5 Best Apps To Learn, Understand, and Practice English

The world does not stand still, everything is developing and the field of education as well. There are now a huge number of apps and learning materials on the market. Thus everyone can learn something new in a productive and interesting way.

English is one of the most popular languages, that is why many people try to learn it. Mastering it opens up many opportunities: career development, studying abroad, traveling, communicating with new people, being the first to get the most up-to-date information, and so on. So everyone, sooner or later, comes to the idea of starting to learn English, but not everyone gets the desired result.

Often the problem lies in a lack of motivation or a lack of interest in learning. But nowadays, more and more ways are being created to make learning English easier, from unusual and useful English learning applications to foreign content and the latest and most up-to-date textbooks. In this article, we’d like to tell you all about the English-learning apps for Android that can help anyone who’s learning English.

How to learn English on Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular English learning apps. It is an application that will be a great helper for anyone who is learning a foreign language. It is a great way to boost your English grammar and vocabulary: learning difficult vocabulary and grammar exercises is fun, and the constant repetition of your study will make sure that you don’t forget them again the next day. The application’s interface is a joy to behold and the gamification that was used during its creation will keep you engaged in the learning process.

How to learn English on Duolingo
Learn English on Duolingo

The lessons are themed, so words are memorized through associations. You will also be rewarded for each completed lesson with diamonds to show your level of knowledge. Diamonds will give you the opportunity to purchase a tutor owl costume, unlock a special theme or freeze the game for a few days, without losing the progress you have already made. In this way, you can participate in an online competition between each user and strive to take the lead.

The app will send you daily reminders that will motivate you to keep learning and make you log in to keep learning new things. With the app, you will be able to learn English online for free whenever and wherever you want. The creators of the program recommend studying at least 20 minutes every day and promise that the result will not be longer to wait.

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Learn English words using Easy Ten application

The Easy Ten is a word-learning app that many people have heard of. Its essence is as follows: you learn 10 English words a day and then repeat them and this is how the memorization process takes place. Many people advise you to learn no more than 10 words a day because our brain is not always able to absorb a large amount of information. Don’t be overburdened, because you may not be able to remember half of what you have learned the next day.

Ten words a day is about 70 words a week, 300 words a month, and 3650 words a year. In fact, if you learn responsibly and really build up your vocabulary, you will be able to communicate fluently in everyday English after a year with only 20 minutes of your time each day.

Find an English tutor at Preply app
Find an English tutor at Preply app

Find an English tutor at Preply app

Preply is an online platform where tutors post their services. Here you can find the right teacher to give you the quality knowledge you need. Now it has become very popular to tutor students remotely because it is really more comfortable. Now, in order to attend a lesson with a tutor, you do not need to go somewhere and spend time and money on the road – you only need a functioning gadget and a stable connection to the Internet.

In general, on the website you have the opportunity to explore each tutor you are interested in, find out about their specialty, education, availability of additional certificates, country of residence, and the price for the services they provide.

Once you have studied everything you need, you can take a trial lesson where you get to know the tutor in person. Get a feel for his human qualities, his teaching methods, and the materials he is going to use to teach you. Also, talk about your desired end result and, after you have assessed your learning, your teacher will be able to work out a personalized plan and schedule for you and select the basic and supplementary materials for your course.

Find TED Podcasts in English for practice

TED is a program that will not only improve your foreign language skills but will also fill you with useful and interesting new information. Here you can find lectures on absolutely any topic, not only in English. In this way, you will not only learn but also have a frantic pleasure in the process. There are just a huge number of different recordings on the site, so you will definitely be able to find exactly what you need.

Find TED Podcasts in English for practice
TED Podcasts are good to listen and practice English.

It’s handy to listen when you’re busy or on the go, because you still get to spend that time doing something useful. These lectures increase your vocabulary, make it easier to recognize foreign speech, and increase your level of erudition. There are videos on everything from “Basic Principles on the Psychological Impact of Global Warming on Population” to “Biography of William Shakespeare”.

Spoken English with HelloTalk app

One of the main aspects of learning any foreign language is a regular practice. The best way to communicate is with a person for whom the language you are learning is a native one. The HelloTalk application is designed for those who want to find a foreign language speaker. Here you can find a person with whom you will not only practise your English but also have a nice time with a lively conversation.

Thus you can improve your speaking skills, increase your vocabulary, learn to perceive foreign speech by ear regardless of the speed and quality of the sentences, hear a lot of interesting slang words and abbreviations and listen to a foreign culture.

Spoken English with HelloTalk app
Use this app to learn English through chatting!

It is a great way to learn how to listen and make your point of view known, to talk about yourself and to have a lively dialogue on any topic. Such communication can take place both in video format and in correspondence format, as well as the application corrects your mistakes in the text by itself, thus drawing your attention to them and showing how to correct them.

Chatting with a native English speaker is a great way to learn to speak and not be afraid of making a mistake because your conversation partner does not know Russian, so you can explain him/her something only in English. At first, it will seem that your knowledge is too little to have a normal dialogue and only a Russian-English Google Translator will save you, but once in this situation, you will not notice how your brain gives you a surprise in the form of long-forgotten words and grammatical structures.

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