How to Reset Samsung Galaxy J8

There are different ways to perform reset on Android phones. Based on the situation, you perform a reset through settings or the recovery mode on your phone. In this post, we will help you to reset Samsung Galaxy J8 to remove bugs, improve performance, and enhance the user experience. Since you’re using an Android-powered phone, you must aware yourself with such different troubleshooting solutions. There are greater chances that you’re might require resetting of your phone. And there are many reasons for doing that. We discuss different methods to reset this smartphone in this tutorial.

Most of the time people perform the reset action to remove bugs, low-performance, stability, and other related issues. Or you might be selling your phone to someone else. Thus, it is much important to perform a complete reset on your Samsung Galaxy J8 before you give it to anyone else. There are different methods, either you can perform a reset through Setting or perform a factory reset through the recovery mode. We will explore both the methods and know more about them. If you’re running short on performance and facing some minor issues, performing a reset through settings would be the ideal one. Or if that doesn’t work, we have a few more resets to perform.

The Android operating system has an explicit set of modes and settings. One of them is the recovery mode, a useful menu that has maintenance related tools. Through this tutorial, we’ll make you aware of both ways, either use the Settings menu to reset your phone or go advanced using the recovery mode. Whether you’re a newbie or a geek, this guide has explained everything in simple terms. While performing a reset on Samsung Galaxy J8 through settings, it just removes the custom settings, apps and turns them to default ones. Also, you can wipe the internal storage (optional) too. Whereas the hard reset (factory reset) will wipe the phone completely, it deletes all the custom settings, third-party apps (must see our list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy J8), and downloaded files.

In simple terms, a factory reset will turn your phone into a factory-fresh piece. That you can sell to anyone without worrying about your data privacy. The Android phones generally require reset to sustain performance. You must have experienced that over the time, our phone tends to become slower and slower. That’s where we need to put some optimization, that includes a factory reset sometimes. Performing a reset can calibrate your phone to function and work correctly. Actually, it clears the clutter that causes different problems on the Android phone.

When to perform a reset?

Of course, you should know that exact situation where you can apply resets on your phone. The most common reason that people perform reset is to calibrate and counter some common problems. Like, if you’ve noticed that your phone has become slow and not performing well, then you can perform a factory reset.

If you find that your phone is throwing errors like app crashes, reboots, etc. a reset can help in removing these errors. Either you can perform a factory reset through Settings’ menu or through an advanced option.

For minor problems, performing a reset through settings should work for you.

And if that doesn’t solve the problem, then go for a factory reset. Before we do so, we recommend you to back up your phone. You can back up messages, contacts, photos, and videos stored on your phone.

For that purpose, follow our; how to backup Samsung Galaxy phones.

Reset Samsung Galaxy J8

As we have discussed, either you can perform a factory reset through the settings or using the recovery mode. If you want to make things correct, we suggest performing a reset using the recovery mode. It is more advanced and works amazing.

These are the two methods through, you can perform a reset on your phone.

1. Perform a factory reset using Settings

It is more common with Android users who do not use recovery mode and other Android tools. There is nothing to prepare before you perform this reset.

While you perform this reset, you can either clear system, data or reset your complete phone. Choose this option as per your requirements.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon on your phone.
  2. Now, locate the Backup & reset option and tap on it.
  3. Next, tap on ‘Factory data reset’: Perform a Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J8
  4. Now, tap on the Reset Phone option.
    • Before that, you can select ‘Erase internal storage’ option to wipe the internal memory that includes all of your stuff like apps, photos, videos, documents, and downloads.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions (if any).
  6. You will be reset.

Your phone will reboot after this action. Again, enter your Google account details to customize your phone and set preferences.

2. Perform a factory reset through the Recovery mode

I prefer this mode. This method wipes your phone completely. It removes all the stuff including third-party apps, games and corresponding cache data. In short, the internal memory will be wiped out completely.

Thus, you must back up all the important stuff before you perform this action.

Follow the below instructions reset your Samsung Galaxy J8 using the recovery mode:

  • Enter into the recovery mode on your phone using this guide.
  • Within in the recovery mode, locate ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and tap on it: Wipe factory data Samsung Galaxy J8 Phone
  • Perform this action and following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once it gets completed, tap on the ‘reboot system now’ to exit this mode.

Your phone will reboot now. For the very first boot up, it might take several minutes. That’s completely normal. You’ve performed this hard reset on your phone.

So, these are the different ways to perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone. This action should remove all bugs and problems. Once your phone is boot up, you’ll see that all third-party things have been removed. It is no different than a factory fresh piece.

That ends our tutorial here. We created this tutorial with an intention to help Galaxy J8 users. We hope that our readers would like it. Share your views and thoughts in the below comment section.

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