How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy M10

The Galaxy M10 is another stunning low-budget smartphone from Samsung. This smartphone offers some decent hardware and software specification. Out of the box, this phone runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and it should be lined up soon to receive the Android Pie update. In this tutorial, we’ll help you boot/ enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy M10, so you can perform maintenance related actions like factory reset, wipe cache partition and so on.

In basics, the recovery mode is an independent environment that allows users to modify and update Android firmware. Simply, you can think of this mode as a maintenance mode. The recovery mode is quite essential for an update and upgrade processes. If you ever wish to flash custom firmware or official OTA updates manually, you would need this mode. Moreover, this mode offers several cleaning actions like factory reset and wipe cache partition. These actions are really helpful when it comes to fix common Android problems and calibrate performance.

Thus, you must be aware of this mode on your phone. We already know that our Android phones tend to become slower as time goes on. In some cases, users might face different problems associated with stability and performance. Therefore, in those conditions, one can troubleshoot our phone using the recovery mode. Since this mode comes inbuilt within the phone, accessing and using it won’t hurt the warranty on your phone. However, one shouldn’t use this mode unwittingly. This mode is powerful enough to wipe the entire phone instantly.

And if that happens, there’s no way that we can revert that action. So, you should use this mode carefully. There are different ways to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy M10 phone. Either one can use the hardware keys to boot into this mode, which is the most common way to get into this mode or else, one can use ADB commands for that purpose. And if you’re having the root access on your phone, it becomes even easier. There are tons of root-specific apps that enable users to switch from one mode to another with just tapping once. However, achieving root access will void the warranty on your phone.

While troubleshooting phone that doesn’t boot up or loads Android OS, the recovery mode is an essential tool. Since it works independently, it loads up even when the Android firmware isn’t working. Through this mode, we can perform a factory reset that we usually found as a solution to fix most of the problems. All that makes this mode so important, sooner or later you might want to use this mode for some purpose.

So, after been through this tutorial, you should be able to boot Recovery Mode on your Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone. The following steps you need to get into this mode on your phone:

Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy M10

How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy M10

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the Power button.
  2. Now, press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
  3. Release the buttons once Samsung Logo appears.
  4. If a warning screen appears, press Volume Up button to confirm and enter into the recovery mode.
  5. Now, your phone should reach recovery mode.

That’s the best method to boot into the mode. However, you must ensure that you press and hold both the buttons at the very same time. Otherwise, you would find that nothing happens. These steps remain the same for most of the Samsung smartphones that do not have the home button. This is the most widely used method to access recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone.

Using this mode, one can easily flash custom firmware, put OTA updates manually and perform cleaning actions like factory reset and wiping cache data. And when you find that your phone doesn’t boot up, use this mode to troubleshoot that problem. Further, there are more ways to access this mode. If for some reasons, you’re not able to use the hardware buttons for this purpose, we can use the Google ADB tool for that purpose as well.

Usually, the Android Debugging tool is used by the Android developers and it has no significance for ordinary users like us. However, one can use this tool to access different modes on our Android phone. Now, let’s move further and learn this mode.

How to use ADB commands to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy M10

In order to use this mode, you must fulfill some requirements. You don’t need to setup ADB software on your computer, Windows or Mac. Instead, we have a minimal version of this tool that does that job. This method is helpful in case when we cannot use the first method that includes hardware buttons to access the recovery mode. This method doesn’t need any hardware button.

Here the prerequisites that you must follow to use this tool:

  • You need a Windows-based computer (for Mac, you’ll need to set up the whole ADB tool).
  • Enable the USB Debugging on your phone using this tutorial.
  • Arrange the original USB cable of your phone for connection purpose.
  • You must install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer. You can download official Samsung USB Drivers from here.

That’s enough preparation. Now, use the following instructions to use the ADB tool to enter recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone:

1. Start by downloading the Minimal ADB tool package from here. Extract the package and double tap on ‘Run Me.bat’ file. This will open ADB command prompt like this:

Enter Recovery Mode using ADB Commands

2. After that, use the USB and connect your phone to the computer.

3. To check if your phone connection properly, type the following command. This should display the name of your device:

adb devices

4. Now, type the following command to enter into the recovery mode.

adb reboot recovery

That’s it, you’ve successfully entered into the recovery mode on your phone using ADB commands. Using this tool, one can reach to other modes as well.

Wrap up

So, that concludes our tutorial here that explains different ways to boot recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy M10. For root users, there’s an application named ‘Quick Reboot’, use this app to switch from usual Android mode to another. In the meanwhile, we suggest you check our tutorial that helps to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone.

If you’re facing any problem on this phone, do let us know through your comments. If there anything we have missed, make sure to drop your comments below.

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