How to change background in Google Meet App

You must have heard the name of Google Meet. If you have done online office work in lockdown, attended school or online college classes, most people have used this app. Google Meet is a service from Google that provides video conferencing. Moreover, it was earlier known as Google Hangouts Meet, which is a business-based video conferencing feature. Google meet app works in place of Google Hangouts Video Chat in Google Chat and provides many features to the users. It has proved to be helpful for both small and big businesses and a better option for school.

Google has enhanced the capability of the virtual background feature. Earlier it was limited to the web version of Google Meet only. It was first introduced in the web version in October 2020. Now Google has released this feature for the Android app.

Now users will be able to switch from live background to virtual background. In this, users can blur if they want, or they can also select some selected photos from Google. It includes backgrounds such as Office Space, Landscape, and Abstract Wallpapers to use. In addition, the developers are working on its iOs version for iPad and Apple phones.

How to Change background in Google Meet App

How to Change background in Google Meet App
Google Meet

This feature is being rolled out for the Android platform, which will be available in the coming weeks. Here we are telling you how you can change the background in Google Meet Android App. This feature has been brought to prevent distraction during video calls. Although this is a handy feature, using it can have a significant impact on your battery consumption. Recently Google has also brought a significant UI change.

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Bringing in the new UI is meant to simplify the settings and features. The interface includes a bar at the bottom that gives users access to essential options, many of which were previously in the Settings menu.

For example, the bottom bar houses the meeting code, microphone, video, caption, hand raise, screen sharing, and other toggles. In addition, there’s a lot in the bottom right, including meeting details such as joining info, people panels, chat panels, and breakout rooms for other activities, polls, and Q&A.

Follow the step by step process to change the background in the Google Meet Android app:

How to change before video call on Google Meet App:

  1. First of all, you have to open the Google Meet App and select the meeting.
  2. Before joining, tap on Change Background at the bottom of your Self View.
  3. Now you have to choose between a slight blur or an existing wallpaper.

How to change during a video call on Google Meet App:

  1. To see your view, you have to tap on the screen.
  2. On self-view, tap on Change Background.
  3. Now you have to choose between a bit of blur or an existing wallpaper.

Let us tell you that Google Meet also lets users see other participants simultaneously, including what you are presenting on the screen. Furthermore, you can unpin the presentation view as a tile, allowing users to see additional participants. Apart from this, you can also mute the audio in the presentation.

How to Change Picture Mode:

  1. Users can also change the self-view size with the Picture in Picture mode.
  2. To change the self-view size also, users have to drag any corner.
  3. In such a situation, sometimes the self-view of the users can be seen with grey bars at the top and bottom to show whatever the camera is showing.
  4. Whereas other users can see a cropped version of your video feed.

Here are the methods to change the background in Google meet app. So now you can change the background and enjoy this superb feature from Google. We hope you will understand the process. If you have any questions regarding the google meet app, let us know via the comment box. For more informational knowledge, please visit our other blog in Techshali.

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