Business Benefits of Using React For Frontend Development

According to annual surveys of programmers worldwide, React has long and confidently held first place in the list of popular frameworks (40.14%). Only jQuery is more or less close to this software solution – 34.43%. All the rest lagged behind almost twice and even more.

Such high popularity of React among professional developers gives reason to think about the practical reasons for such universal love and try to analyze them.

To begin with, the React open-source JavaScript library is at the heart of web applications of such mega-companies as Facebook (1.9 billion daily active users), Instagram (2 billion per month), Walmart (about 25 million), Airbnb (2.9 million). Indeed, leaders of this level are well aware of which of the many proposals on the market is optimal for implementing tasks as diverse as the business of these companies.

However, companies using React (among them, in addition to those listed, are Netflix, Dropbox, Tesla, and Discord) have a mighty factor that unites them. This is a guaranteed return on investment in software solutions based on this framework.

Business Benefits of Using React For Frontend Development

React: make your business great right now.

Probably, you want to delve into the intricacies of the architecture and the nuances of implementing React in web applications? In that case, you can easily find detailed explanations on any item that interests you on the World Wide Web. The community of developers is huge, so by typing in the search box: React Knowledge Base, you can get the answer to this or that question and even start exploring this framework on your own.

As for this article, we will focus on the advantages and distinctive features of React that make it so attractive for the business of successful IT companies.

Here is a list of the main features that make React so special:

  • The React architecture allows you to use reusable components when creating various web application elements. This reduces the overall cost of development by order of magnitude, as it eliminates the need for developers to write new code each time.
  • The overwhelming popularity of React naturally determines the colossal size of the professional community. The likelihood that someone has already encountered a problem that caused you difficulty or found a successful implementation of a particular function is extremely high. You are guaranteed to find numerous answers to your questions in text form and on YouTube.
  • Since React is a front-end framework, it is literally made for a high quality UX design approach. The choice of this particular library by companies whose web applications and sites set new standards for user interfaces speaks for itself.
  • Using a virtual DOM for HTML rendering in front-end solutions significantly reduces response time and dramatically improves the performance of the entire web application based on React.
  • Since React has a relatively low entry threshold and a programmer familiar with the Java language can learn the framework reasonably quickly, the number of developers coding with it is pretty extensive. This, in turn, means that finding a specialist who can implement any of your ideas regarding a web application will not be a problem for you. Moreover, such an order will be much more acceptable from an economic point of view than a solution using some exotic language. You should definitely give React development with QArea a try to find out what excellent value for reasonable money means in practice.
  • Let’s look at the Top 10 list of companies using React for their interaction with customers and users:
  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Instagram
  • Artsy
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Airbnb
  • Tesla
  • Discord
  • Uber Eats
  • Shopify.

There is no need to explain how vital top-notch Search Engine Optimization is to their successful 365x24x7 operation. That is why they opted to React. After all, this framework is the absolute champion in the nomination “SEO friendly.”

Business Benefits of Using React For Frontend Development

Let’s sum it up

The number of companies actively using React has far exceeded 200,000. This means that the undoubted advantages of this library and the frameworks based on it give a tangible economic effect and provide high conversion.

The React library is constantly supplemented and improved following the comments and wishes of the developers. Today it is one of the most trendy solutions for creating fast, smooth-working, and beautifully looking high-tech products.

React’s focus on front-end development opens up almost limitless possibilities for creators of highly functional interfaces. The scope of solutions based on this framework can only be limited by your imagination: from streaming services to e-commerce, social networks, and data visualization panels.

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