How to make money in World Of Warcraft [2021]

Earning money playing video games nowadays is a reality, each gamer usually uses his own technique to achieve it. One of the most used ones is farming in multiplayer video games such as World of Warcraft or RuneScape. In this guide, we’ll help you make money while playing Just like World Of Warcraft, there are various different play to earn Metaverse games which pays to players for playing the game. These games are available on the Metaverse platforms and players can earn money and NFTs by playing these games.

In this case, we are going to talk about World of Warcraft, this is a game that needs a subscription but you can play for free at the beginning, although of course, the most advisable to be able to earn money with the wow game is to continue advancing in it so as not to lose all the advances you had at the beginning.

Make money in World Of Warcraft

What should we know about World of Warcraft?

This title appeared in the market more than 13 years ago, it is not an easy game to start, since there are players with more than a decade of advantage. It has 6 extensions and the program has evolved a lot and for a novice, it will not be an easy task, but it will not be impossible.

1. Game worlds

It consists of three worlds Draenor, Terrallende, and Azeroth, the latter being the main scenario of the game. Each world is divided into continents and each of them into provinces.

2. Expansions available

In order to better understand this game it is necessary to know the chronology of the expansions, these are:

  • World of Warcraft in Azeroth, continents of Kalimdor and Kingdoms of the East. In levels 1-60.
  • The Burning Crusade in Draenor for levels 60-70.
  • Wrath of the Lich King. Azeroth, Scroll Continent. In levels 70-80.
  • Catalyst in areas of Azeroth. At levels 80-85.
  • Mists of Pandaria in Azeroth, Pandaria continent. At levels 85-90.
  • Warlords of Draenor in Draenor in another timeline. At levels 90-100.
  • Legion in Azeroth, Abrupt Islands. At levels 100-110.

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3. Creating the character

When creating the character you may have doubts when choosing between Alliance and Horde, the good thing is that you can select the one you like the most since it is only a matter of aesthetics, the best thing is to decide by conviction. At the moment you choose the race you will be positioned in a fraction, each race provides you with a modifier with which you can alter the initial statistics. It does not matter what gender you choose as this does not affect the skills.

When choosing the class you should take into account your play style and how you want to have fun. For beginners, the best option is the warrior, although if you want to be popular and have many friends, you can choose the cleric or the shaman.

4. Transportation

They mainly move on foot until level 20, where they have the option of acquiring their first mount and at level 40 the flying mount. They can rent a network of flying mounts at specific points on the map marked with a winged boot and can change continents at teleport portals, so moving around won’t be that complicated.

5. Game modes.

  • Exploration: This is the main game mode, it consists of discovering the map while solving the missions. At this point, dedicate your time to get to know the controls, understand the game mechanics, level up, and, above all, get as much gold as possible.
  • Dungeons: it is a mission for a group of 5 people, if you enter alone the monsters will finish them. The game has a search engine through which you can locate users who also need to enter the dungeons like you, so do not worry, you will not be alone.
  • Gangs: This is similar to dungeons but the quests are more complicated and with larger groups. This is for very advanced character levels.
  • Combat and PvP arenas: Here you can perform deathmatches and friendship duels with any user to get honor points and unlock exclusive skills for the character you chose.
  • Professions: With their character, they can choose two main professions and several secondary ones. The main ones are based on gathering or manufacturing. We recommend that you choose a group that allows you to get the most out of your specialization.
Tips for getting started in World of Warcraft

Tips for getting started in World of Warcraft

A little clearer with the basics of this game, now we will leave some tips that will be very useful when starting with this game and to study how to make money with the wow game.

1. The beginning

It is very simple until level 10 -20 and the best thing is that it is free. With the first missions, you will be able to see more clearly if this type of game is what you really like and are looking for, and above all, decide if you will really pay the subscription. It’s like a tutorial for the beginning where you can get to know the main basics of the game.

2. The controls

It is normal for the first 2 or 3 days to get confused with the controls. Do not worry about this, the good thing about this game is that you can customize the controls, shortcuts, and custom shortcuts to the inventory.

3. Missions

Arriving in each village and talking to people unlocks missions, which usually take place in the surrounding area, so you will not need to travel. The recommendation is to finish all the missions and amass as much gold as possible in each village you visit.

4. Profession selection

When starting in the game, it is common to be unclear on the main and secondary professions to choose, do not be terrified by this, it is not really something fundamental when you are starting in the game as these only allow you to create simple objects of little value. When you can make more powerful items, then, you will be able to choose a better specialization within the professions.

5. Manage your talent

When you level up, you can use points to obtain exclusive skills. In general, everyone specializes at the beginning in branches of their class, if you later realize that it was not what you expected, you don’t have to worry about it because what you decide to choose at the moment can be reversed later. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the risk of experimenting.

6. The betting house

This is the gambling market, here you can make a lot of profit and take advantage of the flow of gold. Sell everything you find and do not use, including items that do not go with your class and are powerful. Gold is something very important in the game.

7. Brotherhoods

When you are somewhat advanced in the game, you will receive invitations to join the guilds. The best thing to do is to join some of them, this will help you to overcome all the challenges of dungeon-gangs and get honor points, gold, and experience.

With these little tricks, you will be able to start playing this Blizzard title with good chances of success, of course, everything will depend on how you manage your time and gold and how much you farm to earn money with the game Wow.

What is Farming and what does it consist of?

What is Farming and what does it consist of?

Farming comes from farming “to cultivate”. Farming is often used in multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft, Tibia, or Rune Scape. In this type of game, players are dedicated to getting valuable items, money, power, or scores in order to advance; so, farming is basically accumulating all those valuable items in the game.

Farming can only be done when you are playing the game online. Unfortunately, World of Warcraft can’t be played offline but there are some amazing games you can play offline even when you have no access to the internet.

In this type of online game, generally among the players, there is an internal economy that moves with their virtual money and the most valuable objects of each game. These can be traded in virtual markets that become real money transactions, hence the importance of trying to get the gold in World of Warcraft to make real money. For many, this has become a real job where they earn a large part of their income.

How can you earn gold in Wow?

How can you earn gold in Wow?

1. Herbalism

Players need various consumables to improve their stats. They can use the herbalist shop and gather what people need to make potions or to consume directly. They can sell them and make a profit.

2. Mining

This is a profession with which they can get a lot of money at the beginning, but then it reduces. It is a way to get an extra income.

3. Supplying the guild

They can buy the most useful materials before entering a dungeon and sell them to the team while preparing the quest at a higher price.

4. Bodyguard

This will be something eventual with which they can get additional income. It consists of protecting weaker players in exchange for a fee.

5. Manipulate the market

This is a good way to make money. It consists of buying the most valuable objects and when there are no more, the players will have to pay you the price you ask for.

6. Fishing

This may be the most profitable profession in this game and is a great way to earn money while taking a break from quests.

How to earn money in World of Warcraft?

We have already seen how it works and in what way we can get gold and some of the valuable items in this game. Earning money with video games today is a reality, for many this has even become a real job and they can spend several hours a day scavenging in the game to get what they need to get real money in the different markets.

World of Warcraft allows you to exchange the gold you accumulate for money in your account balance with the use of the Wow Token. With this balance, they can buy different items for Blizzard games such as Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and Hearthstone.

In Wow they have many ways to get money some of them are:

  • Farm gold and sell it.
  • Level up PJs and sell the characters to other users.
  • Manufacture specific items according to the profession and exchange them for money.
  • Collect items in the game that can then be exchanged for money with new players.
  • Increase the rankings of the battlefields in exchange for remuneration.

Additionally, there are tournaments where you can win money and other benefits.

The simplest Farmeo we can do, as a way to earn money in the wow game, is that of the Zin’Anthid plants. For this farmeo to be profitable we need:

  • Enchantments: You will need Glove Enchantments: Zandalari Herbalist or the Gloves Enchant: Kul Tiras Herbalist. Both are very cheap, so it is advisable to buy them as soon as possible.
  • Zin’Anthid Rank 3: The collection of this can be learned from NPC Rolm for the Horde and Ulooaka for the Alliance. You will need level 140 Battle for Azeroth Herbalism for training. When they reach rank 3 they will be able to farm more efficiently, although at rank 2 they can also do it it will give them less quantity.
  • The Aerial Golem Mount: This mount is created by engineers and can be bought at auctions. Its price ranges from 30k to 60k gold. It may seem quite a lot to them but it is cost-effective as it allows them to take plants without dismounting.
  • Gather Mate2: This addon is not strictly necessary but it is very useful to control the farmeo routes. Its function is to mark the collectible professional items such as plants and ores that are collected on the map. This will give you visual information to make it easier to recognize at first glance where there is more concurrence of resource occurrence.

How much money can be earned in Wow?

There are many people who are currently engaged in making money playing Wow. But how much money can you make playing World of Warcraft is the question you are probably asking yourselves.

The amount of money you can earn depends on how much time you can dedicate to the game to get what you are going to exchange, or what technique you use to get the money. Some people can get between 40 and 120 dollars in countries like Venezuela where the internet is not so stable.

In other places they can get much more, there are even people who live only on this income, but ultimately it is something that can only be established by yourselves as it depends on your time and dedication.

How to cash the earnings in Wow?

How to cash the earnings in Wow?

To be able to deposit the money they get from their labors in a safe and free way into their accounts, players use various types of payment programs such as:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Google Wallet
  • Payza
  • among others.

In each of them, you can store the cash that each user obtains from their different transactions regardless of the place. It also allows you to make the necessary transfers for any commercial transaction.

Finally, if you have enough free time and need some income, making money playing Wow is an excellent alternative. You can have fun while earning money, of course, this is not a video game so easy to overcome, you need some dedication to reach the highest levels where you can get the best items to farm. We hope this little guide will help you to get started in this wonderful world. Best wishes friends.

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