Top 5 The Best Tech Reviewers on YouTube

A video review provides details that cannot be captured in the text. A viewer has a chance to view demonstrations of the critique that a reviewer is making.

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The internet has numerous reviewers, each focusing on a different element of technology. However, there are reviewers who have made a name because of the quality of their reviews. Several factors determine the reliability of a reviewer on Youtube.

  1. Number Of Followers- followers on social media act as an endorsement of the content shared on such a channel. A reviewer with a lot of followers is regarded as a credible source of information. This comes from the fact that followers will only stick with a reviewer or channel if it is offering the best services. Huge followership is a clear indication of quality and reliable reviews.
  2. Comments On The Reviews- what are the viewers saying about the videos they have watched on the channel? Viewers will leave a positive or negative comment about a video. Youtube also provides a like and dislike button for every video. If more people like the videos and have left positive comments, you are sure that the reviewer is credible.
  3. Reviews By Peers– reviewers are also reviewed. Check what leaders in the tech industry are saying about a particular reviewer or channel. These reviews can be seen from magazines, tech programs, and even online. Watch the channels that are recommended by top tech giants, and they will guide you on where to go for reliable reviews.
  4. Accuracy Of Reviews – how accurate are the reviews by the owner of the channel? The information contained on the channel should be factual and helpful to listeners. It should not be biased or crafted like an advert. This takes away the credibility of such reviews.
  5. Engagements On The Videos Or Channel- how are people engaging with content on the Youtube channel? There is a natural tendency to share a video that is helpful. You will also give a positive comment on the video. Such activity on a video or Youtube channel will lend credibility to the review.

Understanding of the technical elements of the gadgets and technology displayed also help you determine credibility. The best Youtube tech reviewers are also known by endorsements they get from other tech professionals. Having seen how to identify a reliable reviewer on Youtube, it is time to look at the best in the industry.


This is a tech channel with more than three million subscribers and more than thirty-six million views regularly visiting the channel. The channel focuses on computer components and the latest gadgets like tablets and mobile phones.

The owner of the channel has also paid a lot of attention to the gaming industry, reviewing consoles used for gaming. The information shared on the channel is highly accurate. This can be demonstrated by sales and reviews on other platforms.

2. JerryRigEverything

The channel has more than 1.6 million subscribers, but a single video can clock up to 10 million views in the shortest time imaginable. His technology reviews are intricate and will range from apps to watches as well as smartphones. His most popular review was that of the iPhone 7 Scratch as he did the Bend Test.

This is the place to look for the latest information on mobile gadget hardware and apps. The reviewer has received recognition from industry titans and technicians for his knowledge, accuracy, and independence during the review.

3. Marques Brownlee

Marques is one of the most recognizable names in the tech review industry. He focuses mainly on mobile gadgets with specific attention to software and hardware. He will give you the best review of updates made to these gadgets and whether they have added any value.

Such information helps you to make a decision on whether to upgrade the device or remain with an older model. Brownlee is a brutally honest reviewer who remains selective about the products highlighted. He has 9.49 million subscribers on the channel and will accumulate a million views in a day.

4. Linustechtips

Are you looking for information about the hardware on youtube? This is the place to search. Linus is known to pay attention to PCs and computer gadgets. He also highlights the best earphones, motherboards, mouse, and such other computer-related gadgets.

If you need information about the latest Smartphones in the industry, this is where to check. Linus has accumulated more than 9.1 million subscribers.

4. Austin Evans

Austin focuses on VR headsets, gaming PCs, and smartphones. Austin has a unique approach to reviews that makes his videos entertaining. You can see his personality in the videos. He has 3.9 million subscribers but manages to attract millions of views in a flash.

A review on Youtube will guide you on the latest tech information to help you make the best purchase. With videos, you have all the details you need to make a reliable decision. Follow credible reviews, and nothing about technology will bypass you.

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