9 Best DonTorrent Alternatives To Download Torrent In 2021

Although platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ have had a lot of growth in recent months, many users still rely on torrent search and download to consume Internet content. Not only torrent movies and series, but also other types of content such as music, software, games, and many more.  One of the most popular pages of recent times is DonTorrent, also known as Don Torrent in certain Telegram channels. In this list, we gather some of the best DonTorrent alternatives that are working in 2021, and you can download torrents for free.

But, as it has a lot of copyrighted content, the problems with justice are constant and it is common that it has to constantly change domains and there may come a day when it is completely taken down. If DonTorrent does not work or you want to look for other alternative sites to DonTorrent to find torrents, here we bring you nine sites similar to DonTorrent that work in 2021.

By the way, be careful if you are looking for torrents that are copyrighted. From we do not recommend downloading torrents that violate these rights and use other legal alternatives. In the case of DonTorrent, it has all kinds of content, both movies, and series as well as documentaries, music, PC programs…

Best Alternatives to Dontorrent When It Doesn’t Work to Download Movies, Series, and Music in 2021

Note: Torrent download sites are very volatile and what works today may not work tomorrow. At the date of publication of this article from we have tested the operation of the pages, not only check that the domain works but make all the way to the download link. We will try to keep this article updated periodically but we welcome any comments to warn that any of the portals has stopped working. 


It is inevitable, in any article of this style, to allude to the torrent download site par excellence that was a real hit and that still endures today despite the problems with justice and the constant changes of the domain that it has had to face.

Pirate Bay’s interface is very simple and you should keep in mind that a large part of its content is in English, but it is easy to find torrents of all kinds and without many advertising problems. A good alternative to DonTorrent that works today.

Visit this website here.


Another of those torrent search sites that (almost) everyone has used at some point. After the fall of The Pirate Bay when it was closed by the FBI, it was one of those that took over as the main torrent download portal.

In this case, we are going to have to deal with a considerable amount of advertising in the form of pages that open when we click on the links, so be prepared and be patient to get to the link in question. On the other hand, it has a huge amount of torrent links to download.

Visit this website here.


SubTorrents is one of those gems that you can enjoy a lot if you like alternative and lesser-known movies in general. This is a page focused on movies but escaping the most popular titles and offering you links to the titles in the original version with subtitles.

That is to say, do not look for torrents of new releases on this site. On the positive side, this is a site that has little invasive advertising, so you can download torrents without much trouble.

Visit this website here.


Going back to the torrent sites that offer Spanish content, DivXTotal has a good collection of torrent movies and series in Spanish. The interface is quite attractive but you are going to have to fight with quite a few advertising pages that pop up when you try to reach the links.

Also, keep in mind that most of the content on this portal is copyrighted, so be careful.

Visit this website here.


This site is designed differently, especially if you are having difficulty finding a particular torrent file. In this case, it is a search engine that collects results from different torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay itself.

The good thing is that you don’t have advertising that is bothering you at every instant, proclaiming itself as an excellent alternative when DonTorrent is blocked or has changed domains.

Visit this website here.


A torrent site with several pros and cons. What I like most is undoubtedly a cloud of hashtags at the top where you can check which torrents are attracting the most interest.

This torrent download website has an interface with a good amount of advertising but what I really liked is that you have a series of keywords in different sizes that indicate the most downloaded torrents. You should keep in mind that this website lives off the links hosted on other platforms that we talked about earlier in the article, but the truth is that it works quite well. The button you have to press to access the torrent file to download is the one at the top and centered.

Visit this website here.


Vivatorrents is a page to search for torrent movies and series in Spanish, or at least with Spanish subtitles. It has a fairly visual interface with thumbnails of the most relevant movie posters or series (in addition to the typical top bar to search for torrents).

It does not have a lot of advertising, which is also appreciated, but be careful because the vast majority of the content you will find here will be copyrighted.

Visit this website here.


A page very similar to the previous one, but with some differences. On the positive side, PCT Fenix offers you both the quality at which you can download a torrent and its rating on IMDB, so you can get an idea of whether it is worth discovering a certain title before checking the trailer or the reviews you find on the Internet. On the downside, it has quite a lot of invasive advertising and you run the risk that some of those pages that pop up have malicious software.

Visit this website here.


And we finish the review with this website focused on movie torrents. MoviesDVDR has one of the poorest interfaces of the list we have prepared but on the other hand, it does not fill you with advertising, so if it is an obstacle that does not bother you much the truth is that it gives a pretty decent result as an alternative to DonTorrent for movie downloads.

Visit this website here.

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