How to Play the Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D

T-Rex Dinosaur game is an inbuilt google chrome game. It occurs only when you are trying to visit a website, but you have not connected to the internet. T-Rex Game is a very popular game as many of us already played. It is very irritating and tedious whenever our internet goes down. To pass the time is difficult. We always thought about what to do next? But this type of mini-games is a perfect time killer. T-Rex game is exclusively for Google Chrome users. This popular game is now available in 3D. Lets us know how to play the Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D.

This gem is created by Google and Chrome UX designer Edward Jung, and you can enjoy this game whenever you want, especially when your internet is down. It was added to google chrome in 2014. The problem is that it’s in a black and white version. In this present scenario, no one wants to play a 2D game in Black and white, so to solve this problem, the developers of Github Abraham Tugalov recreated this game in 3D after six years of its release.

How to Play the Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D

Chrome T-Rex Runner Game
Chrome T-Rex Runner Game

The T- Rex game is an infinite runner game in which the T-Rex Dino is running continuously and ump over cacti and dodge some obstacle. With the simple and easy control like for jump, you have to press the spacebar, and to duck press the down arrow key in the keyboard. You can play with a single hand. The primary mission is to survive and make your high score until your internet connection back to normal.

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Why is a Dinosaur Theme?

As per the developer of this game, Mr. Sebastian said in the fourth-anniversary interview arranged by google that we live in prehistoric ages before the invention of WIFI. Therefore, this game reminds us of what we are without the internet. In other words, it reminds us of the importance of the internet nowadays.

This Dino game was released in 2014 and faced a struggle to be popular as most devices are not supported. So the developers redesign the game within three months, and the rest was history. Google will say some interesting numbers that are more than 270 million games are played by users every month. The users are from India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

How to Play the Google Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D

Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D
Chrome T-Rex Runner Game in 3D

Recently a user in Reddit, PikachuCoub, posts a link that shared this game in the r/Google subreddit. However, the T-Rex running game devs in 3D used Three.js, WebGL, and Javascript to recreate this game. They transform this game into pixelated graphic design and gives a 3D view to make this game more interesting, but the gameplay is sane so that a user can relate to the original version.

You have to jump, dodge and keep running but now in a refreshing look in 3D. This dino game also has background music. But you need an internet connection to play this game, unlike the original one.

The T-Rex dino Game has two versions, one for the high-end system and another is for low-end devices. Both of the links are given below. The controls are the same as the original one. Spacebar for jump and down arrow key for dodge. To play the game, click on the link below. You will get an error screen, and the website is in the Russian language as the developers are from Russia. You can translate it to English or click on green colored lines, or press the spacebar key to start the game.

Here is all about the T-Rex running game. We hope you like the information. What is your highest score? In both the original and the 3D version, tell us in the comment box.

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