How to connect VR glasses to computer, phone, & other devices

Sometimes new VR glasses owners can’t figure out how to connect said devices. So today we will present guides on how to connect virtual reality glasses to your computer, phone, and game console.

We will also tell you how to connect and configure standalone VR glasses that have no connection to external devices. All stages of connection we will describe step by step so that the owners and future buyers of VR glasses can easily connect virtual reality glasses to your computer, phone, and other devices.

How do I connect VR glasses to my computer?
Learn how to connect VR glassed to a computer.

How do I connect VR glasses to my computer?

To connect the virtual reality glasses to your PC, you only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Connect the VR glasses and the computer using an HDMI cable (if necessary, a connection diagram can be found in the VR headset manual);
  2. Install the devices for tracking the user’s movements (if these devices come with the glasses);
  3. Turn on the software for automatic adjustment of the glasses and consistently follow all instructions indicated by the connection wizard;
  4. Adjust the position of the lenses (to ensure high image quality);

Run any downloaded games or videos to evaluate the quality of the VR glasses.

The software setup can usually be done with a mouse or a special remote control. After the setup is complete, you can begin to actively use the purchased virtual reality glasses.

If you do not set up the VR glasses correctly the first time, you can repeat the process. In the absence of optimal results, it is worth asking for recommendations directly from the manufacturer of the product.

How to connect VR glasses to the phone?
Learn how to connect VR glassed to a phone.

How to connect VR glasses to the phone?

Next, let’s talk about glasses, whose design involves the use of a smartphone. The process of connecting them requires performing the following actions:

  1. Download the VR app for the phone from the Google Play service (the name of the recommended app can be found out from the manufacturer of the VR headset);
  2. Run the application, and then place the phone in its designated place in the VR-glasses;
  3. Make sure the phone is firmly fixed, then put on glasses and set the parameters of the image display.

Then it remains to run the desired game or video in any available way – using the controller or head movements (this method is not available in all models of VR-glasses). If there are other ways to connect virtual reality glasses to the phone, they are usually mentioned in the instructions that come with the glasses.

How to connect VR glasses to the game console?
Learn how to connect VR glassed to a gaming console.

How to connect VR glasses to the game console?

Peculiarities of such connection depend on several factors at once, including the models of the glasses to be connected and the type of console used. That is why it is important to be guided not by the general instructions published on the Internet, but by the user’s manual which is attached to the VR glasses. Below, as an example, we will provide brief instructions on how to connect VR glasses to PS4:

  1. Turn off the console and clear the space around it (to use the VR glasses comfortably, you need to clear a space of at least 1×2 meters in size);
  2. Connect all used elements according to the instructions supplied with the device (below we will attach a picture with an example of such connection);
  3. Turn on the console, update the software and make the necessary settings;
  4. Start the game and enjoy your time in VR mode.

Once again, note that the connection of VR-glasses can be carried out on a different principle. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the official instruction. In this case, the connection will be made in the most correct way.

How to connect standalone VR glasses?

Despite the complexity of the design of such devices, the process of their connection and configuration is very simple. To achieve the desired result at the first connection you should perform the following actions:

  • Turn on the device and configure it according to the system’s prompts;
  • Adjust the picture quality manually or automatically (if available);
  • Test the VR-headset capabilities (this point is often part of the basic setup procedure for glasses);
  • download the necessary applications and enjoy the functionality of the device.

When using standalone VR glasses for the first time, it is recommended to study all available settings and set their optimal values. It may take a lot of time to solve this issue, but in the future, such an approach is sure to pay off.

At the end of the article, as we said before, we attach a video instruction on how to connect virtual reality glasses for smartphones to a personal computer.

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