How to sell your adult content as NFTs – find out how!

The NFT revolution continues, and this time adult content joins the ranks, giving creators remuneration for the authenticity and safety of their work. In this complete guide, we’ll help you sell your adult content as NFTs and make a lot of money!

For those who make a living from creating adult content, it is difficult to distribute it because it is often published illegally, causing them to lose considerable sums of money, which is why the inclusion of this guild in the NFT world has given them a place to share their artwork easily and safely.

How to create an NFT and sell it?

Before you ask yourself how to create an NFT for adults, you should keep in mind that you need a crypto wallet to create and manipulate your NFT; as they are sold through blockchain, which are the protectors of your content, giving your creation a unique record that is stored in the blockchain. You can choose from Coinbase, Metamask, Binance or many others.

How to sell your adult content as NFTs - find out how!

After you have your crypto wallet, proceed to the steps on how to create an NFT and sell it. You need to choose a platform to be able to bring NFTs to life. This time I will explain to you how to do it in OpenSea; since it offers a free option, Gas-Free or the translation “commission-free” and its process is quite similar to what you do when you upload a photo on Facebook, so you don’t need to be an expert in programming to create them.

Of course, the GasFree is only for the creation of such NFT, if you want to put it for sale in the MarketPlace you must pay a commission that will depend on the congestion within the page and the amount you decide to place your art, this commission is usually small. Then, follow these simple steps:

1. Connect a wallet

Here you must use your crypto wallet, the same one I told you before that you should create. It’s time to make use of it by connecting it to OpenSea. Once you do it, OpenSea will direct you to another window that will guide you to confirm the connection and link of the wallet.

2. Create a collection

On the front page, you can find a small form with all the details you need to provide to start shaping your NFT; such as the theme which, in this case, is aimed at adults. Then you continue by placing which blockchain you will use to create your collection, which would be Ethereum and its currency Ether; the currency used within OpenSea. Finish by clicking on “Create collection”.

3. Add an NFT to the collection

This is a bit easier, you just have to add your items from your PC, such as photos, videos, audio, among others, and fill out the form with the information that corresponds to the NFT that is in process. When you finish this part, click on “Create” and you will be directed to a window with your wallet to confirm the operation.

With this, you now have your token created, and ready to be published for trading. Now you just need to search for platforms to sell adult NFTs.

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Where do I publish my adult NFTs?

Where do I publish my adult NFTs?

There are thousands of platforms where you can publish your adult NFTS, and to narrow down your search here are some of the most used ones.


RarePorn is one of the most trusted; a platform of French origin that has infinite possibilities in blockchain technology, in response to what the content creator is looking for, security, authenticity and ethics.

A blockchain is also assigned within the platform giving an extra identity to your art. Control of the transaction remains in your hands as it goes from buyer to seller with no middlemen.

It is worth noting that RarePorn has an agreement with another token creation and selling application called Binance, so it is also possible to sell your NFTs within the BNB platform in its latest update where it included a tag for content creators called Binance NFT.

There you will need to follow the steps to shape your token, similar steps to the ones I mentioned above. An added step to this is the review by the platform where they will approve or reject your token. is a much less commercial platform than RarePorn, but is used to publish and sell NFT adult content. There are two ways to join, as a buyer or as a content creator. The latter gives you the possibility to sell your adult NFT for free or without commission.

The mission of these platforms is to create a safe and plagiarism-free site for adult content enthusiasts, using blockchain technology. This eliminates piracy for the industry, giving it back the confidence, transparency and strength to continue in this medium.

And although many artists have lost inspiration, as they do not see the fruit of so much effort looking for other options to monetize, an example to inspire you and you can take strength again and return to your work as an artist of adult content is the case of Playboy, the famous house of the bunnies, which after so long gives that talk because everything they have created for decades, with the commotion of the NFT, decided to turn it into non-fungible tokens, all their productions.

Inspiring, isn’t it? Just review your creations, make a collection and start selling your art as NFT for adults, without forgetting that in this type of content the main thing is to feel sexy, confident and show sensuality to a level that just by looking at you makes them feel excited about the experience.

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