5 Must-have Apps for Students

The reality of our modern times is that you probably won’t find a student who doesn’t use a smartphone today. There are thousands of apps available for smartphones today that are used for many reasons, such as productivity and un-productivity. It is just like a matchstick can cook food and burn someone’s house. Similarly, mobile apps can ruin the students, and some mobile apps can also give unlimited benefits to the students. And so today, we are going to share some of the best apps for students. These mobile apps can benefit you in different ways.

#1 Quizlet

Quizlet Apps for Students

Quizlet app helps you remember what you have read, learn new things, and judge what is known. In this app, you can use flashcards to remember your small information and small learning. And one of the great benefits that I always see in this app is that you can access other people’s flashcards. More than five crore students study in this app every month, which means you have massive access to flashcards. In this app, you will find flashcards of almost all subjects, from Maths to Biology. You can view, use and learn these flashcards. You can learn new things in the Learn section of this app.

 To test memory, you can save it by writing in the right section. And in the Math section, you can check that you can find the correct answer in less time. Also, in the test section, you can check your performance. And with this, you can share the flashcard you have made with your friends, and you can also ask them to share their cards. In this way, you can divide the subject among themselves. It can set up conversations in 18 languages ​​and learn multiple languages.

Download this app here.

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#2 Mindmeister

Mindmeister- Apps for Students

Mindmeister- Mind map & Note-Taking Tool. There are many topics in subjects like Geography and History, which are very tideless and become very long. Along with this, some information is divided into different parts and is in other places. And when you try to remember, you get confused. Now remembering such a topic becomes a big task in itself for some students. Mindmeister app comes to your aid at such times. In this, you can connect small information through a map. Like mind mapping, you make them a relation among themselves. So you can draw them visually so that you can remember the order and connection of things and remember those things quickly.

When you bring different information visually in one place, the advantages of a topic, its disadvantages, and many various aspects, you can draw your own. You can also draw your ideas visually if you want to make a presentation or write a detailed answer or think of an idea. A subject like a history or math can have more than one condition. You can convert all the situations and needs in one place through the diagram in this app and remember better visually. And then not only the presentation of that subject, but you can also draw visually to plan your studies and think of ideas for completing your studies.

Download this app here.

#3 Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens Apps for Students
Microsoft Office Lens

It often happens that the exam time comes and you do not have the notes of some topics of any subject. They are with your friend, but he has to read it too. Or there are different pieces of information lying in other places, which you have to write in one place, but do not have that much time. You will find the solution to all these problems in one place – in the lens app of Microsoft. You can scan any notebook paper in the Microsoft Lens app and convert it to PDF, Word, or Image as you like. Also, you can edit the information and modify it according to you and keep it in your way.

If something is written on the whiteboard or some diagrams in the document, you can scan, edit, or enhance it in the Microsoft Lens app and preserve the notes. Then you can read these notes on the way, study on the bus or wherever you want and whenever you want.

Download this app here.

#4 Tide: Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

Tide - Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate
Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

This app can also solve many problems for many students. For example, you often sit to study in a good mood but only then do you start falling asleep, or your attention starts wandering somewhere else. Otherwise, at the same time, a guest comes to the house, and your focus gets lost. At such times it becomes a challenging task to concentrate on your studies. It also happens that you are trying to sleep, and you are not able to sleep. But a student needs to have a good sleep. Tide app solves all your problems. There are many natural sounds in the Tide app, and this one voice overwhelms all other outside noises, thereby protecting you from outside distractions and enhancing your focus.

By using this app, you can concentrate better on your studies, and if you want to sleep, you can also sleep better. In this app, you can select the sound of your choice. There are two sleep modes in this app, Sleep, and Nap mode. If you want to sleep for a short time in the afternoon or at any time, then select Nap mode and if you’re going to sleep peacefully at night, choose Sleep mode. Another option, Light Waking Up mode, wakes you up with a sweet sound. This app helps you to de-stress, stay focused, relax with peace of mind and sleep better at night.

Download this app here.

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#5 Todait: Smart Study Planner

Todait – Smart study planner

The students need to be productive and do the proper planning to achieve their goals because the first step is to succeed. Todait helps you achieve both short-term and long-term goals for your life. You don’t need to do a massive amount of work. Just keep track of today’s tasks, and get done! This app makes you more productive, as it helps you to manage your time. This app can determine how much you have to study and how much time will be taken. How many days or weeks do you want to study?

So this app automatically plans and divides your syllabus according to how much to study on which day. This app lets you know if you are running ahead or behind your target and adjusts your target according to your performance. Also, it monitors your reading habit and gives you feedback. The fantastic feature of this app is its performance graph, which tells you how your performance is for the month.

Download this app here.

These are few Apps for students that can make their life arrange and easier. We tried to put all types of app on this list. Let us know how you are going to use it in your daily life in the comment box.

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