10 Most Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Router

In the world of technology, the Internet is one of the most necessary tools in our daily life. One of its fundamental pillars is the router, a device that is used to manage the information traffic that circulates through a network of devices. In addition, it allows us to stay connected and with stable communication. However, like other equipment, it can become obsolete. However, there is no reason to recycle it. It is possible to continue using it, exploring how to reuse your old router.

Also known as a router, it is present in our life. It is now commonly available in homes and businesses. And it’s essential to keep distributed servers running globally. When we stop using a router because we decide to purchase a more advanced one, we do not have to discard it, it can be given a new use. There are many alternatives that you can find.

10 ideas to give our old router a new use

At some point, we feel the need to change routers. In general, we do it because the one we have does not have certain functionalities necessary for new devices. However, it is important not to throw it away and reuse your old router.

In case you don’t know, you can give it other uses, which will allow you to enjoy a more effective connection. Next, we will mention some of the possible uses that we can give to the old equipment.

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1. Use it as a repeater

In some cases, the router we buy does not cover a too wide signal range. If we connect the old router to this, it will allow us to make the connection to those sites distant from the main one. Thus, it will be possible to connect where it normally did not reach or was very deficient.

Use your old router as a Switch

2. Use it as if it were a switch

Generally, a router does not have many inputs to make the wired Ethernet ports. By having two routers these entries would be duplicated. This will allow the connection of more devices. Likewise, it will depend on the number of free ports after mounting. Depending on the model, the number of ports varies.

3. Use it as a server

By having another router we can use it to make a NAS server. This use can be given if and only if the router has a USB port, which allows us to connect it to the hard disk.

So it will be possible to access all files from anywhere. In addition, with this functionality, we would save some money since it would not be necessary to buy a NAS server.

4. Create a guest network

Generally, all routers include this feature. However, if you have an additional one, it would be important to use it as a guest network. In this way, we would have one for our use and the other for the guests.

At the same time, it will prevent our network from collapsing due to the number of connected devices.

5. Take advantage of it to test the operation of alternative systems

If what you want is to install different operating systems in the new router, and you want to know if they work, then you should carry out tests.

What better option than to use the disused router, this in order to avoid putting the main one at risk. Of course, both computers must allow alternative operating systems.

Connect it with old devices, taking advantage of their compatibility

6. Connect it with old devices, taking advantage of their compatibility

When we use more updated equipment, sometimes these are not compatible with previous versions of other devices, such as printers or mobiles. In the long run, it becomes a problem. However, it can be solved with the router that we leave aside since generally, this is compatible.

The connection can be made through it. Facilitating in this way the Internet connection, and in many cases the update of the older devices.

7. Establish a virtual private network

If you have a virtual private network or VPN, privacy, and security when browsing the network are significantly increased. This is how we will keep our data protected. One detail to keep in mind is that to create it we only need a router. And the one we no longer use is considered the ideal option.

8. Network printer

Using a network printer will allow you to do without the computer to make prints. Reusing an old router in this way will only be possible on a printer that has this function.

Being connected, we can print documents sent from other devices connected to the same network.

9. Organize a LAN-Party

For game lovers, throwing out an old router is a bad idea. It can be an essential tool for hours of fun. An ideal option if what you want is to play on a network, but without the Internet.

You just have to connect all the computers that are going to participate through the old router, creating a local network.

10. Create external WiFi networks

Those people who travel constantly, should not ignore this alternative. You can take the router with you wherever you want and, just by turning it on, you can use it to connect your devices.

Always through an Ethernet port with the Internet, since your equipment will have the configuration saved.

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