The 5 Best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 [2018]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was once the finest smartphone ever released. Samsung has discontinued the support for this smartphone very long ago. That’s where custom ROMs come in. In simple words, a custom ROM is an aftermarket product that keeps our device alive and updated with new operating system and features. In this list, we gather the best custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy S3 to update it to the newest Android OS, for better productivity, user-interface, new features and so on. If you’re looking to update your phone further, you should consider installing a custom ROM. That helps in bringing new features and keeps updated our devices.

For Samsung Galaxy S3, there are lots of developments were built and still, new stuff is being created for this smartphone. If we dig a little bit to find out custom firmware, we find a huge list of custom ROMs developed for Samsung Galaxy S3. However, picking one of them might confuse you a lot. And for sure that is not easy either. We have gathered these custom ROMs on this list to make that task easier for you. You can pick any of these and install it. Based on the freshness, Android version, features, and usefulness, we’ve collected these custom ROMs. If you find something better, please share with us so we can improve our list.

Be certain that installing a custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3 voids the warranty and manufacturer terms (though that period should have ended already). Thus, if any sort of warranty is remaining will be voided. In order to revert this change, you gotta flash the official stock firmware on your phone. In that way, you restore the firmware and other aspects including warranty. There is one more thing that we shouldn’t miss. Installing a custom firmware will wipe out your phone completely. The process proceeds by deleting the internal memory of the phone.

Thus, a general backup is highly suggestible. You should backup stuff like Contacts, Photos, Messages, Photos, Videos, and Documents. Now, let’s start with our list of updated custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

List of best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3

LineageOS Rom for Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Official LineageOS ROM

The LineageOS has become the best aftermarket firmware that brings the latest Android experience with tons of improvements and added features. Fortunately, LineageOS supports the Samsung Galaxy S3 officially. That means you don’t need to worry about bugs or anything else. This is ROM works perfectly on this smartphone.

Must see:

Especially, it brings the goodness of Android 7.1 Naugout operating system to Samsung Galaxy S3. If you wish to update your phone, then this ROM would be the ideal one to start. With the rock-stable interface, you get many customization features to personalize your phone even better. On top of all, the LineageOS ROM doesn’t come with the bloatware — means you’ll have more free storage space and better performance.

This ROM has many tweaks that encourage the performance of the device. For the theming purpose, it has a theming engine that serves hundreds of skins you can apply to your phone. Overall, this custom ROM tops the chart and we highly recommend this custom ROM to Samsung Galaxy S3 users.

Currently, most of the Samsung Galaxy S3 users have switched to using this custom firmware. This the only available custom ROM, that is complete and offers the Android Nougat operating system.

We strongly recommend you to stick with this Rom. Since it is an official build, you can expect lots of improvements, and functionalities.

Download and Install

Best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3

2. MIUI 8 Stable Build

Mi smartphones are booming all around the world. They are not the best, of course, but they offer you a balanced combination of both, money and hardware. Unlink most of the OEMs, Mi packs their smartphone with own operating system —MIUI. This core part is based on pure Android OS builds, customized and tweaked for better performance and personalization. Mi team does changes mostly on the user-interface part.

And, additionally, some AI aspects are added to this ROM. If you’re looking for MI aspects for your phone, this ROM should fit your needs. Based on the Android Marshamallow builds, this custom ROM is a perfectly stable and fast runner. This ROM is complete in all aspects. All things work in the correct direction except sometimes it throws ‘Force Close’ error while opening the Update page and MI camera. To resolve it, you can simply use another camera application like Google Camera or something like that.

This custom has plenty of features that should impress you. You also get access to the MI theme engine, that should make easier to personalize your phone. Overall, the MIUI ROM fits perfectly within this list of best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Overall, the MIUI Rom has a sleek user-interface with some embedded AI features. There is doubt about its performance. If you’re a little bit fan of Xiaomi smartphones, then you must try this custom Rom.

Download and Install

crDroid Rom Galaxy S3

3. Unofficial CrDroid ROM

Though it’s unofficial, there is no way you can update your phone to the latest Android version without using an unofficial method. This CrDroid ROM is a mix of two powerful custom firmware; LineageOS and crDroid. Both ROMs have their own unique features and add-ons. And with this ROM, you get the best of these two in a single.

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Since CrDroid ROM is based on LineageOS, it ensures that you get stable and fast performance on your phone. Most importantly, through this ROM you’re actually updating your phone to Android 7.1 Nuagat operating system. That brings you the latest features, apps and better opportunities to use your smartphone. You can expect better productivity and usefulness of your phone after you put this ROM.

Moreover, it contains functionalities from crDroid ROM as well. This ROM has custom installation features that should help you customize the installation process. It is light-weight and outperforms other custom ROMs in terms of the performance. Also, there are personalization features to help you customize different aspects of your phone.

Being based on pure LineageOS build, this ROM has some more advantages you can bring to your phone. However, if you’re a serious fan of LineageOS, then you must stick with it.

Download and Install

XenonHD Rom Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Official XenonHD 7.1.2

It’s another custom firmware to update your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 7.1 Nuagat operating system. Just like the crDroid, the XenonHD is based on the LineageOS operating system and further tweaked as well. Except for one thing; it is official and has no bugs or problem. You can install this ROM without worrying about any aspect. This ROM has focused on three things; features, performance and battery life.

Based on LinageOS, it provides a stable and fast performance. Many additional features have been added to this ROM like Adaway, Kernel Adiutor, SuperSU, Pixel UI and so on. The latest build has introduced the Pixel User Interface. That surely makes things look beautiful and classy. To make it lighter, it has been debloated well. That means unnecessary applications/services have been removed from this ROM. Thus, you get a better, faster and long lasting experience.

This ROM offers an extended battery life. The background processes and services have been optimized for better battery life and performance. Additionally, you get unique XenonHD’s applications and themes for your phone. If you’re looking to update your phone to Android 7.1 OS, then this ROM would the ideal one.

Download and Install

Sony Z3 Rom Galaxy S3

5. Sony Z3 Like ROM

Build with the discontinued Cyanogenmod 12.1, this ROM works on Android 5.1.1 operating system. It has been specially built for Sony Z3 fans. If you’re one of them, then try this ROM. This will turn your phone and make it look similar to Sony Z3. The user-interface, applications, features and skin, all have been ported very well. You’ll not feel that you’re running the Samsung Galaxy S3, instead, you’ll feel like using the Sony Z3 smartphone.

The Wallpapers, Calendar, Keyboard, etc, apps have been revamped to work on Galaxy S3 while giving you a feeling you’re using Z3 smartphone. Overall, this smartphone has a pretty good performance and stability. With the recent updates, many improvements have been done. That makes it more stable, a feature-rich and good performer. And we can expect more update in the future.

Since it is based on Cyanogenmod firmware, you can expect better performance, stability and battery life. Along with them, you also get many advanced features to extend the usefulness of your phone. There is an inbuilt theming solution for personalization and other similar features.

Download and Install

That ends our list of best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3. Surely, this is not the end, we are still researching for more. We’ll add more custom firmware to this list very soon. If you have a better one, please share with us through comments, we’ll be glad to feature within this list and improve this list. Stay connected with us for more useful content and tutorials.


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