

  • Beasts, Insects and Mechas: They are 15% more effective against plant, reptile and dark types. They are 15% weaker against the bird, aquatic and dawn types.
  • Plants, Reptiles and Darkness: They are 15% more effective against the bird, dawn and aquatic types. They are 15% weaker against beast, insect and mecha types.
  • Bird, Aquatic and Dawn: They are 15% more effective against the beast, insect and mecha types. They are 15% weaker against plant, reptile and darkness types.
How to start playing Axie Infinity

How to start playing Axie Infinity

To take your first steps into the Axie Infinity ecosystem, you need to acquire your first piece of equipment. To play, a minimum of three Axies of different classes are required; the cheapest ones costing 0.10 ETH. This means that, in the first instance, the lowest initial investment will be approximately 0.30 ETH for a basic kit, while if you intend to obtain more favourable results, you can start with Axies valued at 0.24 ETH.

After acquiring your first Axies, you can start your adventure through the various levels present in the game. At the start, your teams will consist of three creatures and six cards, which will indicate the different abilities you can use during duels. In general, the battle system is similar to that used in Pokémon or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, as it uses cards with abilities and a turn-based system.

As in most video games, in Axie Infinity you can earn rewards by winning battles in the various levels of the game, either against other users or AI-controlled enemies, with each victory providing SLP as a reward. These positions serve as a multi-purpose currency unit, as we can either earn real money or invest them in-game.

Profitability: How to earn money with Axie Infinity

Profitability: How to earn money with Axie Infinity

The way to earn money with Axie Infinity is by winning battles in the different levels present in the adventure mode or the duels in the arena mode; as each victory will provide a certain amount of SLP as a reward. These tokens can be used in a variety of ways within the game to generate income, such as:

In-game investment

Tokens can be invested in items available in Axie Infinity, such as new creatures with better abilities, plots in Lunacia, or items that allow you to take advantage of lands. Each of them will provide benefits when duelling, as they will have better tools that can eventually be resold.

Axie Breeder

It is possible to create new Axies from two pre-existing creatures, taking characteristics from both parents. If the Axies chosen to breed are of different types, the offspring will have hybrid body parts and abilities, while if both belong to the same species, you will get an Axie with better stats.

Each Axie can breed a maximum of seven times and each egg requires SLP to hatch. Each of the hatchlings will require more tokens, so the first one could cost 150 SLP, while the seventh one could cost 1400 SLP.

Offering scholarships

One of the best features of Axie Infinity is that it offers Axies owners the ability to lend their creatures to other players for use within the platform. In this way, gamers who lack the resources to invest in their first team can start playing and earning SLP immediately.

The resources obtained by the player will be divided with the owner of the Axies according to a percentage established by both of them, usually 50/50. This is an excellent alternative for those who wish to invest in Axies, but lack the time to play, as they will have a return on investment and profit without spending hours playing.

Converting SLPs

There are multiple ways to earn SLP, whether it’s as an Axies breeder, selling items obtained from plots, scholarshiping gamers, or winning arena mode battles. Regardless of the method, all SLP collected can be converted to ETH and transferred to the wallet of your choice, so you can easily exchange it into your local currency.

How much money do you earn on Axie Infinity

The most attractive feature of Axie Infinity is that it is a video game that allows its users to earn cryptocurrencies in each game by performing various activities within the ecosystem. Each of the ways to earn money generates SLP, which are currently worth $0.29 USD, while the AXS cryptocurrency is valued at $17,933 USD.

In order to know how much money it is possible to win by playing Axie Infinity, it is necessary to consider certain factors such as the type of activity that will be carried out and the amount of time that will be invested in the game. However, we can approximate the following winnings:


Gamers who are fully dedicated to battles will determine their earnings based on the levels they possess in the two available game modes:

  • Arena Mode: will be based on the number of cups they possess, they can receive between 0 and 12 SLP for each battle won.
  • Adventure Mode: The level of your Axies will determine how many SLPs you can get for each victory, with the average being between 1 and 20. However,

Adventure Mode is capped at a maximum of 100 SLPs per day.

This means that a novice gamer with a team of basic Axies could generate around 100 SLPs per day, which works out to $29 USD. Similarly, as you gain experience, you can generate 210 SLP, which equals $60.9 USD per day.

Axie Breeder

Currently, the minimum cost of an Axie is around $180 USD, with the most expensive ones costing over $175 million USD. Hybrid hatchlings can be sold to players taking their first steps on the platform for approximately $90 USD, so if they invest 100 SLP ($29 USD) to hatch the egg, they will make a profit of $61 USD.

As they gain experience, breeders are able to predict what traits the hatchlings will have, mixing certain species to obtain rare creatures with excellent abilities and high stats. These types of Axies are highly valued, so they can be sold for high amounts.

Axie Infinity: Requirements

Unlike most popular video games, crypto games require few resources to operate. Minimum hardware and software requirements include:

Minimum computer requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows or Mac.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or AMD Atholon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Graphics card: Intel 4100 or Nvidia Geforce 7800.
  • Storage: 250MB of available space.

Minimum smartphone requirements:

  • Operating System: Android or iOS.
  • OS version: Android 4.1 or iOS 6.
  • Storage: 100MB of available space.
Axie Infinity: Scholarships for Gamers

Axie Infinity: Scholarships for Gamers

Axie Infinity’s scholarship programme is a mechanism that has caused a furore among gamers who wish to join this community because it allows gamers without capital to start generating income by renting other users’ NFTs. In short, Axie Infinity Grants consist of renting the Axies equipment of third parties for the adventure, dividing the reward obtained between the participating parties. In this way, the profit is split between the owner of the NFT, the gamer and the Community Manager, the latter being in charge of recruiting and training the scholarship holders.

Currently, the community of active users exceeds 250,000 players per day, of which around 30,000 benefits from Axie Infinity Scholarships. Although this programme can be used by anyone, recruited by a Community Manager or directly by the owner of the NFTs, there is a larger number of scholarship recipients in countries such as the Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

The developer, Yield Guild Games, states that the scholarships are a participatory model in which NFT owners rent out their Axies to new users who want to play and earn cryptocurrencies, but lack the funds to invest in a battle team upfront. Thus, both owners and scholarship holders can obtain tokens, grow the community and benefit from earning money with Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity: How to play?

The process to start playing Axie Infinity is simple, but requires many steps, as it is necessary to register on different cryptocurrency platforms with which you can move the tokens needed to buy your first Axies or to withdraw earned SLPs.


On this exchange, you will be able to buy the Ethereum needed to invest in Axie Infinity through banking transactions with your local currency. In addition, once you make a profit in the video game, you can easily convert it to fiat money.

  • Go to or download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your email address and password to create your account.
  • You will be presented with a puzzle, which you must complete for security.
  • Check your email for an email from Binance with a code to verify your account.


MetaMask is an open-source wallet belonging to the Ethereum ecosystem, which has the particularity that through its browser extension, it can automatically communicate with other exchanges, which considerably speeds up the process of sending assets by copying payment addresses.

  • Go to to download the extension. Then click Get Started.
  • You will be presented with two options, click on configure settings.
  • Enter a password and check the box pertaining to terms and conditions.

Now, a grey box will appear revealing the seed phrases. These are 12 random words that you can use to recover your account if you lose access; MetaMask is a non-custodial service, so no one will be able to access your funds if you forget your password. Keep a backup copy of the seeds in at least three different locations.

Once you click next, the platform will prompt you to enter the 12 seed words in the correct order. Once finished, you will have to click on confirm.


It is a wallet that allows Axie Infinity users to manage their tokens, as well as other decentralised applications belonging to the Ethereum blockchain. On the platform, it is possible to deposit or withdraw rewards in SLP, AXS, parcels, items and Axies; which can then be exchanged into ETH and finally into your local currency.

  • Go to to install the extension. Currently, the Ronin wallet does not have support for Android or iOS devices.
  • From here, the process is very similar to that of MetaMask. Open the extension and enter a password.
  • Click on the Reveal Seed Phrase button to reveal the seed phrase. Make at least three backup copies of the 12 random words.
  • Once finished, you will have successfully created your Ronin account.

Axie Infinity

In case you already have your team or you have a scholarship, go to and click on Play Now; select between battle or adventure mode.

That’s it! You can start earning cryptocurrencies with Axie Infinity.

As we have seen, the Axie Infinity requirements are modest, so most people will be able to start this adventure. However, we know that not everyone will have the initial capital available to buy their first Axies, but they should not be discouraged, as they can opt for one of the Axie Infinity Scholarships to start earning cryptocurrencies.

The community of gamers who want to earn cryptocurrencies within the Ethereum ecosystem is growing every day. A fundamental part of this is due to the fact that behind the game there is the support of renowned companies such as Ubisoft, Samsung or Binance; who have also invested millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure. For this reason, it is currently the most popular and important NFT video game on the Ethereum network.

On the other hand, we are at one of the best times to start making money with Axie Infinity; as the SLP token continues to appreciate in value every day. In addition, Yield Guild Games plans to team up with BITKRAFT to form world-class teams to participate in e-sports, so this is the perfect opportunity to gain experience and perhaps be selected to participate in tournaments.

Now that you know how to start playing Axie Infinity, what are you waiting for to get started?

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