4 Best Prank Calling Apps In 2019

Pranks are becoming more and more popular. Pranking friends and then recording their videos, it’s all quite fun. The same goes with the prank call that you make to your friend. Through this list, we bring you some fun prank calling apps that you try on your friends and family. Most of these apps work on both; Android and iOS, so you can enjoy them easily.

Prank calling is getting funnier these days as you have so many apps to prank in a better way, just get a prank calling app and make a prank call to anyone. The benefit of such apps is that it is difficult to recognize the real caller even if they know the number.

There are certain ways to make prank phone calls like you can change the voice, call from an anonymous number, call from VIP numbers, etc. We will list various apps that you can use to create the best phone pranks with your friends. Let’s see what we have got on this list:

  1. Juasapp Prank Calls
  2. FunCall Voice Changer
  3. PrankDial
  4. Ownage Real Prank Calls

Let me tell you one thing, there are hundreds of fake prank calling apps on the app stores but more than half of them are just pure garbage, those prank call apps won’t do anything but irritate you. That’s why I would suggest you go for these only because these are the only worth trusting.

Each one of these apps is a real-time prank calling app, which means you will prank your known ones in real-time while talking to them. Let’s discuss these fake prank calls apps in detail.

1. Juasapp Prank Calls

Juasapp Prank Calls - best prank call app

It’s one of the best prank calls apps that you must try. This prank calling app will give you a pre-built list of prank scenarios, you just need to choose one, select the contact you want to prank or enter their number manually and make the call.

The good thing about this app is that it doesn’t make calls from your phone so, the prank victim would never know it’s your calling. All the prank calls will be made from their system.

Cons: There are very few free prank calls available in this prank calling app. You may need to purchase more calls.

Pros: Real-time calling prank, hides your identity, sharing of call recordings on social media and Whatsapp is allowed, all the calls are recorded automatically to which you can listen later.

Download this prank app here.

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2. FunCalls Voice Changer Prank Call

FunCalls Voice Changer Prank Call

How would you feel if the call comes from your girlfriend’s number, but it’s a guy on the line? You might get suspicious and confused for a moment. This prank calling app will do the same thing.

It will let you change your voice during the call and you can pretend to be someone else while calling from your own mobile number.

Pros: Voice changer, call recording, funny sounds during calls, call as an anonymous person.

Cons: Audio not that good.

Download this prank calling app here.

3. PrankDial

one of the oldest prank calling app

This is one of the oldest prank calling app which you can get for Android and iOS both.

Just like the Juasapp app, it also has pre-listed scenarios and you can choose any one of them to make a prank call to your friends, for example, “you hit my car”, “why do you call my girlfriend”.

Those prank calls are recorded and you can listen to it and share it later to spread the laughter.

Not only this, it’s like a social media for pranksters, users can submit their prank calls for other app users to listen and react. You can listen to other’s recordings as well and comment on them.

Pros: More than 150 prank scenarios, sharing among other app users, prank call recording, available for online prank calls also at prankdial.com

Cons: Only 3 free calls per day.

Download this prank calling app here.

4. Ownage Real Prank calls

Ownage Real Prank calls

This prank calling app also works somewhat like the Prankdial. You need to select a pre-recorded prank call, select the number and send it.

The calls are recorded by professional actors and there are very fewer chances that they will realize it’s a prank call being made.

You can mask your identity by sending the pranks from different numbers, it supports international calling, multiple languages, landline numbers, fake call that actually has a fake person talking and much more.

You should definitely try out this free phone prank call app.

Pros: Supports landline number, international numbers, and languages, hide your identity, share it with the community, pre-recorded prank calls.

Cons: There’s nothing to complain about this app.

Download this prank application here.


These are some of the best prank calling apps that you can use for free to make fun prank calls to anyone. It’s super fun with a reliable fake phone prank call app.

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