Use the Full Potential of the Video Streaming Solution

There are multiple OTT solutions for video streaming available in the market. They have different features and functions. So, you need to clearly understand what you need before purchasing the software you find first.

We recommend you do research to clarify what the market offers and choose what can help you meet your business needs.

Let’s observe what features can help you use the full potential of the video streaming solution.

4 Features of the OTT Solution for Video Streaming that a Business can Benefit From

#1 OTT apps

OTT application development is one of the most promising things that can help you benefit from video streaming. You are limited to the number of devices you can reach. People accessing your service from any device ensures a higher retention rate.

If the video streaming service is available on any device, viewers can access content whenever and wherever they are in the mood for it.

Moreover, a content provider simplifies viewers’ lives by allowing them to use any gadget: from smartphones to Smart TVs. They don’t need to buy new devices as they can utilize the ones they already have.

When offering multi-platform opportunities, you provide customers with the ability to choose what device to use. People prefer different gadgets. Someone likes a high-quality video on a Smart TV, and someone thinks that a smartphone is enough for streaming content.

#2 CRM

A huge part of running an OTT platform is working with subscribers. As a provider of a video streaming service, you need to attract customers, process payments, reduce churn, and track the performance of the platform. It is hard to do everything not having proper software to simplify the job.

An OTT subscription system can be an answer to these problems. CRM built specifically for an OTT business has features and functions to provide a smooth operation. You should have a powerful solution to help you control and manage your video streaming platform.

There is no video streaming service without viewers. Make sure you can connect with them on the appropriate level.

#3 Monetization

Monetization is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to benefit from a video streaming service. OTT solutions have multiple monetization capabilities. For example:

  • Advertising – viewers don’t need to purchase anything. Instead, they watch ads. A content provider generates revenue by running ads on the platform.
  • Subscriptions – consumers pay for a monthly or annual subscription to get unlimited access to the content library on the platform.
  • Pay-per-view – people purchase one video at a time. The rest of the content is still inaccessible.
  • Hybrid monetization is a combination of several models described above.

#4 Analytics

Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking the performance of your video streaming service. Understanding the audience better, clarifying content performance, and checking the technical operation of the service can help you realize what is working and what things need improvements.

OTT analytics is a tool for finding what to enhance in the service. A content provider can make a video streaming platform and communicate with viewers better step-by-step using analytics.

Final Thoughts

OTT solutions are usually rich with features that you can use to operate smoothly and offer a seamless experience to viewers. Monetization, analytics, CRM, applications, customization, and functions for user engagement are here to boost the performance of your service. That’s why you need to find an appropriate solution for video streaming.

If you are ready to launch or upgrade your video streaming platform, we recommend you contact Setplex. The company can offer a solution to achieve your business goals.

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