SAP Concur competitors

Travel and expense (T&E) management software is widely used all around the world for managing business travel and other expenses efficiently. Many businesses are looking easy to use, quality, and efficient T&E management software with an automated system. SAP Concur is popular T&E management software that is used by many organizations for T&E management. Some organizations are looking for SAP Concur competitors because SAP Concur can be hard to use for them. Another reason that is why they want to use other software is the advanced features. 

Major SAP Concur competitors

If you are looking for SAP Concur competitors then read below. You can select one of the software mentioned below if you do not want to use SAP Concur. 

1. Happay 

Happay is one of the known names in the T&E management software market. It gives a combined solution for travel and expense management and it integrated the payment system into its software. 

Happay can be your choice if you want to get end-to-end automated Travel and Expense management software. It integrates numerous accounts and ERP systems. It is one of the most known platforms in the T&E management solution industry. 

Using this software, business owners, and managers can efficiently control travel and expense costs, automate compliance checks, enforce T&E policy, efficient expense tracking, easy expense report submission, get real-time insights, process reimbursement quickly and accurately, and can do much more. 


Happay T&E gives the following features: 

  • It offers an end-to-end automated T&E management system 
  • It integrates all the platform’s travel, expense, and payment in a single place 
  • It offers an automated self-booking system, which helps users to reserve their flights, hotels, taxi, visa, and travel request 
  • It offers AI-based expense reports and tracking system 
  • It has great customizability and can change within the change in T&E policy of the company 
  • It provides 24/7 customer support 

2. Zoho

Zoho is another best Travel and Expense management software. It helps businesses to efficiently manage all the aspects of expenses and business travel. It enables users to set control over their expenses and helps them to avoid overspending. It ensures the implementation of T&E policies for an efficiently managed business expense. It also has an AI-based system for fraud detection and shortening audit trails. 

It is easy to use and integrated travel, accounting, ERP, and HRMS with your current third-party software. It is also available in a mobile app version, which gives the best experience to people. 

The best thing is that you do not need to use Zoho banks for using Zoho Expense. 


  • It provides easy compliance with local tax laws 
  • It automated employee’s business expense 
  • It enables syncing credit card using the expense software 
  • It integrated well with Zoho CRM 
  • It simplifies transaction approval 
  • It has AI-based fraud detection 
  • It has a friendly expense and travel management system 

3. Expensify

If you are looking for SAP Concur competitors then Expensify can be your choice. It is also one of the best expense management tools in the market, which has integrated the receipt tracking system. It integrates with Xero and Quickbooks and can save much of your business hours by eliminating the need for manual data entry. It makes big-ticket approval easy for employees by providing a multi-level approval workflow. 

It is available in mobile apps that employees can use to take snaps of receipts and handwritten bills for expense reporting instead of collecting and attaching hard copies of receipts in reports. Using this software, employees can make and submit their expense reports with just a single click. 


  • Using this T&E management software, you can scan receipts with a single click 
  • You can import credit card statements for tracking expense  
  • It offers a multi-level approval workflow 
  • It gives access 
  • It integrates accounting, travel, and HR in a single system 


ITILITE can also be your choice if you are looking for the best T&E management software. It reduces the need for manual processes and accounting for expense management. It enhances analytical abilities by enabling automatic audits and receipt compliance. It claims to help you in managing everything related to your T&E management. 


  • It offers trip approval; by providing integrated dynamic policies 
  • The mobile app of this software claims to manage everything related to your travel and expense management 
  • Mobile apps enable users to book upgrades

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