8 Best iTunes Alternatives 2021 — Windows and Mac

iTunes is a popular software, allows adding, organizing, and playing media files on a computer or iDevices. Accordingly, It works on Windows and Mac OS. The fundamental difference between iTunes and other media players is the built-in store with a vast licensed library of music, videos, podcast, audiobooks, and TV shows. In addition, t is a subscription-based streaming service offering 75 + million songs. The iTunes features are offline listening, live radio station, and voice command as iTunes is integrated by SIRI. In this list, we have gathered some of the best iTunes alternatives that are easy to use, help manage your iPhone, its data, and so on.

iTunes Retire

In fact, iTunes is not only a media streaming service; it also uses for transferring and make backup data of devices. However, recently Apple announced that they would discontinue the iTunes Application in their upcoming os Catalina. Specifically, it will replace by three different apps Apple Music, Podcast, and Apple TV for Mac. Moreover, the reason behind the discontinuation of iTunes is it is prolonged, outdated, and a lot of errors. Due to this, we have some recommendations for an alternative to iTunes.

Best iTunes Alternatives 2021 – Windows & Mac

Want to know about some best alternatives to iTunes? Read the article all the way to the end; you will get your answer.

From now onward, we are not bound to use only iTunes as we have a lot of software replacements. Some have paid, and some are free to use—the selection of the alternate iTunes software on the basis of their feature and privacy.



Waltr Pro one of the best and popular alternatives to iTunes. Waltr Pro easily and quickly convert video and audio file into Apple-friendly format without any compromise in quality. To convert files process is easy, drag and drop. This app also supports voice command with the support of SIRI. 


  • Transfer photo to your iDevices.
  • Transfer ebooks into Kindle app.
  • Walter2 has its file manager, “File by Walter.
  • Built-in iMessage app.
  • Convert transfer of any file in iDevices.
  • Virtual transfer files.

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2# MediaMonkey


However, MediaMonkey is an award-winning media organizer. Although, it’s famous for its highly customizable feature and also supports a wide range of files.


  • Manage over 1 million audio and video files.
  • Quick media organizer.
  • Share your files on all platforms(Android, Apple, or cloud storage).
  • You can customize its skin and addons. 

3# Wondershare by Dr. Fone


As per their tag line, ” Your Complete Mobile Solution” is justified. Moreover, Some user says that Wondershare is the best version of iTunes. It is generally famous for its advanced privacy.


  • Recover deleted data from Android and iOS devices.
  • Quickly transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android and vice versa.
  • You can unlock your iPhone or Apple ID.
  • Transfer file between mobile and computer.
  • Repair any IOS or Android system.
  • Migrate data between two devices.
  • Back up And restore Facility.

5# AnyTrans App


AnyTrans has a dedicated WhatsApp transfer section for Android and iOS devices. The fastest and secure app as it is encrypted data cannot fetch by hackers.


  • Transfer data to any device.
  • Anytrans can mage 27 types of data if iOS content.
  • Customizable backup data.
  • Transfer data with one click.
  • You can print Messages by AnyTrans.
  • You can download music, make a ringtone, etc.

6# Phone Rescue

Phone Rescue

Phone Rescue has a clean and user-friendly interface. It is a complete data recovery solution for iOS and Android devices.


  • Secure from any data loss.
  • User-friendly UI and easy workflow.
  • World’s first and only software that support 31 types of file.
  • The fastest Scan of files.
  • Instant Preview.
  • Lightning Recovery.

7# Musique

Musique has a clean interface with unique features. Furthermore, You can sing along with the help of inbuilt lyrics support. This powerful media player is free of cost. Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

8# VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is famous and has a huge number of users around the world. Subsequently, It can play all the file formats and across in bot OS ( Mac and Windows). VLC is a free-to-use software with outstanding performance.

Wrap Up

Specifically, iTunes is always our favourite we have to use iTunes since our childhood, making our relationship with the software stronger. While as per the decision by Apple, it will discontinue soon, in fact, we have a lot of options now that can replace iTunes with better features. Lastly, You can also check some user feedback to select the best from the list. Lets us know which is your favourite in the comment section.

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