How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy A8s

While putting an official stock firmware on Samsung devices through firmware flashing tools like Odin or Samsung Smart Switch, it becomes mandatory to enable the USB Debugging on the phone. Otherwise, the flashing tool won’t be able to flash firmware properly. In this tutorial, we’ll help you enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy A8s smartphones. Thereafter, you would be able to connect it with Odin or similar tools to perform update/upgrade actions.

The Galaxy A8s is the latest smartphone from this Korean smartphone company, Samsung. This smartphone brings a completely new look to Galaxy A series smartphones with cutting-edge hardware. Over the top, this smartphone is loaded with latest Android 9 Pie operating system. That ensures that you’ve everything latest and new in your hand. This Android build brings many improvements, including better battery management and visuals. There are many facilities have been introduced in this build.

There’s one thing that we liked most about the Android operating system i.e. maintenance. We can easily maintain our phone. Android phones come with many useful utilities inbuilt. Through one easily repair our phone by actions like clearing cache files, performing a factory reset or re-install the whole Android firmware. For Samsung smartphones, it is quite easier to flash official stock firmware and updates manually. If you’re interested in that, you would first need to enable the USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy A8s mobile phone.

If you’re anything familiar with Android development things, then you must have heard about the Google Android Debugging tool. This tool is mostly used by the developers. For users like us, we can use this tool to access different modes on our Android phone like recovery mode, download mode, fastboot mode, and bootloader mode. To be able to use this mode, you gotta enable USB Debugging on your phone as well. For that purpose, we have created this guide. The USB Debugging option is available within the Developer Options.

So, first, we have to enable the Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy A8s. After that, we would be able to access the USB Debugging option and enable it. By default, the Developer Options come hidden on our phone. This menu intended to be accessed and used by the developers. This menu offers a bunch of useful settings that we can use to improve the experience. There’s a lot we can do with this menu and we highly recommend readers to read our tutorial: Best Developer Options tips and tricks. This will help users to get more friendly this menu.

Now, here are the steps that you need follow to enable the Developer Options on your phone. After that, we’ll enable the USB Debugging on this phone.

How to enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy A8s

The steps are very easy and remain the same for most of Samsung’s smartphones. You just need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap on ‘About Phone’ entity and tap on it.
  3. Tap on ‘Software Information’.
  4. Then, locate ‘Build Number’ and tap 7 times on it.
  5. That will activate the Developer Options on your phone and you can access it through Settings->Developer Options.

Now, you can access this menu anytime you want through Settings. This menu offers a multi-folds of customization options. If you’re wanting to make your phone snappier, then you can tweak animations and other aspects using this menu.

That’s how one can easily enable the Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy A8s and other Samsung smartphones. You must know that accessing this menu won’t void the warranty on your phone. This menu comes on most of the Android smartphones. So, accessing or using won’t hurt your phone. We recommend you to thoroughly visit this menu. This menu has lots of useful features.

Now, we should proceed further and enable the USB Debugging this smartphone.

How to enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy A8s

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Now, tap on the Developer Options.
  3. Under this menu, locate ‘USB Debugging’ and tap on it.
  4. This will enable the USB Debugging on this phone.
  5. Now, you can exit the menu.

That’s it you’ve successfully enabled the USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy A8s phone. Now, you can connect this phone to Odin, Smart Switch or ADB tool for upgrade or development purpose. If you’re looking to speed up your phone, then must check our this guide.

Apart from these flashing tools, there are many utilities that require this option to enabled like PC suits, file transfer tools, and more.

That ends our tutorial here on how to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy A8s. When it comes to flash stock firmware and OTAs manually, you need to enable this option. After that, you would be able to proceed further and carry out the task. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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