10 Best Fighting Games 2022: Top Choices For Fans Of The Genre

We’ve separated 10 games for fighting game fans to decide which is the best to play today, from Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat. In this list, we gather some of the best fighting games that you should play in 2022.

Fighting games are some of the most popular competitive multiplayer games since the fever of the Street Fighter series in the 1990s, which also led to the creation of famous franchises like Mortal Kombat and The King of Fighters. Here we have separated the 10 best examples of fighting games for fans of the genre.

1. Injustice 2

The DC Comics fighting game developed by the makers of Mortal Kombat takes place in a parallel universe in which Superman has crossed boundaries and become a dictator. After being defeated in the first game, the Man of Steel will join forces with Batman to face a greater evil: Brainiac.

Players can experience the campaign that will follow this story or go head-to-head in competitive multiplayer. A great novelty in relation to the first game is a system of equipment to customize your fighter, which allows you to create unique versions of the heroes.

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2. Street Fighter V

The most traditional fighting game series has reached its fifth chapter with an exclusive game for PlayStation 4 and PC that brought intense fights with new visuals. Street Fighter V features a wide variety of modes, including a campaign in which the fighters will have to stop the criminal organization Shadaloo from plunging the world into darkness.

Street Fighter V offers the base game and a number of free updates, and new fighters can be purchased with real money or in-game virtual currency.

Street Fighter V is a fighting game with one of the largest competitive scenarios in the community.

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3. The King of Fighters XIV

Especially popular in Brazil, The King of Fighters series brought its 14th fighting game with 3D graphics, but with the same style of gameplay as before.

There are more than 50 fighters, including old favorites such as Kyo, Iori, Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, among others, in fights between teams of 3 against 3.

In addition to the traditional special moves, the game also introduced a new mode “Max Mode” in which the user can use its special bar to feed several more powerful moves for a limited time.

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4. Mortal Kombat 11

A fighting game that needs no introduction, Mortal Kombat is probably the second most famous series, after Street Fighter, and was known for its high level of violence and cast of striking characters, about which users can learn more in this special article

In Mortal Kombat 11, the time guardian Kronika attempts to rewrite history after the events of Mortal Kombat 9 and 10, while the God of Thunder Raiden finds himself on a dark path that will lead to a new war. During the fights, players will be able to use new violent moves such as Fatal Blows and Krushing Blows, as well as the traditional bloody Fatality to end the fights.

Mortal Kombat 11 allows cross-play between multiple platforms (or Kross-play, according to the game) such as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Only it is not possible to play against Nintendo Switch and PC users. To see more games to play between different platforms check out our list of the best cross-play games.

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5. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

For fans of Japanese animation, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a full plate full of content. Like many anime-based games, it is an arena fighting game, with movement in a 3D environment.

There are a lot of characters from the main ones like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Rock Lee, and Kakashi to other ninjas and villains from the series.

The game features a campaign that follows the events of Naruto Shippuden to the end and great scenes recreated from the anime when certain conditions are realized in battle.

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6. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

The Dead or Alive franchise rose as a great 3D fighting game developed by Tecmo’s Team Ninja around the same time that Tekken dominated the market.

The series became known for its beautiful visuals and in-depth combat system, as well as being one of the few that uses interactive scenarios in which you can throw your opponent against objects and even off buildings.

There is a story mode that accompanies all the characters in the game, but with a less serious tone in relation to other fighting games.

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7. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

One of the biggest crossovers, which opened the door for future games, was the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom, which united two distinct universes in frenetic combat produced by Capcom, the company of Street Fighter.

Players can use some of their favorite heroes from the Marvel universe like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Dr. Strange to fight against characters like Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, the hunter from Monster Hunter, Ryu, and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and more.

The game was the first in the series to introduce a story mode, in which the heroes work together to stop Ultron Sigma, who wishes to obtain the infinity gems.

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8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Probably the biggest crossover in the gaming industry, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game with Nintendo characters that features unique gameplay and a cast full of special appearances.

In the games of the Super Smash Bros. series, players do not try to take all the energy from their opponents but inflict enough damage on them to make it easier to throw them out of the arena.

The game features characters such as Mario, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Pikachu from Pokémon, and various guest fighters such as Cloud from Final Fantasy, Steve from Minecraft, and more. The game is also one of the few that allows fights of up to 4 players at the same time.

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9. Tekken 7

The franchise best known among the 3D fighting games, Tekken 7 brings everything a fighting game needs with a good range of returning characters and newcomers, a combat system simple to play but complex to master, and beautiful visuals.

The game brings a simple story mode that closes the Mishima saga with the special participation of Akuma from Street Fighter, both in the story and available among the fighters with their traditional moves.

There is a lot of content in the form of items to customize your fighter and classic scenes from all previous games of the Tekken saga to unlock, which increases the life of the game.

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10. UFC 2

For fans of a more realistic fighting game, UFC 2 brings the popular sport of MMA to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, produced by Electronic Arts.

In the game, players can kick and punch like some of their favorite athletes in different weight categories like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Rond Rousey, and Cris “Cyborg”, among many others.

In addition, you can take the fight to the ground with new controls to immobilize your opponent. The game also features a short story in its career mode.

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That ends our list of best fighting games this year. We hope that readers will find this list interesting. What’s your favorite one? Drop your comments below to share your favorite ones with us and others!

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