How to Browse Private Instagram Profile Without Follow Their Account

More and more people are joining Instagram. Just like other social media apps, this application lets its users upload their photographs, share with others, and interact with others. There are many reasons someone wants to stalk or just look at a particular Instagram account. Either it’s because of a crush or maybe want to see former developments that happen to private Instagram profile.

No matter what your reasons are, the real thing is Instagram will not allow anyone to view or check, let alone stalk photos of private Instagram accounts without being a follower of the account. We appreciate this gratitude of Instagram towards their users. You easily view insta dp using online tools and app.

The privacy should remain at the top. Through, there could some situations where you need to browse a particular Instagram profile. And you might end up getting nowhere. Even though Instagram has a tough privacy policy, but still there are some ways to get it over. But do not be disappointed anymore because, on this occasion, will outline 3 ways that allow you to view photos or any information in the private Instagram account without having to be a follower or following. There are many such useful applications.

These tips and trick should help you to visit the private Instagram profiles with no footprints. However, we do not recommend our readers do so. We should care about and respect each other’s privacy. You’ll able to get some useful information about that user.

The information includes name, profile picture, recent posts, etc. Our recommendation would be always asking that person directly. That will make things clearer. If he/she agrees, that would be much easier. Furthermore, some of these elucidation points are:

How to Browse Private Instagram Profile

1. Create Clone/Fake ID

If you do intend to see someone Instagram account without getting caught being stalking. One alternative is to create cloned or fake accounts. While that might be contrary to the terms and conditions of Instagram users, it’s the most flame-free way to stalk people without getting caught.

Browse Private Instagram Profile

Just a suggestion that if you want to see a woman’s Instagram account, then you should create a cloned account with female identity as well. Additionally, create an account as if it were the original account. Do not show that it is a cloned account.

Well simply put it with name and bio, and upload some photos to convince your target. This is not absolutely successful, but at least most likely your account will be accepted by it.

2. Through Instagram Viewer

There is one way that has not known the validity is to use the Instagram viewer. There are many Instagram viewer services out there that can lure users to view any Instagram accounts that are in private. I do not really advocate this way because I do not really know how to work and system application. If you are in doubt, please tell not to use. When you are on the main page of the site, you will be prompted to enter the username of the Instagram you are currently viewing and want to see.

Warning !: It is mandatory to be careful when the site starts requesting your social media or personal account identity (username or password). As much as possible see in detail the verification from the request the identity. If not convincing, please leave and move on to the next point below.

3. Request Owner Account Directly

One free and easy way and to view private Instagram profile is to ask the person or owner directly. You can borrow their handphones or through other media.

That’s one way to browse the private Instagram account. In conclusion, the best way to see the private Instagram photo is to add a friend or become a follower using fake accounts.

That ends this tutorial here. We hope that our readers would use these tricks to visit private Instagram accounts. If you know a better way, don’t keep it secret. Share with us in the comment section. Will update this post with better methods.

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