How to Record TV Program on USB stick?

Not all internet TV boxes and digital TNT decoders have a built-in hard drive. In this case, it is possible to record a TV program on a USB stick to watch it later. In this guide, we’ll help you record your favorite TV programs on a USB stick, and hard drive, so you can watch them anytime, and anywhere.

You have TV programs that you follow, but sometimes you do not have time to watch them in real-time, most TV channels have their replay site on computer or smartphone. It is also possible to watch your favorite programs on other devices, and especially enjoy them when you are offline. They just need to be transferred to an external hard drive such as a USB stick, obviously under some conditions.

Save a program to a USB stick from the TV

The latest generation of TVs is all equipped with one or more USB ports on the back, which allow you to either watch programs already recorded from a computer or to record shows, movies, or programs from the TV. All you need is a USB external hard drive. However, before using this method, it is useful to check if your TV set has certain features, and especially the recording mode.

How to Record TV Program on USB stick?

To do this, check if the items below on the case of your device are there, look in the user guide or in the menu of the TV:

  • Possibility of recording from a USB port;
  • Possibility to record on hard disk and USB;
  • have USB Rec/Play;
  • PVR (Personal Video Recorder) function;
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) function.

If all these elements exist on your TV, it is compatible with USB recording. Then you just have to plug the hard disk or the USB stick into one of the USB ports. You can then start recording by setting the channel on which your program is broadcast and pressing the REC button on the remote. The TV records directly to a video file in the USB storage device. Finally, to end the recording, you just have to click once again on the REC key.

You should know that there is an option that allows you to record your program even if the TV is turned off, you must then use the TV EPG (Electronic Program Guide), a very useful function, it allows you to program the recording of a channel, the latter starts automatically during transmission.

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How to program the recording of a TV program on a USB stick?

As we have seen previously, to program the recording well before, you must click on the button Guide or EPG of the remote control, then the list of channels is offered to you with all the programs in progress or in the immediate future, it is also possible to see scrolling by time slots, or over several days. All you have to do is choose the program you are interested in and schedule its recording by clicking on the OK button. Then press the REC button, which will allow you to program your recording automatically even if your TV is off.

It is important to note that the recorded programs are only visible on the TV set that created them. It is the integrated player that will take care of the broadcasting, it is not

It is not possible to play the content of the latter on a computer. In addition, to view your recordings, you must open the smart or source menu, then select the USB on which your program is recorded, you will find the file to play and you click on it.

Recording a program in replay on a USB stick in a computer

There are recording software that allow you to record a replay program on a USB stick on your computer. To do this you just need to follow a few steps. The first is to download the recording software and install it on your computer. Then open the program and go to the “record video” option on the interface. The second step is to press the gear-shaped button that is “recording setting” and find the “output” to set the format and quality of the video you want.

In the third step, you need to enable the interface system to capture the sound from the replay and disable the microphone that records the sound of the replay program. The last step is to click on REC to start recording, once the show is over press “stop” the video will be displayed directly in the preview window and it is then possible to preview it before recording it permanently. Finally, put this video in your USB key to view it.

But it turns out that before you can record your TV program on a USB key or on any other existing media, you will have to find a program to record, and for that there are several ways to do it!

What are the different ways to find a TV program?

In recent years, it turns out that television has been largely shunned by some people, who preferred instead to go to the web to watch videos on streaming platforms like Netflix for example, or the video site YouTube. However, these last months, we could observe a certain revival for the television on behalf of the people, in particular, that innovative TV programs make their appearance, which is certainly not insignificant!

However, in order to be able to watch TV programs properly, whether they are series, movies, documentaries or even simple TV shows, you will inevitably need to get close to a TV program. And because of this, it turns out that some of them are of much better quality than others!

After having had the chance to compare the different possibilities available to you, here are the different places where you can find a TV program that will only suit you.

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Choosing a TV program online

It turns out that many websites can offer a detailed TV program of all the different channels: from a public channel to a private channel, whether it is a DTT channel or not. But that’s not all, because even if few people know it, some big TV channels also offer TV programs for their channel but also for all other competing channels against all odds.

Indeed, the ergonomics of this site is simply perfect, and in the blink of an eye, you will be able to find the best TV programs that interest you. Thanks to advanced features, you will have access to all the TV channels, which will allow you to filter only on the channels that interest you or that you have access to.

Then, we notice that the programs highlighted are those of prime time because they are still very watched around 20:50 or 21:00 depending on the different channels and programs. You will of course have access to all the other programs of each channel, which is also very practical especially if you want to see a program during the day. Finally, you will be able to see in detail the different programs, if you have questions about the summary of the TV program in detail, or to have access to the main cast.

Buy a paper magazine

But if you do not want to opt for this possibility, then you will have to opt for another method: you could, for example, buy a paper magazine as a TV program, which has advantages but also many disadvantages as you can imagine. Indeed, it turns out that these magazines were very popular a few decades ago, but nowadays they are less and less bought. This is mainly due to the fact that the TV program is available on the web!

But to be able to differentiate themselves, paper TV programs have been able to come up with quite original ideas. They indeed propose exclusive content in their newspaper, on the world of television. So they give interviews to our country or international TV personalities, but they also give information on the media news with sometimes exclusive information that you can’t find elsewhere.

For all those who wish it, they will also be able to read the various criticisms of certain programs diffused on television, which will allow certain televiewers to make their choice much more easily than what one believes.

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