Can You Make Money With Tibia 2021? [Complete Guide]

Earning money playing video games is every gamer’s dream because we can generate income doing something we love. Currently, there are many platforms and titles with which it is possible to earn substantial profits, but today we bring you one that is so old and entertaining that it will make you want to start as soon as possible. It is Tibia, an MMORPG full of mysteries and monsters that is capable of generating excellent income for those who decide to work taking advantage of its structure. Do you want to earn money playing Tibia, the MMORPG game? Here, we’ll tell you what is Tibia game, how to make money, and how much you can earn.

There are more and more options available to earn money doing online activities from our homes, being one of the most popular alternatives to play video games. The gamer community has not stopped growing and last year, due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus quarantine, its increase has been overwhelming. Having more free time and needing income has caused many gamers to wonder how they can earn money other than by creating content for audiovisual platforms.

Although the majority of gamers are looking to titles like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Warface, or Minecraft to generate income, the reality is that some hidden gems like Tibia have bigger and better opportunities, this happens due to the fact that it is completely free and the level of attractiveness that the game possesses by being a real mystery. In the following, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to make money in Tibia for free and how to earn money with Tibia. Let’s get started!

Tibia: From adventure game to MMORPG

Developed by CipSoft in 1997, Tibia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game of the mythological adventure type that combines a world full of magical creatures, gold coins, and monsters. In general, the objective of the game is to gain experience to level up in order to collect valuable items, coins, or open mysterious doors.

Can You Make Money With Tibia 2021

Although more than 20 years old, this video game developed by four German university students continues to provide access to thousands of players around the world, through 74 servers that can be accessed free of charge.

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Although at first glance it seems a game without a story or quite simple, it hides one of the mysteries that has remained active for the longest time in the gamer culture, which has managed to keep the stimulus in the players during all these years. It is the mystery of what is hidden behind the door of level 999, which few people have had the opportunity to see. The feat of reaching such a level of experience and unraveling the mystery on one’s own presents one of the greatest challenges ever created.

Registration and first steps in Tibia

One of the biggest advantages of Tibia is that it is a completely free game in which you will not need to make any investment if you want to start monetizing. Of course, there are premium accounts available; however, they are not strictly necessary to earn money, it only speeds up this task. To start the download and registration process, we will have to:

  • Enter the Tibia link and click download.
  • The terms and conditions of the game will appear, after reading them we will click on agree to accept them.
  • Next, we will select our operating system and check the minimum requirements of the game; which are quite low.
  • After finishing the download, we will install the video game.
  • Now, we will go to the link to create the account of the game in this one we will only have to enter data like our electronic mail.

After finishing the download and registration process, you will have to create the avatar profile. To do this, it will be necessary to choose one of the available characters: Paladin, Sorcerer, Knight, or Druid. At this point it is essential to pay close attention because each one has very different combat abilities based on their respective characteristics; the choice will depend on the play style that each one has. For example, the Knight and Paladin are excellent for melee combat; while the Mage and Druid are perfect for attacking from a distance using magic. However, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Knights have more powerful melee attacks, so they can kill monsters faster and earn more gold coins in a short time.
  • Mages have the ability to summon runes, which can be sold at good prices on the market.
  • Druids can create an exclusive type of runes called Ultimate Healing Runes, which can be sold at an excellent price because they heal characters’ wounds.
Can you really make money with Tibia 2021

Myths and truths: Can you really make money with Tibia 2021?

For years the video game industry has opened the doors for many gamers to generate income from their homes, doing what they like the most. We know that there are several methods such as farming, leveling accounts, opening channels on YouTube or Twitch, becoming a professional gamer, or participating in tournaments.

However, this mechanism to earn money is not something that is immediate; it requires months or years of dedication to be able to generate enough income to make a living from it. Acquiring the necessary skills, knowing the scenario perfectly, and gaining experience takes time, so we always advise you to keep in mind that the goal will be in the medium and long term.

Likewise, Tibia is a game that continues to enjoy great popularity among gamers of all ages, due to the complexity and enigma that surrounds its story. These circumstances are what make it possible for us to earn money with Tibia 2021 because there is still a market that wants to acquire leveled accounts, buy coins, rare items, or consume the content of the game.

How much money can be earned by playing Tibia?

The amount of money we can earn playing Tibia is going to depend on several factors, such as the time we invest, the skills we possess as gamers, the value of the Tibia Coin quote on the day in the transaction, the demand for it or even other elements such as making money in Tibia being free vs. premium accounts. However, the standard figures usually stay close to or at par with the amount at which the dollar is quoted:

  • 25 Tibia coins: $1 USD.
  • 50 Tibia coins: $2 USD.
  • 100 Tibia coins: $4 USD.

Similarly, the table applies to the sale of gold coins as well as items; if we sell several objects for the value of 25 coins we would be generating around $1 USD. Therefore, calculating the amount of money we can earn daily will vary according to the degree of commitment of each player. However, after a day of play, it is possible to estimate what would be the amount to perceive daily, weekly or monthly.

Tips and recommendations: How to earn money with Tibia

Tips and recommendations: How to earn money with Tibia

1. Choose the right character

As we mentioned in the section on choosing a character, it is essential that you choose one that you feel comfortable with; because in the first instance, the amount of enemies you eliminate will be determined by the ability you have to control the character.

For sure, everyone has the same probabilities to generate damage or earn money; therefore, everything will depend on the player’s mastery. However, most players opt for the Knight or the Druid; since one is able to quickly finish off enemies and the other creates valuable runes.

2. Getting money

In the game, there are several ways to get money, which will appear during the course of each game. However, the quickest and easiest way is to kill as many enemies as possible, sell the special items created by the characters or collect the rare items that monsters drop or get along the way.

3. Consistency + time

As experienced gamers, we know that all beginnings are slow; so it is necessary to keep the focus on the objective and take advantage of the first levels to familiarize yourself with the environments, the menu, the gameplay, the functions of each element, among others.

4. Gold coins and earnings

The fastest way to earn money playing Tibia is by selling the gold coins obtained by eliminating enemies. The more experienced, the stronger the character will be and therefore the easier it will be to win; which means more profit in less time.

Additionally, some players have found a good source of income by leveling accounts for third parties; which can be sold for hundreds of dollars. An account at level 999 could even go into the thousands; due to the time, it takes to reach that level.

Like many MMORPGs, Tibia is a video game that can become a profitable business in the long run, but it is necessary to be aware that the growth will be slow and will require a lot of effort or else it will be very difficult to earn the number of coins needed to have a worthwhile income.

Although it is possible to earn money with Tibia 2021 by having a free account, the reality is that as premium users you will have greater benefits; because they can earn 50% more experience after each combat. In addition, they can access areas of the map where rare and valuable items can be found; so they would finally get more profit.

But then, how to make money in Tibia while being free; the answer is simple: by trying our best. Although premium users have higher profits, we can still generate enough capital, even to purchase the membership and gradually increase the total income.

So, if you are still wondering how to make money with Tibia; the key, as in all video games, is perseverance, effort, and dedication. Courage!

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