11 Best Texting Games Are Truly Very Fun to Play

Started to get bored with the same old conversation and tired of asking the other person to tell you something new? It happens with everyone, in every conversation a point comes when there is no a further thing to talk about, that time texting gets bored but you can spice it up again by playing some fun texting games.

There are surely many games that you can play over text and stop the conversation from becoming dead. Since these games are played over text so most of the games will be based on question and answers but the concept may vary.

It all depends on your relation and bond that will decide what type of game you should play, that’s why we are about to list here some awesome and cool texting games to play over text with anyone.

Best Texting Games – Fun Games to Play Over Text With Anyone

So, you are ready to uncover those fun games to play over text? Alright, here you go.

1. Truth or Dare

The old and classic game that is mostly played in a group but you can enjoy it over text also since everyone is sitting behind their phones so you can expect a lot of truth to come out.

This gaming session could become one of the best gaming session, suddenly texting will feel alive with this awesome game.

2. In Character

It’s kind of clean role-playing, the game is that you have to pretend as a celebrity and your friend (the person you are having a conversation with) has to pretend to be another celebrity, both of you have to converse and say things in their manner while staying in the character.

The one who stays in the character for long wins the game. Moreover, there are plenty of websites to talk to strangers, that would be a great idea if you’re totally alone and want to talk to someone and play fun games with them.

3. Would You Rather

It’s a perfect thing to make someone speak the truth because you are giving them the options of your choice and they have to choose only one out of it. This texting game overcomes the weak point of “Truth and Dare” because a person can lie whatever they want but here the lies will also be of your choice.

You can ask anything and there are endless possibilities.

4. Never Have I Ever

Just like Truth or Dare, this game usually involves several players and alcohol but since you are playing this game over text, so the rules have to be modified a little bit.

In real, the game is that suppose it’s your turn so you would say a thing that you have never done, for example, “Never have I ever pissed in my pants in my teenage”, if the other person’s situations contradicts his/her situation then they would take a sip of alcohol telling about their actual situation.

But, since you are on text, so, you can just keep the points system, for every situation that contradicts the opposite player, he/she would lose a point and the first one to lose all points is the loser.

5. Movie Lines

If you and the person you are chatting with are both into movies a lot then this is one of the best texting games for you. The catch is you have to complete every sentence (which will be a movie dialogue) with movie dialogue.

The one who couldn’t respond with a movie line would be the one to lose this fun texting game.

6. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Now here comes one of the best games to play over text. You can change the options as per your comfort level. What you have to do in this game is say the phrase “Kiss, Marry, Kill” followed by the 3 names of some people you know, then the other person would have to that whom would they kiss, marry and kill.

This turns out to be one of the coolest and interesting texting games.

7. Build A Story

The game is simple but can turn out to be one of the funniest text games ever. How this texting game is played? It’s quite simple. You have to say a phrase and the other person has to build a story out of it. Now, it’s up to your creativity level that what you want to hear and what could end up being a funny or dirty story.

8. Guess the Sentence

I am not sure whether you have seen this game being mentioned anywhere else or ever heard of. This is the game I have played myself and it’s kind of fun.

What are the things that we send over text apart from messages? It’s the smilies/emojis, the sentences are incomplete with them.

Now, you have to think of something and convert that into emojis, send those emojis to other person sequences wise within a single text and the other person has to guess what you are trying to say with those smilies.

Make sure you use shorter sentences, you can be dirty with this one.

Must play these games:

9. What if?

Another texting game that could make you hear what you always wanted to. You have to say “What if?” followed by the situation, then the other person would have to answer to your imaginary question.

10. What Would You Do?

This is somewhat similar to “What if?” but slightly different as well. Here you have to put your friend in some imaginary situation and ask them what would they do in this situation.

11. Complete the Sentence

The name says it all, it could be fun though. You will say a few words and then the other person has to complete that sentence, if you are a guy then don’t send “I love you” because the girl will end up completing the sentence by saying “…as a friend”.

These 11 texting games are truly very fun to play. You won’t even realize when those boring chats converted to interesting conversations, that’s the power of these fun games to play over text. What else games do you play over text?

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