Content Marketing Tips for 2020: Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

Content Marketing Tips for 2020: Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

Content marketing has always been important but today it has become an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of each and every brand. When you want to make the most of your investment, you have to resort to content marketing. There are certain tips that will work well in 2020 and you should definitely make a note of them.

Content Marketing Tips for 2020

1. Indulge in content remarketing

No matter how good the quality of your content is, you cannot reach where you want to if you don’t do content remarketing. Remarketing basically focuses on the regular visitors to your site who haven’t generated a lead yet.

You retarget them by sending content in order to revive their interest in your brand. It helps you recapture someone’s interest and turn them into customers.

2. Create live videos

For online content marketing, you must be aware of the popularity of live videos. A lot of brands are opting for live videos on different social media platforms and the best part is that a lot of people are watching them. This trend is going to be there throughout this year.

Why live videos have so many fans is because it is real-time and looks way more genuine than the scripted ones used otherwise. The main pro of a live video is that it is not perfect and looks authentic. There is also an interaction with the audience which is extremely important for your brand image.

3. Make use of voice search

2020 will see a lot of browsing without a screen because of the increasing popularity of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google assistant. You have to make your content ideal for voice search and to do so the tone of your content has to be conversational.

There have to be long-tail keywords and phrases relevant to your brand. You will definitely be able to taste success when you follow these tips carefully.

4. Be interactive with target audience

Make an effort to engage your audience by interacting with them so that they just don’t leave your web page in a few seconds. Ensure that they spend more time on your site and provide their valuable feedback after absorbing what you have to say.

To make it interactive, you can choose to go in for polls, surveys, quizzes, contests, games and live videos. The most popular trend is to get your content personalized for your target audience. It works well in increasing your business and is therefore a must in 2020.

5. Keep content different for every online platform

It would be better if you are able to create different content for different communities online. It is basically all about providing tailor-made content for each platform. For instance, on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp you can create groups that have people with common interests. This is a good opportunity to discuss things with prospective customers and get proper feedback from them. You can also be free to broadcast the latest news related to your brand.

As already said, make it a point to create different content for each online community if you want to utilize social media to make your brand well-known. When people come to know that you are genuine, there is a high probability that they will refer your brand to others and there can be nothing better than that.

Get your content marketed by someone reliable and experienced. It would be great if it is a firm that specializes in content marketing such as iNet Ventures. Such firms will know what kind of strategy to use at what time.

6. Use AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Apart from being read and watched, this year your target audience will expect something more from you. Yes! No prizes for guessing that it will be AI and VR. You can use AI or artificial intelligence by adding chatbots to your official website. This year you will see most sites interacting with users without the need of humans and it is a good step forward. You also need to join the bandwagon if you want your business to grow.

There is another thing that you need to introduce on your website and that is virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). Using these two, you need to let your customers get an experience close to reality. Let the feeling be as real as possible so that they can decide whether they want to purchase your product or not.

So, these are basically the most important strategies that you must incorporate in your content marketing plan. It is extremely important that you chalk out things for 2020 in advance so that this year turns out to be great for your brand. Ideologies keep changing and we need to be in sync with the changing times.

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