Goodies for Instagram: Download Tools, Telegram Bots, and Content Making Services

“Instagram is about visual components and design.” It seems that you also thought so. But in fact, Instagram is about advertising and who will be faster and more interesting. This social network is at the peak of popularity; even the recently hyped TikTok has not overtaken Instagram in popularity yet.

All the business and money is now running on Instagram. And if you have not yet managed to start a business page for your brand or a personal blog, then it’s high time to do it. After all, there, you can promote any goods and services in the shortest possible time and become a popular blogger.

Goodies for Instagram: Download Tools, Telegram Bots, and Content Making Services

How should that be done? Well, first, you need to create an Instagram account, make high-quality content, keep up with other bloggers and competitors, and always stay in touch with the audience.

Not so much, is it?

This article will reveal the secrets of Instagram promotion and cool IG lifehacks, for example, how to download Instagram videos or photos and much more.

Why is Instagram so popular?

In the conditions of global chaos and uncertainty, Instagram offers people a comfortable “vanilla house” with filters. Such a structured and highly stylized modern world. For many young people, the app provides communication through a visual image.

In addition, Instagram is home to “influencers” — users with a popular, promoted profile who are considered leaders in the field of style and opinions. They can influence the products that users buy or the places that people travel to. They can also control the information that people consume.

How to simplify working with Instagram?

We’ve already realized that Instagram is a powerful social network, in which you need to have an account for both business and personal purposes. But if you, like most Insta users, are looking for tools that can make it easier to maintain your profile, then here is the most necessary thing you need.

Download tools

You’ve read everything correctly. First, you should have some tools for Instagram content downloading, both your own and someone else’s.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have built-in tools for downloading your favorite publications. All you can do is just add your favorite post or video to your saved ones. But what if you were at a fun party and your friends published a bunch of cool stories? How can you download Instagram stories to the phone or PC?

Everything is very simple — you can download them using Instagram download services. These special free online platforms don’t need to download or enter personal data to save IG content.

The whole principle of operation looks like a “Copy&Paste” function. That is, you copy the profile of the person whose stories, posts, photos, videos, or IGTVs you want to download and paste it into the search bar on the service selected in advance. Next, click “Download” and the service will download all the content to a specific folder on the device.

This way, you can download your content in case of unexpected circumstances; the content of your business competitors to prepare for their promotion campaigns; the content of a famous person who inspires you.

There can be many reasons for downloading content. But the most working way to do this is through Instagram download tools: Toolzu, Bigbangram, Inflact, InstaSaved, etc.

Goodies for Instagram: Download Tools, Telegram Bots, and Content Making Services

Note: Some services include scheduled posting, hashtag and fonts generators, Instagram bots, convenient direct messengers. So get to know the services better.

Telegram Bots

A Telegram bot is a program that automates routine actions. There are numerous bots in Telegram, and they all work quickly.

You can communicate with bots using special commands in chat. You don’t need any special knowledge to do this; just carefully read the messages and choose what you need.

On Instagram, Telegram bots will help you prepare high-quality posts faster, download content from the social network, and parse the audience, attract followers, and prepare UTM links. All this in a couple of clicks and without installing additional programs.

  1. @voicybot — converts voice to text. It is helpful if you want to write a post while doing other things in parallel.
  2. Start a dialogue with the bot by clicking on the “Start” button. Then following the instruction, record a voice message, trying to speak loudly and clearly — the bot will send a transcript published on Instagram.
  3. @fixmebot — corrects grammatical errors in texts. You should send the bot an IG post and click the “Correct mistakes” button. In response, you will receive a corrected version — the bot will highlight the words you have made edits to.
  4. @getlikersbot — determines the winners of the likes contests. You send the bot a link to an Instagram post; after five to ten minutes, it sends likes from the post. You can choose the winner yourself or use a random number generator.
  5. @HashtagsGeneratorBot — generates hashtags. It sends no more than ten words at a time. According to the developers, the bot selects the most popular thematic hashtags. To get a selection, send the “/gen” command and the desired word — in response, you will receive a list of hashtags.

Content making services

Well, now it’s time to prepare your visual content. To do this, you will need the following services and apps.

Goodies for Instagram: Download Tools, Telegram Bots, and Content Making Services

Canva is one of the most popular and well-known services. You can use it from your computer for free. Here you will find beautiful frames for photo processing, interesting blanks for text design. In addition, you can make your logo, create posts in the same style and choose exciting fonts.

You can also create animated images and videos, apply music and various effects in Canva. Thus, the service is perfect for those who seriously intend to maintain their account following a single design.

Pixaloop is suitable for creating dynamic photos and adding special effects. This is a free service for owners of phones on iOS or Android platforms. Using it, you can make a picture with a moving background: waving clouds of steam, a flowing waterfall or lake, as well as soaring clouds that look very beautiful. Try to experiment with the effects of the service and surprise your followers with something unusual.

Plotaverse is an application for creating live images. It is very similar to Pixaloop; it creates moving images. It is worth noting right away that the use of the service is paid. However, you can try all the features for free for three days.

The created photos are very atmospheric. Also, you should be inspired by other works and get ideas from the official Plotaverse account on Instagram.

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