The Most Common TV Issues And How To Fix Them

Almost every household in the world has a television. As this technology becomes more advanced, the issues that can arise with televisions also become more complex and difficult to fix. From pixelated images to a lack of sound, many TV problems can be solved with little knowledge of the television system. Therefore it is important to know how to address these most common issues and what to do. This article will cover some of the most common problems people have with their television and how to fix them.

Remote Cursor Not Working

This feature in your remote control allows you to move the cursor on the screen to select different options, similar to a mouse on a computer. Since this is an essential function, it can be very frustrating when a LG magic remote cursor is not working or the pointer is not moving. This could be due to various reasons. The first thing you should check is the batteries in your remote control and make sure they are all functional and safe. Also, there could be dirt or excess oil on the sensor of your LG smart TV. You can clean it with a piece of cloth to fix this problem. Another reason your magic remote cursor is not working could be that you have selected the wrong mode on your control. You can fix this by pressing home and then recently used apps, and selecting the correct model, or resetting the remote. If none of these methods work then the cursor IC on the motherboard might have gone bad. It needs to be replaced with a new one, which can be ordered from spare parts suppliers.

Missing Or Pixelated Picture

This is one of the most common problems people experience. The problem can come from incorrect aspect ratio, bad cable connection, or it could just be how the station is broadcasting its signal. First, try to adjust the image settings on your TV.  Ensure that the correct aspect ratio is selected, as well as any other settings you deem necessary to have pixel-perfect clarity. If this does not fix the issue, try changing to a different cable input by selecting your cable input through your television’s menu options. If you are still not getting a clear picture, try resetting your TV to its original factory settings. Ensure that all cables are plugged in properly and that you have selected the correct input for each device by pressing the “source” button on your remote. If the image is still pixelated or missing, the issue is likely with the broadcast itself and there is nothing you can do to fix it.

There Is No Sound

There could be many potential reasons why there is no sound coming from your TV. The most common ones are that the volume is turned off or muted, the incorrect input is selected, or a problem with the audio cable. Make sure that the volume is turned up and not muted by pressing the “volume up” or “mute” button on your remote. If it is not muted, try changing the input by pressing the “source” button on your remote. This will allow you to select which device you are using, such as HDMI1 or AV. If it is still not working, ensure that all cables are plugged in properly and not damaged. If there is still no sound, it could be the speakers or the audio system of your TV that needs to be replaced. In this case, make sure you contact your TV manufacturer or an electronic store to inquire about purchasing a new speaker system.

Image Is Out Of Focus

This is a common issue with older analog televisions. To fix it, make sure that the proper aerial setup is selected and the broadcast isn’t from further away than 50km from your location. If this doesn’t fix the problem it could be due to an incorrect reception or a problem with the TV’s focus. If it is an incorrect signal, you may have to rescan or retune your television. If it is a problem with the focus, you will need to adjust the focus on your TV by following the instructions in your TV’s manual. There’s also a possibility of an issue with the lens and it will need to be cleaned or replaced.

TV Isn’t Turning On

There could be many reasons why your TV isn’t turning on. The most common of these is that the power is not connected properly, the power outlet is broken, or there’s a problem with your remote control. To get to the heart of this issue, try plugging another product into the same power outlet to see if it works. If it doesn’t work either, you may have to replace or repair your TV’s power cord. If this doesn’t fix the situation, try changing channels by selecting them on your TV using your remote control. If none of these options work then it could be an internal problem with your TVs like a blown fuse or a problem with the power supply. In this case, you will have to take your TV to an electronic store or Television manufacturer to get it fixed.

There Is A Red Or Blue Streak In The Picture

This issue can occur when a cable becomes loose, frayed, or broken inside the television set. It is also common in plasma TVs because dust can accumulate around the screen. The best way to fix this problem is by unplugging your TV set and removing the back cover of your TV to check for any loose or frayed cables. Ensure that they are properly attached to the appropriate devices inside the TV. If there is visible damage, you will need to contact a service technician and most likely need to replace it. If there is no visible damage, attach the cables securely and reattach your back cover. If this does not fix the issue, dust can accumulate around the screen of your TV over time so unplug your TV set again and use a vacuum cleaner or handheld brush to remove any accumulated dust around the screen.

The Most Common TV Issues And How To Fix Them

Problems with a TV can vary from model to model but most of the issues will have a solution if you use the troubleshooting steps listed above. If your problems cannot be fixed, call an electrician or visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about your specific model of TV. Just make sure to have your TV’s serial number handy when you call and let the servicemen do the rest.

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