How to connect a mouse to Samsung Smart TV?

How to set up a wireless or wired mouse connection on a Samsung Smart TV? We have this detailed tutorial to connect your mouse to your Samsung TV and mouse requirements, features, possible problems.

Modern Smart TVs allow you to connect a wired and wireless mouse. They have a special mode with a cursor, similar to a computer. It can also be used with the arrows on the remote control, but it is very inconvenient. It is only suitable for a single-use. Also, when we find that the remote isn’t working, that’s very annoying too, for that we have many online stores, where we can buy a replacement remote. Having tried this mode once, you are likely to want to connect the mouse to your Samsung Smart TV.

Moreover, there is no shortage of such accessories nowadays; you are likely to find a mouse at home that you don’t need right now. Why not use it?

How to connect a mouse to Samsung Smart TV?

Why connect a mouse to a Samsung TV?

Any type of mouse connection is useful for 2 main reasons:

  • It allows you to use your browser comfortably. With it, you can use your TV as a PC: you can watch the news, search for music, and explore useful and entertaining content. In the absence of a PC, this mode of operation will prove to be extremely convenient.
  • Navigate your television menus and apps. A mouse helps you access menus, find the features you want, use the keyboard, and select relevant content more quickly.

Of course, ideally, a keyboard is also required, so the TV is almost as good as a computer. On the other hand, the keyboard is quite bulky, so it is not advisable to use it everywhere. And the need arises only for frequent typing. If you simply want to watch TV, it is not necessary. A mouse is always handy.

How do I make the mouse connection?

You’ll need to connect and synchronise your mouse with your television in order for it to work. Yes, there aren’t many options to set it up, but you can change its sensitivity, pointer size, main button (useful for left-handed people). But the first step is to set up the connection.


It’s a good idea to connect a wired mouse if you use the TV instead of a monoblock or a computer monitor. There should be no problems, you usually just plug the USB cable into the appropriate slot on the case, and it will work. This process does not require a more detailed description.


There are 2 basic varieties of wireless mice: With or without a Bluetooth adapter. The specifics of the connection depend on this.

If there is no Bluetooth adapter:

  1. Switch on Bluetooth via the TV menu.
  2. Start searching for new devices.
  3. Set the mouse in pairing mode.
  4. Once the device is detected, the connection should be established.

This option may not work on a number of Samsung TVs, it all depends on the version. Things are much easier if the mouse has a Bluetooth adapter, it is present in most devices. In this case, you only need to connect it to the USB connector on the TV, enable synchronization of the mouse with the adapter (if required) and everything will work. Depending on the mouse model, there may be a button on the mouse to enable and disable communication.

How to connect a mouse to Samsung Smart TV?

Useful! To change the basic settings of your mouse, go to the System menu, then Device Manager, and select the best settings. These are mainly speed, pointer size and whether it is the left or right mouse button.

Why won’t the mouse connect to the TV?

There are times when a wireless mouse won’t work once it’s connected to the TV. There could be several reasons:

The TV does not support the input device. TVs without Smart TV do not support mouse control at all. Today, only Samsung (and many other) TVs from 2014 onwards are stable enough to work with it. The H and J series only from 2015 onwards. For older devices it is most likely not possible to properly connect the mouse, its functionality will be very limited.

Incompatible devices. Outdated TV firmware compared to mouse software can be a problem. If the mouse doesn’t work after several attempts to connect, you’ll have to try updating or re-flashing the TV. Assuming, of course, that it works on other devices. You can also try connecting a different mouse.

Temporary problems with Bluetooth. It’s worth trying resetting the TV by leaving it switched off for a few minutes.

Technical problems. The mouse does not work, the mouse transmitter has failed, or there is a problem with the Bluetooth module on the TV.

As we can see, it is possible to connect a mouse to the Samsung Smart TV on your own, and without much difficulty (in most cases). If anything does go wrong, you can try the tips from the last point.

We hope everything went smoothly. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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