What is Instagram Live and How to Make the Most Out of It?

Instagram is the largest social network that allows us to grow our company or brand quickly. In it, we can find different tools, as well as the live streaming that allows users to stream live videos to their users and followers. Thus, we’ll help you know what is Instagram Live, how to use it, and get the best out of this tool.

Knowing how to use Instagram Live is the key to progress in this community. In this article, we show you all those points that you need to know in order for your business to grow.

Also, we teach you how to make a live broadcast, and get the most out of this tool. Here, you learn the importance of this feature, and why consider IG Live as the best marketing strategy.

Instagram Live is a tool that this great social network offers us. The live transmissions are shared by the stories, using streaming technology. This resource was created by Instagram in 2016, but it was in 2017 with its update, when it became part of its users as one of the most common activities within the social network.

By performing an IG Live, friends and viewers can be invited to participate in the video. As well as we can remove the guest, and even close the Live abruptly. At the end of the live broadcast, it is recorded in the stories for 24 hours, after which time it is removed from the platform immediately. Thanks to the function that allows us to link Facebook with Instagram, live recordings can also be shared on FB.

Why is it important to perform Instagram Live steaming with your followers?

When we interact with our followers through Instagram Live, we get the same benefits as doing it from another platform such as YouTube or Facebook.

Let’s see below:

Increased visibility and interactions

As we already mentioned, the live broadcasts are located in the stories. This position allows us to have greater visibility because the users of this social network have at first sight the stories of those who follow.

Like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram ranks first the profiles they are broadcasting live, highlighting the event in the top bar of the application. As for interaction, it is increased thanks to the fact that IG allows followers to insert comments, a detail that increases the brand’s commitment to its customers to higher levels.

Know the active public

Instagram not only offers us a better position for our broadcasts, it also informs our followers when we are in the middle of an IG Live. This benefit allows us to know how many people are the ones who are truly active on the social network.

If we know our audience, we’ll also understand the impact of our publications, and use it to make important announcements, such as the launch of new products, discounts on services or promotions.

Increased traffic

If the topic that we share through the live streaming is relevant to followers, they will share it with all their friends and family, granting us an increase in visits to our profile, which can be diverted by means of a link to our website. This method is not only more effective than paid advertising on Instagram, but it is also cheaper.

On many occasions, we do not need any investment, but rather an issue that impacts the public. Now, knowing that live broadcasts provide us with these benefits, it is sufficient argument to understand the great importance of IG Live. Depending on how we use this tool, our profile will grow, as well as our business.

Learn step by step how to start an Instagram Live with your followers

Starting an Instagram Live streaming is very easy.

Next, we will show you in the clearest way, the steps to follow to start live streaming:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
What is Instagram Live and How to Make the Most Out of It?
Go Live on Instagram
  1. Then, on the app’s home screen, go and select the camera that is located in the upper left corner to activate the phone’s camera. We can also slide the finger to the right to activate it.
  2. Then we look for the “Live” option, which is located at the bottom left of the screen. To find it we must slide the options with our finger until we see the available option.
Go Live on Instagram
  1. We start the live streaming, selecting the “Start live video” option that we will see in the middle of the screen. For this, we must have a good Internet connection.
  2. To end the entire streaming, simply click on close Live, and we will be done.

How to get the most out of the Instagram Live tool

Now that you learned how to go live on Instagram, and we also know the great opportunities we have with this tool, we must apply excellent strategies to take full advantage of this great feature of Instagram.

Let’s see below how to do it:

What are we going to say?

Creating a script is the most recommended before doing a Live on Instagram, not only because it allows you to make better use of time, but also because of the great security that we transmit to our followers, giving confidence to everything we say.

Knowing what we are going to talk about allows us to converse a topic in a fluid way, as well as solving the different doubts that our public may have. Otherwise, we show our followers that we do not know what we are talking about and our engagement will decrease by a thousand percent. We don’t need a fully crafted script, but it does allow us to flow smoothly during streaming.

This does not mean that we cannot be wrong during the Live on Instagram. It is very normal that we make mistakes when pronouncing a word, or simply our tongue gets stuck, but the way to ignore this, is with a good smile and correcting the failure. As it is a live broadcast, errors will always be present.

Another benefit of creating a script is that it allows us to know what points are or are not necessary to interact with our audience. A script does not mean that we will speak in a robotic or mechanical way, we must be totally natural in what we are going to express.

Let’s adapt to our environment

An ideal environment is what we should always look for. This is what our professionalism and quality of our content will represent, although it is not a norm, we must keep it in mind.

To create a professional environment, we simply must comply with these tips, and have a great imagination:

Let’s avoid bright, or very dark environments. We must be in front of totally natural light, although if we are in a closed space, we must try to have white lights.

Let’s eliminate the excess of distracting elements, because the center of the transmission is us, and having other elements that attract more attention can divert the attention of our audience.

If we record alone, we must find support for our cell phone, with this we guarantee a good frame and a perfect steaming.

Let’s not start live streaming in very noisy spaces. Finding a quiet place is key to recording Live.

Interaction with the public

It is essential to maintain good interaction with the public. Regardless of the situations we pose, we must always keep the comments active, otherwise, our followers will not notice the difference between a normal recording and a live recording.

In the comments we mainly find questions on the topic we are communicating, we must always be ready to answer each one of them. Responding to comments, stimulates interactions, strengthening the relationship with our audience.

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