Samsung releases Android 11 for the Galaxy A50. That’s Amazing!

Samsung has never been particularly reverent about updating its smartphones. Only in the last year or two has it drastically changed its opinion about this phenomenon and started releasing updates even earlier than Google did. But the Koreans did not stop there and offered the owners of all their smartphones that came out after 2019, as much as three years of software support.

We won’t be able to appreciate this advantage until next year, but the fact that the company hasn’t given up on even two-year-old smartphones already commands respect. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Galaxy A50, and it has received the Android 11 update.

Earlier this week, Samsung began rolling out Android 11 for the two-year-old Galaxy A50. It’s the first smartphone in the revamped Galaxy A line, under which the company is releasing devices to compete with Chinese brands. But while Samsung could previously afford not to update even a two-year-old smartphone, now you can’t pull off anything like that.

New One UI 3.1 features

Samsung New One UI 3.1 features

Android 11 for the Galaxy A50 came out as part of the One UI 3.1 shell, weighing a total of 1.9 GB. In this update, Samsung has implemented quite a few innovations:

  • The ability to replace a face with a Memoji in Google Duo video conferencing;
  • Implemented seamless integration with Google Duo for quick calls;
  • A mechanism appeared that allows you to remove geodata from EXIF photos;
  • Private Share app appeared for secure data transfer with revocable access;
  • A seamless device-switching mechanism similar to Apple Continuity was implemented;
  • Blue light eye protection with color temperature control appeared;
  • In the Gallery app, a tool for retouching people appeared;
  • The ability to record video from all smartphone cameras at once appeared;
  • Increased the number of frames per second recorded when recording video;
  • New vibration patterns in call and notification settings;
  • Ability to disable personalization of ads in the settings;
  • Dedicated screen sensitivity adjustment tool;
  • Support for the Digital Wellbeing app to track usage time.

As part of One UI 3.1 for the Galaxy A50, Samsung also released a March security update. It includes the most current vulnerability fixes and bug fixes. Therefore, owners of smartphones, which got to the update, can not worry about all sorts of threats that await them on the Internet.

Despite this, you should not rely on the defense mechanisms of the update in its entirety. The most effective thing would be not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk and not to download anything from the Internet. After all, if you remember, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was hacked via WhatsApp without his knowledge.

Samsung releases Android 11 for the Galaxy A50

Is it worth upgrading to Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy A50?

If you’re pondering whether to upgrade to Android 11, my answer is unequivocal yes. Not only has Samsung rethought many aspects of its shell, but it has also improved its functionality. Owners of the Galaxy A50 now have access to many features that were previously considered exclusive to only flagship smartphones.

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Many users fear that the update will slow down their device. They say that it is unprofitable for the manufacturer to support one smartphone for so long, and they are probably interested in pushing the consumer to buy a new one. However, this is the deepest misconception. First of all, no smartphone firmware other than the iPhone has ever seen any slowdown mechanisms. And secondly, in this case, the company – like Apple – would surely face multibillion-dollar lawsuits.

No, of course, your smartphone’s performance may be falling. But only in your eyes. It’s just that when your device becomes obsolete, you start to feel like it’s too slow. Newer devices look like real rockets against its backdrop. So it’s no surprise that you start to get the impression that your gadget is slowing down. But in fact, it’s just that your needs have changed, and the device has remained at the same level as it was.

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