Top 10 Walkie Talkies 2023

Walkie Talkies are an affordable alternative to licenced two-way radios, offering a convenient and direct form of communication. They utilise the PMR466 frequency, which does not require a licence and offers unrestricted use.

These radios are easy to use, providing plug-and-play functionality and delivering professional performance. They are also durable and rugged, making them suitable for harsh conditions.

There are many different types of walkie talkies available for a variety of environments, making it difficult to decide on the right one.

To assist you, Radio Solutions has compiled a list of the top 10 best walkie talkies currently available on the market:

Motorola T72: Admired by adventures, the T72 is the perfect radio for outdoor activities. The lightweight and compact design of this walkie talkie gives you the freedom to stay connected no matter where the adventure takes you.

The T72 comes standard with an IP54 rating and is built to withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions.

This walkie-talkie has a battery life of up to 24hours so you are able to enjoy hours of outdoors activity.

Motorola T62: Full featured, durable and stylish, the T62 is an ideal way to stay connected whether you’re inside or outdoors. With an easy pairing button, setup is a breeze and the USB charging lets you power up more conveniently.

The T62 has a compact design and it’s lightweight which makes it easy to carry around with you.

It’s packed full of features to make communication with team members and companions effective.

Motorola T92: Go anywhere! The T92 is built for everyday use and is a go-to radio for those who take their adventures off land. The T92 is waterproof for 30 minutes in up to 1 metre of water and also has a floating design.

This walkie talkie has an integrated torch with white and red modes and automatically activates when in contact with water.

Stay prepared for an emergency as this walkie talkie includes an emergency alert feature to send signals to other radios.

Motorola T82: The T82 Extreme is weatherproof and able to survive the roughest situations thanks to its IPX4 classification. When needed, the new concealed display comes to life and makes dialling simpler.

Setup is simple thanks to the button for quick pairing. You can read your map in the dark thanks to an integrated LED lamp that offers emergency illumination when you need it.

This is all packaged in a convenient carrying case.

Motorola XT185: The highly coveted XT180 was replaced with the stylish XT185, which flaunts a fresh new look. The new robust and compact radio is designed for professional use and is ideal for transmitting throughout warehouses, schools, shops, and other establishments.

By simply pressing a button, the XT185 offers users instant and straightforward communication. With an IP54 rating, the radio is both weatherproof and dust-tight.

You can expect up to 24 hours of battery life from the Li-Ion battery on a single charge.

Motorola XT420: The Motorola XT420 is a professional business radio that combines the sleek design of a licenced radio with the convenience of a licence-free device.

It offers an impressive 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, so users can stay connected all day.

 Additionally, the XT420 comes with the option of using either a single or multi-unit charger, allowing for simultaneous charging of up to six radios at once, making it perfect for use in a busy work environment.

Kirisun DP405s: The DP405s is a digital radio that does not require a licence to operate in the UK. It supports both analogue and digital modes, has loud and clear audio, a long battery life, emergency call and lone worker functions.

The DP405s also features a battery indicator, channel annunciation, a compact size and rugged design.

The DP405S can also be programmed to be compatible with analogue 446 radios. This programming can be provided by Radio Solutions.

Hytera BD505LF: The BD505LF is the ideal licence-free DMR radio for regular business communication because of its lightweight construction, small size, and tough exterior. It also offers clear voice communication and high performance.

The BD505LF has an innovative design that improves performance over analogue radios. A further extension of the communications range is made possible by outstanding reception sensitivity.

The BD505LF DMR digital radio delivers steady communications and good performance.

Kenwood TK-3501T: The Kenwood TK3501T is a user-friendly walkie talkie. It works with the TK-3301T and other radios on the same channels.

It boasts a long battery life of 20 hours and an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance. Lightweight and compact, suitable for harsh environments.

It operates on 8 PMR446 frequencies across 16 pre-programmed channels. Reducing interference, which makes it an ideal entry-level business radio for various industries, such as schools, retail, and small warehouses.

Motorola CLP446e: The CLPe series is a compact and lightweight communication device designed specifically for the retail and hospitality industries.

 It features a prominent push-to-talk button and boasts a battery life of up to 20 hours, ensuring reliable and consistent performance throughout the day.

The device is ideal for connecting team members and facilitating efficient communication.

The top 10 walkie talkies are all available to purchase from Radio Solutions. If you require further information, or would like to know more about the other products we offer, our experienced team is available to provide expert guidance. So you can be sure you’ll have the most appropriate device to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity to demo a selection of our walkie talkies prior to purchase. So you make an informed decision and select the best solution for your requirements.

For further information on the walkie talkies or for any queries, get in touch with the Radio Solutions team on 01745 335811.

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