How to Move Files to SD Card on Galaxy Note 9

If you ever realize your phone’s memory is reaching limits, then you can make use of an SD card. With the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, the mobile technology has forwarded one step ahead. This smartphone supports a microSD of up to 512 GB while it comes with 128/512GB internal memory. Even though the internal memory seems enough, but still there are chances that you would use an SD Card. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to move all files like photos, videos, etc to SD card on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. That will improve the performance while we safely move files to an external media.

Moving files to SD card helps in multiple ways. While it saves the internal storage spaces, it also improves the performance and keeps it running stable. Many users face performance, stability related issues just because they don’t have enough free internal memory. These days, our smartphones are packed with a powerful camera that output clearer images and videos of higher resolution, and of course they garb a huge amount of storage space. Sooner or later, you might want to move your files to some safer place like your computer, or upload to online services. But that would put those files somewhat out of easy reach.

Alternatively, you could move all of your files to the SD card, it takes only a few minutes and you can access them anytime you want. To do this task, you don’t require any kind of external application or utility. We can easily do it using the pre-installed file manager application. Samsung loads tons of applications on their smartphones. Some of them are really useful and most of them remain unused whole time. In one of our tutorials, we’ve found that there are about 120 bloatware apps (unnecessary apps) and if we choose to disable these apps it would release about 1.5 GB RAM. That is enough to boost the overall performance of your phone.

Apparently, our media files take the most of the storage space. As long as we keep using our phone, it keeps using the internal memory to save files we download, photo/videos we capture, files we receive from others and the cache files generated from applications. There are many applications that generate huge amounts of cache files. Like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other social applications can create cache data in GBs in just a few weeks. Therefore, we recommend you to keep track of storage space and regularly clear the cache memory on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

How to move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

During this tutorial, we’ll learn the most simple and basic method to move files to the SD card on this phone. Just follow the below instructions:

Step 1. Open the My Files application.

Samsung puts their own file manager application under the Samsung folder namely known as My Files. Just open this application by tapping on Samsung ->My Files.

Open File Manager on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This file manager app is quite impressive, the material design will surely blow your mind. It categorizes each and every file to some tags like Photos, Videos, Documents, etc. That makes easier to browse files.

Step 2. Select the files/folders to move

Now, browse your files and folders that you would like to move. Through My Files application, you can easily browse to specific files and folders.

Like you can select the whole photos/videos folder to move to SD card. Just browse your files and folders and select them by tapping and holding onto them.

Select Files to move

Now, you’re ready to move these selected to files to the SD card on Galaxy Note 9. To do that, tap on the three-dots button present at the right-top of the screen.

It will display the following options:

  1. Move – Move these files permanently to the new location.
  2. Copy – Create a copy of these files on another place
  3. Zip – Compress these files/folders into a zip package.
  4. Details – Know details about these files, like storage space, types, etc.,

Since we do not intend to copy or zip these files, we will tap on Move button.

Tap on Move Option

As soon as you tap on Move option, it will display further options to you.

Step 3. Select SD card as the destination and move files

This is the last step where we select the SD card as destination path and move the selected files permanently to this space.

As you tap on Move option, it will open the following screen:

Choose SD card as destination

Tap on the SD card option. That will open the SD card, there you can browse and navigate into exact place where you want to move these files.

Just use browse to that folder and tap on ‘Done’ button present at the top-right of the screen to start the transfer process.

Files Moved to SD card on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This will move all the selected files to the SD card on your Samsung Galaxy Note. That’s how this process is done and you can perform anytime you want whenever you run out of storage on the internal memory. However, it doesn’t work to transfer apps to the SD card.

If you wish to install apps on the SD card on your phone, then you must follow the tutorial below:

So, that ends our tutorial here and we hope that our readers would find it helpful. If it does help you anyway, then do share your views and thoughts in the comment section. We would appreciate your feedback and implement those on in our tutorials. Stay connected with us for useful content, guides, and lists.


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