How to reset Xbox X and S Series controller to make it work

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Xbox branded game consoles that come with a controller attached with which we can quickly control the consoles and if you follow the steps as it really should be simple, these consoles can be connected to a cable or wireless connection, this company has 20 years creating consoles. In this guide, we help you reset your Xbox X and S Series controller to make it work again if it isn’t working well. There are steps to make your Xbox controller connect your with your console and make it work again.

There are times when there may be problems with the controller of these two game consoles, it may be that users feel that the console is not working optimally, then here we will present everything you should do and the steps you must follow to reset the connection of a controller without any complications for the improvement of the same and optimal performance.

What steps should you follow to reset your Xbox controller without errors?

We can go through a series of steps for our Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series consoles which are available since 2020. These consoles have very good reviews as they are very quiet and don’t heat up suddenly, if you own an Xbox X or S Series you should know how to reset your controller. To reset your Xbox controller without any errors you can follow the steps below:

Turn off the controller completely

The first step to develop is to turn off the controller completely, to do this we must press the central button of the Xbox, for about 5 seconds minimum and up to 10 seconds to turn off the light of the console.

Turn off your Xbox and unlink the controller.

We proceed to completely turn off the console, all this is done to be able to unlink the consoles, this is done for Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series, to unlink it can be connected to the computer.

Turn on your Xbox and press ‘Pair’.

After unpairing from the Xbox, you need to turn on the console to pair it, this is done by pressing the black pairing button on the Xbox Series.

Press ‘Pair’ on your controller.

At this point, a light that is on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console will start to flash and this means that it is looking for a device that is compatible with the controller.

Check that your controller and Xbox are paired up

We go to the Xbox Series controller and proceed to press the centre button continuously and wait until a light starts flashing.

When it is correctly paired, it will stop flashing and will be on. The Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series consoles are now ready to use and take advantage of.

How To Reset The Xbox X and S Series Controller To Make It Work

How to update your controller if it crashes after rebooting?

The first thing is to turn on our console and go to Settings, when we are there will be several tabs and we must proceed to choose the one that says Devices and Connections by pressing A and then we must be located in Accessories and press again A, then two options will appear, you have to choose the three points, then we go to the option that says Firmware and press A and click on Update Now and wait for it to load up to 100%, this step is very important because then there may be serious consequences and errors if the update is not completed, after waiting is ready, and so the controller is already updated.

A positive point that Xbox has, which is worth mentioning, is that you can download video games even if the console is turned off.

How do you prevent a controller from shutting down for no reason?

There can be a few issues that can cause your Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series console to shut down for no reason, so there are a few things you can do

Replace the batteries

Among the most common problems that exist in which the controls do not turn on is the wear of their batteries, if they are very worn or need charging because they are rechargeable batteries, it will not turn on in any way, if the batteries are installed incorrectly is also very common that will not turn on the console, it is an easy problem to solve.

Connect the controller and your Xbox with a USB cable.

If there is an internal fault such as something broken inside the controller that is causing it not to turn on, you will not have to change it or send it for repair, you have to connect a USB to see if it turns on the controller and it works fine by doing this.

Turn off and unplug your console

If your controller turns off, you can turn off the console and when it is off, unplug it so that when you turn it on, it will work.

One advantage of playing with a properly configured controller is that you won’t encounter any of the annoying Xbox crashes, such as the 0x87E10BC6 error when installing a game.

What should you do if your controller won’t turn on?

There are a number of issues that cause your Xbox X Series or Xbox S Series controller to not turn on, here we troubleshoot the problems with the following common options that happen to users.

Check the battery contacts

Battery contacts tend to be a common problem if the batteries are rechargeable, as the contracts are sometimes badly worn or bent, then this will cause it to fail to turn on, if the contract is not signed it will cause continuous failures.

Update the firmware

You can update the firmware, but there are times when updating the firmware there are problems such as the update interrupting, this can have an impact when turning on, it can cause it to not turn on anymore, to solve this you should proceed to reinstall the firmware.

Ask for help from Xbox customer service.

There are serious problems that many users are not able to solve alone, then the best solution would be to contact the Xbox customer support that has a website where you can ask different questions and they will give you different solutions with steps that you must perform to get the game console working, in addition to having a chat available 24 hours, and contact numbers that are available every day from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm.

A recommendation if you are a GTA player is to always save the game of Grand Theft Auto 5 constantly to avoid losing progress because of a problem with your controller.

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