Is the Xiaomi Mi 10 worth buying in 2021?

Xiaomi is one of the most productive smartphone manufacturers, which manages to produce at least a dozen devices per year. Yes, some models turn out to be modified versions of others, but this does not change the essence, because there is a buyer for them too. Another thing is that a customer can be found for almost any product, but that does not mean that he has made the right choice. If you’re curious to know if Xiaomi Mi 10 worth purchase, just keep reading this article.

It’s actually a pretty common problem. That’s why it’s very important to mentor people by helping them with their choices, especially if the choice is far from as obvious as it seems.

Even though the Xiaomi Mi 11 has already gone on sale in Russia, the Xiaomi Mi 10 is still going nowhere. And since it’s also cheaper, a lot of people are wondering if it’s better to save money and buy last year’s flagship instead of buying a new product that might not have all its flaws yet. No, no, and no. I’ll explain on my fingers why.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 10 worth buying in 2021?
Is the Xiaomi Mi 10 worth buying in 2021?

I wouldn’t buy the Xiaomi Mi 10 in 2021 for several reasons, but the main one, of course, is the price. If you study Yandex Market, you will see that the “ten” today costs around 50 thousand rubles. And that’s if we’re talking about gray retail, where smartphones imported into Russia bypassing official supply channels are sold. But there is also the official retail, where the price of Xiaomi Mi 10 can reach 70 thousand rubles!

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It’s not like the Xiaomi Mi 11. Recently, I lamented about how expensive the novelty was priced in Russia. But, first, that post was written immediately after the presentation of the global version, when the price exceeded 100 thousand rubles, as you can see in the screenshots, and, secondly, I just trivially forgot then to compare the price of Mi 11 with the price of Mi 10. After all, if you look at how much the Mi 11 costs, you will see that the difference between them is some measly 7 thousand rubles. That’s less than 100 dollars!

What is better to buy: Xiaomi Mi 10 or Xiaomi Mi 11

And for that money you get:

  • A newer and more powerful processor;
  • Four years of software support;
  • A more attractive design;
  • A wider range of features;
  • The feeling of a newer device.

Perhaps someone will pay attention to the fact that I offer to buy Xiaomi Mi 11 on AliExpress, and expectedly will be outraged that there, unlike a normal store, you can not buy a smartphone in installments. Yes, that is indeed true. But you forget that in grey retail, where the Xiaomi Mi 10 costs 50,000 rubles, you can’t get installments or even credit either. Banks simply prefer to cooperate only with large retail chains that do not import uncertified electronics.

Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress
Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress

Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress

If you want, you can buy Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress. There it will be even cheaper. Another thing is how much cheaper. Having studied the platform, the best price I found was 47-48 thousand rubles. However, these were untested sellers with minimal orders and not offering expedited Plus delivery. So I wouldn’t take the risk of buying a “tenner” from them. And if you want to use a proven seller, you’ll have to pay even more.

I am aware that many people are afraid to buy smartphones from Aliexpress because they are afraid of fraud, counterfeiting, and who knows what else. However, a while ago I told you how to buy on AliExpress not to be cheated, what to look for and which sellers you should not buy from. Be sure to read it, it is useful. I myself have formulated these theses from personal experience and have been using them for quite some time now, never becoming a victim of fraudsters from China or negligent employees of Russian Post.

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