Google Pacman: the doodle to play Pac-Man for free

Pac-Man is one of the cult arcade video games of the 80s featuring a yellow character who must escape from ghosts in a maze. For the 30th anniversary of the game, Google has developed a Doodle allowing to play it for free. Here’s how to get to Pacman for free in Google!

Starting in 1998, Google started to occasionally replace the logo on its homepage with a stylized “Doodle” to commemorate a specific person or event. These “Google Doodles” were already a highlight of the search engine’s user experience at the time. However, they didn’t become ingrained in popular culture until the release of the very popular “Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Doodle” in 2010, the web giant’s first “Doodle” that was also a playable video game.

Google Pacman: the doodle to play Pac-Man for free
Search ‘Pacman’ on Google for this!

How to play Pac-Man for free in Google?

For the 30th anniversary of the famous Pac-Man, the designers of Google had the idea to create an interactive Doodle of this game. So, for 48 hours, the Pac-Man Google logo is playable for free. Everyone could play this game again with all the original details. This included graphics, sound, logic, individual ghost characters and even bugs.

Today, it is still possible to play this arcade Pac-Man for free on Google. It’s accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC by accessing the internet. To do so, just go to, or simply search for “Pac-Man” in Google and the famous PAC-MAN Doodle appears!

Just like on Pacman games fr, you can enjoy this game as long as you have an internet connection and without paying a penny. Unquestionably the best geek easter egg you can find in Google!

If you are a Pacman fan, you should know that there is a free smartphone application for Android and iPhone iOs. Just type PAC-MAC in the google play store or the Apple app store to download the official application of the game published by BANDAI NAMCO for free.

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Pac-Man : the cult video game from Namco

Pacman is one of the very first video games launched in the arcade by Namco in 1980 and on the Atari 2600 console. A real revolution at that time!

According to the legend, Toru Iwatani was in a pizza shop with Pac-Man game developers when someone took the first slice and inspired the shape for the Pac-Man character. Before, most arcade games were aimed at young boys and teenagers. Iwatani wanted to create a game that everyone could enjoy.

That’s what inspired the maze element and the choice to base the game on food rather than violence. During development, three people worked on the game: Iwatani focused on planning and design while the other two worked on programming and composing the music.

The Concept and Rules of the Pac-Man Video Game

The concept of the video game is simple: Pac-Man is the character you guide and you have to make him eat all the “food” in the maze without getting caught by a ghost. The balls he eats are called “PAC-gummies”. The goal is to eat all the PAC-gummies, to advance to a higher level of play, without being eaten by the ghosts that haunt the maze!

There are three types of gummies with different powers and scores:

The basic PAC-gum is small and has no particular power. In the original game, there are 240 gumdrops, each worth 10 points.

The bonus/fruit PAC-gum gives more points. There are 8 different types in the original game: cherry (100 points), strawberry (300 points), orange (500 points), apple (700 points), melon (1000 points), Galboss (2000 points), bell (3000 points) and key (5000 points).

The super PAC-gum is bigger and shinier. It is rarer, makes ghosts slower, and allows Pacman to eat them even from the front.

If you come into contact with the evil ghosts, you lose a life. Note that you have 3 lives!

What is a Doodle?

A Doodle is a drawing or a funny figure made from a doodle. On Google, it is a stylized modification of the Google logo during a defining moment, intended to commemorate an event or a character. The idea of creating Doodles was born in 1998, even before the official foundation of the company.

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