Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Overheating Issues

Possibly, overheating issues could easily happen to flagship smartphones belong to any brand. Regardless of the hardware and software configuration, somehow these problems occur and they badly annoy mobile users. In this guide, we’ll cover some useful/working troubleshooting solutions to fix overheating issues on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (and Note 10+) smartphone and overcome related problems.

Although, Galaxy Note 10 packs incredibly good hardware and software arrangements, still it has been noted that some users face overheating, freezing and app-crashing problems randomly. The most common reason that people tend to face these issues is the intensive usage of third-party apps like Facebook, high-graphic games, etc. So, if you observe overheating on your Galaxy Note 10 while playing games or using social apps for long hours, then you shouldn’t worry.

Further, there can be one or more applications that run in the background, and consume both; Internet and battery life. Such apps are more inclined towards making mobile phone overheated. In that case, you would need to find those culprit applications and get rid of them permanently out of your phone. And if you can’t uninstall them, probably, you would be able to disable them, at least.

Throughout this troubleshooting guide, we’ll explain different methods to fix overheating issues/problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. While we perform such actions, there are chances of losing storage data and information. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you backup your phone before proceeding to any harsh solution. For that purpose, we have this detailed guide that helps to backup Samsung smartphones

We mention different methods to solve heating problems. And in all likelihood one of these should help you out. However, as this smartphone is relatively new, you might not find these solutions helpful in certain problems, that are not mentioned here. For any query, you can reach us at any time using the comment section available at the bottom of this tutorial. Now, we should move further and troubleshoot heating problems on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone.

1. Fix overheating on Samsung Galaxy Note 10: close running application

If you find that your phone became heated for the first time or happens less frequently, you should try out this fix first. There can be running applications causing your phone to heat up abnormally. While there’s no doubt that Android OS has been built well to manage the processing resources seamlessly good, however, due to run time problems, originated by running applications, may let it down and cause random issues.

On your Galaxy Note 10, you can easily close the running applications. Since this smartphone runs on the Android 9 firmware, this can be done using the Recent Apps (soft key) button, i.e one of the three buttons available at the bottom of the display screen.

Here’s how you can close running apps on your Note 10:

  1. Open your phone or any screen.
  2. Now, press the Recent Apps soft key to see running applications.
  3. Now, see thoroughly close each application by swiping that in the UP direction.
  4. Or else, just use Close all or similar option to close all running applications.

After that, left your phone unused for a few minutes to see if that cools down. For minor run time bugs/issues, this must-have fixed heating issue on your phone.

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2. Reboot your Galaxy Note 10 to fix heating and freezing

Overheating causes problems like freezing and app crashing. These issues are interconnected and they born each other. You might find your phone become heated abnormally without any reason, excessive usage of an application or anything like that. That can happen due to multiple reasons. There might be certain problems liked to the operating systems or hardware itself.

So, before we perform any troubleshooting, performing a restart is the most suggestable option. Reboot an Android phone gives a fresh start to hardware, different boot/run-time modules and operating system. This helps to fix common problems like app freezing, crashing and abnormal heating. Just follow the below steps to reboot your phone:

  1. When you’re ready, press and hold the Power key for a few seconds.
  2. Once the boot options window appears, release the power key.
  3. Now, select Reboot and confirm your action.

This should help to remove most of the bugs and random heating issues that you’re facing. If you still find that problems exist, just follow the next tip that we have in our bucket.

3. Remove third-party apps for faster performance and cure heating issues on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

While using Note 9 earlier, we find that there were about 100+ bloatware apps that come pre-installed. The most annoying fact was that plenty of them were running the background out of our knowledge and usage. After we disabled them, that improved overall performance and battery life.

In this regard, you must disable or remove those applications that you don’t use. Or, there might be a third-party app that overwhelming your phone with the heat. So, figure out that odd application and disable/remove it from your phone.

If you choose to remove bloatware apps (if there’s nothing like third-party app), you could easily achieve better performance, stability and most probably, it should get rid of the heating problems on your Galaxy Note 10.

Follow the below instructions to uninstall/disable apps on Note 10:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps.
  • From the list, tap on the App that you want to disable or uninstall.
  • Tap on Uninstall or Disable
  • Give your confirmation.

In that way, you can manually remove/disable each application. For advanced users, there’s an application called Package Disabler, that helps to remove unnecessary apps in bulk.

This should boost the overall performance on your phone and fix the overheating problem too.

4. Wipe system’s cache to overcome heating issues

Among those who’ve been using this smartphone for a long duration, such problems are quite common. While we use our phone, it keeps on generating cache files relevant to apps, games and system programs. Sometimes, this cache may interrupt the usual working and cause instability issues.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to clear cache over a certain time. That will keep our phone running smoothly all the time and that avoids problems that usually happen on Android phones. Clearing cache would remove temporary stuff stored by applications and games. So, you’re likely to lose game progresses, apps login details and similar data. You must save all of your important stuff before proceeding ahead.

The below instructions should help you clear cache on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and fix overheating issues on it:

  1. Power Off your phone.
  2. Enter the recovery mode using these instructions:
    1. Press and hold Volume Up and Bixby Keys together.
    2. Once the Samsung Logo appears, release all the buttons.
    3. Wait 30-60 seconds, the phone should enter into the recovery mode.
  3. Use volume keys to navigate to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and use the Power key to select.
  4. Provide your confirmation and proceed with this action.
  5. After that, select ‘Reboot system now’ to exit this mode.

Your phone will boot up normally. Now, observe your phone thoroughly. You may observe better performance and stability. Clearing cache helps to fix most of the Android bugs and issues. Whether you’re facing low performance or bitter working, this action should help in getting things corrected.

Next, we’ll proceed towards performing a hard reset. If you find nothing helpful above, this reset must do the magic.

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5. Perform a factory reset on Galaxy Note 10 to fix low performance, stability and overheating issues

Factory reset removes all third-party apps, settings, and files. Thus, it leaves no space for bugs and issues to any further. In simple words, you’re going to format your phone. This helps to restore original performance, and stability. That resolves all problems and bugs related to the operating systems and applications.

Thus, you can perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that is overheating, freezing or facing even more problems. Before you proceed, it is advisable that you back up all the important stuff. This action is irreversible, once performed, we cannot go undo it. Once you’re ready, use the below instructions to factory reset your phone:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Now, press and hold Volume Up and Bixby keys together.
  3. Release these buttons once the Samsung logo appears. It should get into the recovery mode soon.
  4. Now select ‘wipe data/factory reset’.
  5. Perform this action.
  6. Exit the recovery mode.

Thereafter, the phone will boot up normally. For the first time, it may take some time to boot up to the home screen. There, enter your Google account details to get started using your phone.

This must’ve restored original performance and stability on your phone. There shouldn’t be any bug related to heating, and usually working.

In case, you still observe heating issues, we would recommend you to contact the Samsung customer service. There can be problems with the hardware part as well. They should be able to assist you further.

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These the available troubleshooting options to fix annoying problems like heating, app crashes and freezing on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If you’re unable to troubleshoot your phone, you can reach us easily. Use the below comment section to drop your questions and problems. We would be happy help you further.

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