7 Best Wordle Tricks You Should Know

We are going to compile the best Wordle tricks to help you guess the daily word it suggests, and even do it in as few turns as possible. Wordle requires a large vocabulary to get it right, but these tricks will make things easier for you.

We have already introduced Wordle, a simple word-guessing game that is all the rage on social networks, especially Twitter. We have 6 attempts to guess a 5-letter word, which changes every day, and if we don’t succeed we can’t keep trying.

Wordle is addictive because it requires little time, it has the right degree of difficulty to challenge us without frustrating us and because of the eye-catching tweets with green, yellow and grey squares that you can publish after finishing. With these tricks, it will be easier to obtain the coveted 5 green victory squares.

1. Wordle’s basic rule: don’t look at Twitter or you’ll see the solution.

Before we start with the “real” tricks, it should be noted that if we look for help on Twitter we will almost certainly see the solution, so we won’t be able to play that day. It’s one thing for them to guide us to play better, but it’s quite another for them to spoil the game by giving us the result.

That is to say, you have to be careful with spoilers on social networks, as Wordle is very viral, and many people comment on the word of the day without thinking that there are those who have not yet tried to solve it.

2. Locate and discard letters in the first turns of Wordle

The first move we make in Wordle is basically random, so it should serve as a basis for the others: the basic tricks are to use two or three different vowels, and some of the most frequent consonants in the chosen language, always without repeating.

For the second and third turns, we could go directly to guessing the word if we are lucky and we get several green squares, but most probably we should try the remaining vowels and new frequent consonants in order to get closer to the result.

In addition, the letters in yellow squares should be tried in another square, ideally also in the second or third turn, to locate their exact position and turn them green.

Following these tips, the last three turns remain to refine the answer, which is usually enough, especially if we apply the rest of the tricks in this list.

3. Attention to the most used letters in Wordle

Since the first move is basically random, the more frequent the letters are in the chosen language, the higher the chance of a correct answer. In Wordle, only words from the dictionary are accepted, so the general statistics work, which have been known for centuries.

This means that one of the basic tricks is to use these cards first:

  • Most frequent letters in English
  • Most used consonants: T, N, S, H, R.
  • Most frequently used vowels (in order): E, A, I, O, U.
  • Most common initial consonants: T, D, W.

4. English or Spanish or any other else: Wordle requires a language you are fluent in.

The original version of Wordle is in English, but as it is a non-profit project (it does not even offer advertisements) it has not taken long for the Spanish version of Wordle to appear. Knowing the language is the key to getting the words right, so we need at least an intermediate level of English to play the original.

If we have this intermediate level, we can take on the challenge of the original version thanks to these tricks. Otherwise, we have to opt for the alternate-language adaptation, which makes the title much easier for other language speakers.

5. Dictionaries work with Wordle

Once we have two or three boxes in yellow, and more if it is in green, it should be easy to find out the word. If not, it is possible to use a dictionary to help us.

The well-known WoRDeR is perhaps the most popular word search engine for these cases, which works in English, Spanish and many others. In the “Available letters” section we will put the letters in the green or yellow squares, completing with asterisks up to five letters.

Then we will create the “Word pattern” with five dots, except if we have green squares, in which case we can indicate the position of that letter. By clicking on “Search” we will see many possible solutions:

In fact, several of the tricks for Apalabrados work perfectly well in Wordle, as the games have similarities despite their different mechanics. It is only a matter of time before dictionaries and other tools adapted for Wordle are released.

6. Wordle’s “joker” words

Perhaps one of the most debatable tricks on the list, because starting every Wordle game with the same moves makes the challenge less interesting. But these two words include the most common vowels and consonants, so they are an excellent starting point.

The two best English starting words for Wordle are:

  1. ADIEU.
  2. MYTHS.

7. Play Wordle again in incognito mode.

Since Wordle is not a competitive game, it leaves out any anti-cheating system, that includes the possibility to beat the 6 attempts to guess the word of the day. Just open Wordle in incognito mode to restart the game, as many times as you want.

By default, the website saves in a cookie (a file on your device) that you’ve already tried, and won’t let you try again until the word changes at 00:00 UTC (UK time), but it’s very easy to bypass this limitation.

We have delved into the incognito mode of web browsers, which is not really intended for games, although in the case of Wordle it is one of the most useful tricks.

With this list of cheats, it will be easier to win at Wordle, without having to search for the answer directly. The fun of the game is the challenge it presents, so a little help comes in handy, but without directly giving us the solution.

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