Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

In most cases when you are starting an online business, the first step is to obtain a name, then the second step is where you purchase a hosting service provider. If this hosting provider is not decided correctly then you might end up with paying through your ears for a service you don’t use to its full potential or you will be paying too little for a website that can not handle your services offered. 

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting, as the word describes, is when the hosting company dedicates a server specifically for your needs. This of course means higher pricing per month or year, but the advantages make up for it if your website requires many resources to run and if you may expect a multitude of visitors. 

  • In dedicated hosting scenarios the service provider keeps the responsibility of maintaining the server and to make sure it runs accordingly.
  • A few service providers may offer you an option to install any software you would like to manage your site. 
  • The risk of server failure because of many shared sites on one server and the amount of different sites could also bring a higher risk of infection onto the server. 
  • Excellent load time as speed is improved via the one dedicated server

Not every company that does hosting can provide affordable dedicated servers, so make sure to do some research before you decide on one.

What are the Benefits of Shared Hosting?

With shared hosting, starting at a lower cost that you would find a dedicated server host at is typically the most visual difference. A shared hosting service provider carries hundreds and sometimes even thousands of smaller websites. The benefits are.

  • Lower cost packages available. Compare it to 16 people using a bus or each their own vehicle to get to work, overall the fuel cost for the latter would be much higher than that of the single bus. The bus is the shared hosting service provider. 
  • Easily self manageable. Normally already setup websites with buttons and options are used as a standard. That means it’s made as user-friendly as possible for self setup. 
  • Professionally managed. The server provider ultimately looks after his equipment and that means you are covered in that extent, running a server can be quite costly. 

You might not need a high costing dedicated server and if your need is not as demanding, then a shared hosting service provider could be excellent. Server security, maintenance and user support are typically included as a standard.

Should I Choose Shared or Dedicated?

For small businesses that are getting started or settling in, a shared host would be perfect for you, it offers almost all the advantages of a dedicated server at much less of a price. 

Large corporations would be better off with a dedicated server because the worries you do have time for should be your own and not the problems of others. Security and stability is what you are after. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s as simple as to what your needs are. If your website is for a small startup business, then be smart and start with the small packages for comfort. As you grow you can re-evaluate.

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