Licenced vs Unlicenced two-way radios

When looking to purchase walkie talkies, there are many points to consider and keep in mind. Such as the environment it’ll be used in, what it’ll be used for and the level of durability required.

All of these features will impact the type of walkie talkie that should be purchased. However, the main decision to make is licenced or licence free radios.

Customers looking to purchase walkie talkies will notice that some are stated as licenced and licence free. So what are the differences between these radios, and why does it affect my decision when purchasing?

Licence Free Radios

Licence free radios operate over PMR446 frequencies, which are free to transmit over. The radios will work out of the box, so are great for a quick solution.

Designed for short range use, licence free walkie talkies are great for small businesses, schools and leisure use. Licence free radios can be a cost-effective way to find a quick two way radio solution.

Here are some popular licence free radios, recommended by Radio Solutions:

Motorola XT185 – A small, compact walkie talkie, the Motorola XT185 offers an efficient source of communication in a sleek and stylish design.

Features of the radio include a Li-Ion battery to provide up to 24 hours battery life and an IP54 rating to resist splashes from water and dust.

Along with easy pairing to provide an all-in-one solution, that’ll work straight out of the box for users.

Users of the XT185 include retail and hospitality, small schools and also leisure.

Kirisun DP405s – The DP405s from Kirisun is a professional licence free radio, great for business use. With a rugged design and an IP54 rating, the walkie talkie is built for protection against dust and sprays from water. With a battery life of up to 16 hours, the radios will definitely provide full day support for users.

The DP405s are great for users in small construction sites, schools and other professional environments. There is also a licenced version available of this radio.

There will be a risk of interference from other nearby walkie talkies when transmitting over licence free radios.  Licenced radios would be more suitable for users seeking further range and security when using a walkie talkie

Licenced Radios

Different to licence free, licenced radios have dedicated frequencies for the users. It does require an Ofcom licence, which is £75 and is valid for 5 years. However, after this, the user will have their own frequency to transmit from, providing them with increased security and a further range.

See some recommended licenced walkie talkies here:

Kirisun DP405 – Similar to the DP405s, the Kirisun DP405 is a licenced version of the model. It will provide all the great features of the licence free version, with the dedicated frequency a licenced radio provides. For that increased security. Additional features include a Lone Worker and Emergency Calling feature.

Hytera HP605 – Designed to withstand tough environments thanks to the IP67 rating, the Hytera HP605 is easy to use and extremely durable for users.

Other features of the HP605 include; Lone worker, Emergency calling, Man Down and Priority Interrupt Safety. A great radio for the construction and security industries.

All of the featured walkie talkies are available to purchase from Radio Solutions. The expert team is also at hand to provide further support and suggest the best solution for your requirements.

Give the team a call on 01745 335811 to discuss your requirements.

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