ipstack: A Professional API to Geolocate Your Website Visitors

ipstack is a powerful professional API. Very often the tool is used by companies. It allows you to geolocate potential visitors and prospects of an online store or a showcase site. It helps retailers obtain more information (their IPs) on Internet users who enter their site. The application performs real-time analysis using data relating to the IP address and type of internet connection of visitors.

How Does the ipstack Professional API Work?

Many large, international companies already use the ipstack API to get as much information as possible about their website visitors.

Very powerful, this API can collect all the desired data in real time. The information provided by the application is very precise. They allow businesses to refine their online store options according to the target customer category. The information delivered by the professional API helps firms to optimize and personalize their user experience. Thanks to the tool, retailers will be informed of the ASN, the IP and the ISP hostname deployed by their prospects.

The ipstack application performs geolocation by continent, country, department, city, postal code, latitude and longitude. This feature allows businesses to set geographic restrictions on their website and deliver engaging user experiences. It helps improve the targeting of advertisements issued by retailers.

The professional API not only makes it possible to geolocate website visitors, but also to collect data on the main currency associated with the visitor’s IP address. It performs a detailed analysis according to the user’s geographic location, which provides a rewarding shopping experience. Companies will automatically be informed of the time zone in which the visitor is positioned. This real-time data collection enables retailers to quickly take the necessary actions.

How is the ipstack Application Useful for Businesses?

This IP geolocation API provides reliable information. It covers more than 2 million locations in more than 200,000 locations around the world.

The service offering is made possible through a long-term partnership with major internet service providers. The ipstack software is deployed by diverse user profiles, including renowned brands, SMEs and developers. Using the professional API allows retailers to get to know their visitors better. The tool delivers relevant IPv4 and IPv6 data around the world. The information collected is sent to companies every day of the year.

ipstack is a lever for web marketing. With the trend of online commerce, the application is almost essential for establishing effective sales strategies. It helps to optimize the generation of internet traffic.

By using the software, the brand benefits from special technical support. The supplier offers, in fact, assistance for each need initiated by the company. Thanks to precise and reliable customer support, the brand can improve its services. These are to be personalized according to the needs of each prospect. The data received via the API helps firms develop all the means necessary to gain new customers and provide a better user experience.

A Reliable, Efficient and Secure Solution

The ipstack application has been designed with the aim of responding to a constant evolution of user demand. Functional, it is easy to use and set up. Its installation is done in ten minutes at most. The software is equipped with a quick start guide and full documentation. Once implemented, it is immediately operational. The tool is suitable for any type of business. Its use is not limited by the number of daily requests.

The information provided and processed by ipstack is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. To access the results, retailers need only download the data in XML or JSON format. The collaboration between companies and Internet service providers guarantees the reliability of the information provided by the software.

ipstack API Price

In terms of pricing, ipstack is available under free and paid plans. The 3 paid plans are offered at $ 9.99, $ 49.999 and $ 99.99. The tool offers different functionality depending on the needs and size of the business. For large firms, the creation of personalized solutions on demand is provided by the supplier. Of course, the famous of the web are the main users of ipstack, but the application is aimed at all types of brands.

Concrete Examples of the Use of the ipstack API?

In its free version, ipstack provides information on the geolocation of visitors for more than 2 million locations. This option allows retailers to make 10 calls per month to the API, a very flexible offer for nothing at all. The app is easy to use. After registering on ipstack, the company receives a token. The value of this must be entered in each call to the API following the “access key” parameter.

The use of ipstack does not affect the protection of the web application and the brand’s website. On the contrary, the tool helps the company to identify the possible constraints and threats related to each prospect. It detects the search engines and the proxies used by the visitor.

In short, the features offered by ipstack are numerous. We mainly note the information related to the IP of website visitors, data on geolocation, information on currency, time zone, and security protocols of Web applications (Tor, proxy, crawler…). Depending on their expectations and their budget, the user brand can choose the formula that suits them.

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