How to Take a Screenshot on a Galaxy S21

Do you want to take a screenshot of the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S21? You can do that simply and quickly, or elaborately and with a lot of bells and whistles. In this guide, we’ll help you take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 and record its screen as well.

Samsung Galaxy S21 screenshot: how to make a screenshot

You’ll encounter this especially with the endless possibilities of the Screenshots and Screen Recorder feature. But: if you really just want a quick screenshot, this remains simple.

In fact, all you need to do to instantly take a screenshot of your Galaxy S21 is: press the Power button and Volume Down at the same time. You do not need to hold the buttons – a short press at the same time is sufficient. The screen will briefly turn white to indicate that the screenshot has been captured.

For the enthusiast, it is nice to know that Samsung’s “old school” method – swiping your hand across the screen – also works on the Galaxy S21. You can disable it this way, but on our device, it was just enabled by default.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Galaxy S21

If you succeeded, a small ‘toolbar’ appears at the bottom of the screen with four options. Next to the preview of the image, on the left, is the down arrow (1). Tap this to scroll further on the screen, and add this to the screenshot. Sometimes this is not possible, and then this little symbol is missing.

Next to it is the edit option (2), which allows you to crop the image, and write/draw/underline/etc. on the image yourself. In this screen tap the down arrow – right – to save the edited screenshot.

The # icon allows you to add tags (3), so you can find the Galaxy S21 screenshot more easily later in the Gallery. And the share icon (4) allows you to send the image directly to one or more of your contacts.

You will find the screenshots taken in the Gallery in the separate folder Screenshots.

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Galaxy S21 screen recorder

In addition to taking a simple screenshot, on the Galaxy S21 you can also take a video recording of your screen by default. By default, you will find the Screen Recorder function among the shortcuts on the notification screen.

Briefly tap the icon to start the function immediately. You then only have to choose what kind of sound you want to accompany it. Choose None and your video will be silent.

Choose Media Sounds and you will only hear the sounds your phone makes itself. If you also want to talk, for example, to explain what you are doing, then choose Media Sounds and Microphone. If you hold down the Screen Recorder icon you can also choose the picture quality (480p, 720p, 1080p).

If you choose Start Recording, the device will count down from three unless you tap Skip Count yourself. When the recording is running, you can use the separate menu bar to choose pause or to stop recording. Tap the head icon to film yourself with the front camera.

The recordings you make with Screen Recorder can be found in the Gallery in the folder Screen Recordings.

Was this all?

Well no, of course not. Samsung would not be Samsung if you did not have more choices and options. In fact, you can customize a few more options for taking screen recordings and screenshots on your Galaxy S21. In Settings, go to Advanced Features, and choose Screenshots and Screen Recorder there.

You can now set whether you want to show additional options at all, which create after taking a screenshot. Or you can choose not to include status and navigation bars on the image by default. Choose to Delete Shared Screenshot to immediately delete screenshots again after you share them with someone else – and set the file format to.PNG instead of.JPG.

The settings of the Screen Recorder feature described partly above – sound and quality – but you can also adjust here how big you want your own image to be, if you choose to show the front camera as well.

This was everything. Right?

So. So that was it with all the possibilities of a simple feature like taking screenshots on the Galaxy S21, right? Hahaha, no. Well, okay, almost.

We wrote above that even in the year 2021 you can still take screenshots by swiping the side of your hand across the screen of the Galaxy S21. And that this function is enabled by default. This also means that you can turn it off. Not in the menu that we described above, but somewhere else.

In the Settings, go to Advanced Features again, but now choose the option Gestures. At the very bottom, you can turn off Swipe for Screenshot.

And yes. That’s it. Some people like the fact that there are so many options, even for a simple function like taking a screenshot. Yet we guess that most people don’t want to use so many options at all. In any case, you now know how to take a screenshot of your Galaxy S21.

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