How to Install LineageOS 15.1 on Honor 9 Lite

This is the most definitive guide helping you to install the LineageOS custom ROM on Honor 9 Lite. This build is based on the Android 8.1 operating system with feature-rich panels and solid performance. Being a popular aftermarket firmware, the LineageOS has all stock features along with tons of performance tweaks and exclusive features. Bringing opportunities for improvements in different ways and aspects. For the current time, the LineageOS is one of the best custom ROM you get for your smartphone. Most importantly, it keeps our device updated and feature-rich while providing accelerated performance stability.

Basically, a custom ROM is developed and distributed by third-party team/developers. They are built from the pure Google Android builds. Usually, the developers optimize the software aspects so that they help in getting the best performance out from our device. And additionally, they implement many advanced tools, features, and tweaks. So, that they perform well on our phone, offer better performance and battery life. If you’ve been looking for a custom ROM for your Honor 9 Lite, then LineageOS would be the ideal one to start. While it updates your phone to latest Android 8.1 Oreo Operating system, it brings you new and some advanced features. This ROM is enriched with powerful customization and personalization features.

While we help you install the LineageOS on Honor 9 Lite smartphone, we should discuss the risks and prerequisites involved in this process. Firstly, this custom ROM has no relation to Honor and Google in any way. Proceeding further voids the warranty on your phone. Installing such third-party ROMs can brick your phone as well. There are chances that we end-up breaking things. So, a general backup is highly recommended. Most importantly, this is an unofficial build of LineageOS, thus you might experience some bugs while using it. As per the Developer, AndropaX, Senior Member at XDA, currently following features do not work:

  • VoLTE
  • AudioFX on headphones

Almost all features work on this smartphone. And these existing features should vanish in coming updates, hopefully. The installation procedure is very simple and requires a TWRP custom recovery. We cannot flash this custom ROM using the stock recovery.

Install LineageOS 15.1 on Honor 9 Lite


You need a TWRP recovery — a custom recovery that extends functionalities of the recovery menu. That ensures that you install this ROM successfully on your phone. If you’ve not installed this TWRP recovery yet, we strongly recommend you to install it.

With a custom recovery, it wouldn’t possible to install this custom firmware on this smartphone. That’s is what you required apart from the ROM itself.

Installing a custom ROM is like installing Windows on our computer. That means the internal memory will be formatted. Therefore, a general backup is suggested. You create a backup of Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos and other important stuff. Once this process is executed, we cannot revert it anyhow. Thus, you must backup all your important files and documents before stepping ahead.

Nandroid Backup

Also, it is suggested to create a Nandroid Backup — this includes the operating system itself. You can backup your current firmware that runs on your phone. If something bad happens, you can revert to the previous state in no time. That makes everything easier and safer for you.

Also see:

To create a Nandroid Backup, you’ll just need to access the recovery menu, then under the Advanced options, you’ll get the option for backup purpose. Use these options to backup the ROM of your phone. And same options are used to restore this backup as well. Make sure that you save the backup firmware outside the phone, external memory. Or else, it will be wiped out while proceeding ahead.


There are only two files that you need to download. The very first is the LineageOS ROM file, and the second file has Google applications. You need to download both the files on your computer using the below links:

  • Download the LineageOS 15.1 Rom for Honor 9 Lite from →here. Make sure that you download the latest build.
  • Download the Google Apps package from →here.

There are two files that you required.

Note:- If you have a memory card installed on your phone, transfer these two files on it. Otherwise, just follow the below instructions.

How to Install LineageOS 15.1 on Honor 9 Lite

The method to flash this custom firmware is very simple. We will boot into the recovery mode and install the downloaded firmware. Follow the below instructions to install the LineageOS 15.1 on Honor 9 Lite smartphone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone — press the Power button a few seconds and then select the Power Off option.
  2. Next, boot into the recovery mode on your phone. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons until your phone vibrates. Then release the buttons. Now, you should enter into the recovery mode.
  3. Now, select the Wipe Option and confirm your action. That will wipe your phone completely. That ensures a clean install of this custom ROM.
  4. Then, exit the recovery mode. Restart your phone and wait till it brings you to the home screen.
  5. Now, copy both the downloaded files from your computer to your smartphone. If you have a memory card, then simply ignore this step. Make sure to remember the name and location of these two files.
  6. Next, turn OFF your phone again.
  7. Further boot into the Recovery mode.
  8. Tap on the Install option, locate the copied ROM file and install it.
  9. Similarly, flash the Google apps package file.
  10. In the end, exit the recovery mode.

Your phone will boot up soon. For the first boot up, it might take several minutes which is normal. It happens most of the time. Very soon, your phone should bring you to the LineageOS interface.

Enter your Google account details and customize other settings to start using this ROM. With the inbuilt theme engine, you can choose from hundreds of themes.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the latest build of LineageOS ROM based on Android 8.1 Oreo operating system on your Huawei Honor 9 Lite. Now, enjoy the goodness of the latest features and apps of Android along with faster performance.

That ends our tutorial here and we hope that it would help users to install this feature-rich ROM on their smartphone. We’ll be adding more such stuff for this smartphone. Stay connected with us. If you stuck anywhere or have any question, make sure to leave your comments below.


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