Best Benefits Of Using Electronic Readers (E-readers)

There are always more and more benefits of using e-readers such as the benefit insight and its long battery life for weeks. In this article, we talk about the best of them.

Electronic readres, or e-readers, have been in the mass market for more than 10 years (since 2007) thanks to Amazon and its Kindle, which sold the entire batch in 5 hours.

This was the first e-reader that was worth buying, not only because of the physical and economic characteristics but because Amazon had an ecosystem to download electronic books; and later it launched its app for the main operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. With this app, we can carry all our books on smartphones, tablets, and computers, know the history of the Kindle from here. Then it gained strength with the arrival of other competitors such as Kobo and even the Apple iPad.

Top Benefits of using E-readers

Reading on an electronic ink screen offers many benefits, such as being thinner and therefore lighter; They also have better battery life that lasts for weeks; It is easy to see in direct sunlight, which is not possible very well with screens of tablets and smartphones. Learn more about electronic ink from here.

Another benefit of e-readers is that you can easily hold it with one hand while doing other things like watering your garden plants or taking a daisy with one hand on the beach, while you have your e-reader in the other. What other things can you think of that you can do with one hand while reading with the other?

Most e-readers these days have an illuminated display that allows you to read in the dark. The light is projected evenly through a series of LED lights from under the screen that does not hurt the eyes.

Smartphones and tablets have backlit displays like LCDs, to name an example. Studies say that because of this type of light that reaches the eyes directly, it is one of the main reasons why people suffer from melatonin suppression and eye fatigue.

We can buy the book as soon as it comes out and sometimes from before, always from the comfort of your home or on the beach while you have your margarita.

There are a lot of really good books that are written by independent authors, and their titles are only available in electronic format, as the physical book market is overcrowded or the author simply wants to earn a lot more for his work rather than giving it away to publishers who sometimes they just print their book.

Do they want more? There are services like Kindle Unlimited, which for less than the price of an average book ($ 9.99USD), you have access to all the books you can read with just that monthly payment.

Another great benefit of using e-readers is that we can quickly find vocabulary in our language, or even more useful, in different languages.

Also the device stores all your notes, you can underline and mark pages. Most e-readers also have a translation system and can even search for synonyms, adverbs, and verbs.

Do they want more? I know I asked this a few paragraphs ago, and I can stay here longer, but I would like to mention one last benefit that is the elimination of deforestation, whether they want to or not, the printed publishing industry does a lot to contribute with global deforestation.

I don’t necessarily say that reading paper books is bad, but talking to several bookshop owners, many have told me that only a small percentage of what is actually printed is read. The rest is unfortunately shredded so as not to take up space in warehouses.

So if you already have an e-reader, congratulations, it is a very excellent option. If you don’t already have one, I hope that these benefits of using e-books have encouraged you to start, and if so, I recommend the Amazon Kindle or the Kobo.

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