5 Best NFT Games To Earn Money Quickly

The market is constantly evolving, so there have been initiatives to generate income that years ago would have been unthinkable. One of them is the NFT games to earn money without investing, which in themselves are a revolution to how concepts such as business, transactions or work are conceived. Therefore, we have this list of best NFT games to make money playing games online without much investment!

What are NFT games?

They are games that are conceptually governed by the same principles as blockchains, although they adhere to the premise of NFT (non-fungible tokens); which make each player have “ownership” of a unique item. Which, in turn, allows him to generate or earn more income.

In other words, the items in these types of games are unique. Although they may look the same, they have an identifier that differentiates them, so, as a blockchain-based game model, the more users and the rarer an item is, the more valuable it becomes. This allows NFT games to exist to earn money without investing.

In addition, these games have the possibility to generate income from the items (all depending on the game). By staying on the platform and exchanging assets or trading items, this micro-economy is supported and the user is rewarded, while their items gain more value over time.

List of most profitable NFT games to make money

Since the emergence of NFTs, non-fungible tokens have been made of a wide variety of things, from images, tweets and even in-game items. For the latter, various platforms have been created, so there is no single variety of NFT games to earn money without investing. So here are the most profitable ones of this type to date.

1. Axie Infinity

This is one of the most popular NFT games, as it has its own currency that has become very valuable. Its concept is quite simple, it is an RPG style game based on Pokémon. In which it is necessary to obtain characters, to overcome missions or battles and obtain coins and items.

How to start playing Axie Infinity

To get started in this game you have two options, the first one is to invest your own capital or get a scholarship. As this article is based on explaining to you the options to earn money without investing, I will tell you that to be a scholarship holder you will have to get a scholarship holder who wants to share his account with you to produce and divide the profits between you, because in the first case you need a minimum of at least 1200 UDD, at the date of publication of this article, to get 3 axies.

2. Dragonary

With a somewhat similar operation, the game focuses on multiplayer battles with dragons. Dragons will be divided by rarity and their value will vary according to their rarity. The first two categories, common and rare, will be free. So it will not be possible to buy or sell them, but they will be used to obtain new dragons.

Dragonary is one of the few NFT games to earn money without investing, as it is possible to start with or without investment. However, if you start without investment, you will need to spend more time in the game to earn a considerable amount of money.

3. Plants vs Undead

This is one of the most recent NFT games, it is not yet fully operational, as only the beta version can be played at the moment. However, it has been very well received, especially by the Latin audience. Although it is not considered one of the NFT games to earn money without investing, only a minimum investment of 5 PVU’s is required to get started.

Its operation aims to be similar to Plants Vs Zombies; a strategy RPG game, where with a series of plants it is necessary to defeat the zombies. Although at the moment it is only possible to buy plants and take care of them to get PVU’s, the full game experience is expected to be released by October 2021.

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4. Upland

A gaming initiative is somewhat different from most video games of this type. It focuses on an idea similar to a monopoly, where properties exist all over the world and you can buy them in the form of NFTs. The more prestigious that property is in the real world, the more valuable the token can be.

So this game works in a similar way to a real estate game, where you need to sell and buy properties in order to make a profit from them. It has two types of games for those users who want to invest or not.

For those looking for NFT games to earn money without investing, you will start the game as a visitor and will have to spend time on the platform in order to reach the Uplander rank, which is where the real earnings will be seen. However, if you decide to invest some of your capital, even if it is a small portion, the process can be quicker, so it will depend on your capabilities or your interest in this type of game.

5. CryptoKitties

This is one of the oldest NFT games, in fact, it is the first of its kind to want to implement this technology. The game is quite simple, it consists of buying, breeding and collecting cats of different attributes and rarities. In addition, in the game, the authenticity of each piece is reflected in a 256-bit genome with the animal’s DNA.

To earn money on this platform, it is necessary to reproduce different cats, so that the rarer, the more value it will have for potential buyers, and the amount will vary depending on all the qualities that make it up.

In this game, it is necessary to invest in order to obtain at least one CryptoKitty. The cheapest kitty on the platform was at 1 ETH (Ethereum), although the rarer the items you own the more likely you are to generate income.

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Do NFT games work without investment?

Many people claim that NFT games for making money without investing don’t work or aren’t worth playing, but this is not the case. The idea of these games is to focus on attracting as large an audience as possible to increase the demand for the items and therefore their value, while in turn attracting potential investors to the platform. So NFT games without investment do have a logic behind them.

However, when playing in free to play modes, earning considerable income can take quite some time. So if it is within your capabilities, it is advisable to invest in order to get a quicker return. However, it is important to remember to research the platform thoroughly before making any investment to avoid potential scams.

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