Is Used PS3 Worth In 2022? Understand Risks And Advantages

Is a used PS3 a good deal? There are advantages, but the risks are worth knowing about to prevent the purchase from turning into frustration. Here’s detailed information that helps you decide whether you should buy a used PS3 this year, 2022.

Thinking about buying a used PS3? Many people are considering the possibility of purchasing a second-hand console and thus guarantee good hours of fun.

This decision, however, does not occur randomly – just a brief search around to understand that the consoles of the last generation are not playing around when it comes to “hurting” the pocket of consumers.

Is Used PS3 Worth In 2022? Understand Risks And Advantages

And, even with a tight budget, many people do not want to give up having a video game, right? For this reason, used consoles have gained some prominence over the past few years. On the other hand, is this really a good way to go or will you take more risks than advantages?

By the way, the questions don’t stop there! After all, is the third generation worth it today? Remember that we already have the PS5 dominating the market for some time now! Lots of questions… And so it is time to get some answers.

Considering the purchase of a used PS3 is not new to some people. And here, different motivations fit: not enough money to buy a new and even newer console or even a certain nostalgia!

The fact is that when we put in front of the magic word “used” we automatically think that this should reflect more economy, therefore a good deal! Does it make sense? – Yes and no, actually. After all, what appears to be cheaper is not always “that cheap at the end of the pencil”. So you have to really think about your real motivation in buying a console from two generations earlier and with all the baggage of a product used by someone else.

The main positives of buying a used PS3

Value for the Money

When researching how much a used PS3 costs, it is clear that reality fits in many people’s pockets. In this case, you can find options in the range of $ 800. Logically, this value can rise depending on the number of controls and games included. Moreover, this may vary depending on the seller’s region, state of conservation, and even the buyer’s bargaining power.

Finding a PS3 is almost a mission impossible these days

Opting for a used console ends up being an alternative for those who really want the PS3. The fact is that Sony stopped manufacturing this generation still in the year 2017. This means that those who have some emotional attachment or simply want to have several generations of consoles at their disposal don’t have much choice: the way to go is to look for used ones.

More affordable games

A big advantage in opting for a used PS3 is the possibility of having access to several games for a much more affordable price. As they are mostly used, the price ends up being reduced by half in some cases.

This considering the most popular, including, as is the case of The Last of Us and GTA 5, example. Moreover, if we take into account the closure of the PS Store, investing $50 on average is something that certainly compensates for the fact that you can not invest in digital games.

Another interesting aspect is the great successes of the console generation. In fact, most of them have earned their due remakes and remasters for PS4 and PS5. However, this is not a rule, and some titles are still only available for PS3. This is where people who opt for a used PS3 come in because they consider themselves fans!

Negative points of investing in a used PS3

A console that is already out of line

As we have previously stated, Sony has stopped manufacturing the PS3 as recently as 2017. In a direct and straightforward way, this means that buying both the PS3 and the PS3 Slim used consists of a product totally without warranty.

In other words, the chances that at some point you will need to afford possible repairs are enormous. Therefore, what looked “cheap” may not stay that way for long. Not to mention the difficulty in finding replacement parts.

No support for online gaming

There is no denying that the PS3 game catalog is a great attraction, especially for the hugely successful games that cannot even be found on other consoles. But, it’s not just for us mortals that the weight of age manifests itself, you see! For technological devices, this is also a reality.

Certainly, disconnected multiplayer or small communities can be a difficult barrier to deal with these days, especially after so many years on the market! An example is again Gran Turismo 5 and also 6, which do not even feature online racing anymore.

Other games that serve as an example here are Battlefield and Call of Duty which, although they still have online games, have a very small player community.

Goodbye PS Store

The end of the PS Store on PS3 is one of the dilemmas for those considering buying the PS3 used, after all, without being able to access the store players no longer have how to get digital games for the console. There is a restriction, inclusive, only for digital games previously downloaded, as well as physical media.

Some care you should put into action!

Assuming that you do not give up the decision to buy a used PS3, here we list some precautions that can never be ignored:

Negotiate the value! See what the possibilities are and establish a dialogue with the seller in question. Many people will even accept other video games as part of the payment;

Do some research on reliable sites and, if you have the opportunity, ask for as much information about the console as possible. Avoid consummating your purchase outside these sites, because there are many scams out there;

Take into account the cost-benefit and if the used console will come with more than one control and physical games included in the price established. The more items are included in the sale, the better the negotiation in the end;

Before you make your purchase, take a look at the latest consoles, including even new ones that have never been used. Sometimes, if you put it on the tip of the pencil, a higher price can compensate for a more current console.

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