How to Connect Keyboard with Smart TV

A few decades ago, nobody would have thought of watching online contents on Televisions. The world has made remarkable progress in terms of technology. Several geeks are surprising the world with their innovations, ideas, and implementations. Smart TV is one such thing we should be proud of. With this device, you can watch all the contents that your service provider offers and also the online content that you want to watch.

No matter if it is Amazon Prime or Netflix or Hotstar or Youtube, you can simply watch everything on your Smart TV. All you need is an Internet connection for this to get started like a pro. Many TV manufacturing companies have gone a step ahead to invest in Smart TVs. Big companies like Samsung, LG, etc. have already come up with a number of Smart TVs.

Now companies like Xiaomi are also offering extraordinary deals on Smart TVs. They are offering Smart TVs at a much lower price than other manufacturers. This strategy has worked very well for Xiaomi in terms of smartphones and only time will tell how it will go for Smart TVs.

How do we search on YouTube: Kids Asked

Recently, one of my relatives bought a Samsung Smart TV. As soon as they set it up, their kids started launching Youtube. Kids are always excited about new gadgets, aren’t they? Though they were able to launch Youtube, they got stuck there because they had no idea on how they proceed with searching content on Youtube as this was a TV, not a laptop where they would type anything using a Keyboard. If you want to activate YouTube on your TV, then you must follow this guide.

They called me and asked if it is possible to connect a keyboard with their TV so that they can start watching some online content. I helped them connect Keyboard with Smart TV and they were happy thereafter. This gave me a thought that many other consumers might be facing the same issue and hence I thought of sharing the steps to connect Keyboard with Smart TV with everyone through my blog.

Connect Keyboard with Smart TV

How To Connect Keyboard With Smart Tv

In this section, you will see all the required steps to connect the keyboard with Smart TV. Few of the terminologies may vary depending upon your Smart TV model, but overall steps will remain more or less same. At least this guide will give you a broad idea on how you should proceed.

Before connecting your Keyboard with Smart TV, first, you need to make sure of what type of Keyboard you want to connect with your TV. You can have either of the two types:

  • USB Keyboard (Wired)
  • Bluetooth Keyboard (Wireless)

We have shared the steps to connect both types of Keyboard. You can follow the steps as per your requirement.


Please follow the steps given below to Connect USB Keyboard with Smart TV.

  • First, find a USB port located on your Smart TV. This port can be used to connect a Pen Drive, hard drive, Mouse, or a Keyboard.
  • Now connect your USB Keyboard with the Smart TV through the USB port you just located on Step 1.
  • As soon as you connect Keyboard with Smart TV, keyboard options will appear on your TV Screen.
  • Use your TV remote to choose Keyboard Language and press RETURN
  • Now select Keyboard Types as USB and press RETURN key.
  • Keep following the instructions wizard and within a few minutes, you will have your Keyboard connected with the Smart TV.
  • Now you can enjoy what you want just by typing in through the Keyboard you just attached.

Honestly speaking, USB keyboards are not preferred by most of the TV users. This is because you must stay close to your TV. This fails the sole purpose of having a Smart TV. So, most of the users go for Bluetooth (Wireless) Keyboards and the steps to connect this keyboard are given in the next section below.

Connect Bluetooth (Wireless) Keyboard With Smart Tv

Follow the steps given below to connect a Bluetooth or Wireless Keyboard with Smart TV. Before proceeding with the actual steps, you need to make sure that your Smart TV has Bluetooth. If it doesn’t have it, you will have to purchase a Bluetooth dongle and plug that into a USB port. After that, you can follow the steps given below to connect Keyboard with Smart TV.

  • Switch on the Bluetooth of your Smart TV or push the USB dongle into one of the USB ports.
  • Turn On your Keyboard.
  • Your Smart TV (being smart enough) should automatically detect the Keyboard.
  • This will open a dialog box asking to set up or activate the Keyboard. You need to choose Yes or OK
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Device Manager > Keyboard Settings.
  • Here, choose Add Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Now the Keyboard and the Smart TV will pair up and your Keyboard will be connected to your Smart TV. That’s all.

So, these were the steps to connect Keyboard with Smart TV. We have covered both the USB and the Bluetooth keyboards. Hope you liked this article and it was useful for you. If you have any concerns or issues, feel free to reach out to us via comments or Contact Us page. We will try to resolve your issues at the earliest. Thanks.

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