How to Fix Nokia 7.1 that is frozen or not responding [Troubleshooting steps]

Nokia 7.1 is the latest smartphone in the affordable budget section. It runs on the Android Operating system, so you it is important for you to learn some troubleshooting solutions to deal most common problems. During this tutorial. We will learn different solutions to fix frozen, stuck, low-performance similar issues on Nokia 7.1 smartphone. If you’re facing such problems on your phone, we recommend you to read this tutorial thoroughly. We have discussed some generic solutions that you can perform easily and you don’t need to use any kind of third-party tool or service.

Before you step out and reach the service center for technical help, you should try one or more of these troubleshooting methods. Most of the problems related to firmware, performance, and stability on Android phones can be fixed quickly. Sometimes the firmware gets infected due to some application or configuration that the user puts. Perhaps, your phone might have been infected by some sort of malware or virus. In worse cases, the hardware might get indulged with some kinda physical interaction and gets damaged. That would not let the Android OS functions properly. These are the common things that could cause your Nokia 7.1 to work inappropriately and get stuck/frozen at the bootup time or while you use it.

Till the time you know that the problem is related to the Android firmware and there’s no hardware failure, you can easily fix such issues on your phone. However, if that’s not the case, you better take this smartphone to the service center and seek technician help. In order to troubleshoot these common problems, lags, sluggish interface, stuck at the boot screen, abnormal boot loops, and freezes, the Android OS support multiple solutions. Through the basic methods, we can easily fix most of the common problems/bugs/issues that you could experience on Nokia 7.1 smartphone.

In order to perform these actions, you don’t have to use any kind of third-party apps or utility. The Android comes with manifold tools for maintenance and repair purpose. Neither you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to perform these actions. Over time, our phone tends to become slower and experiences different issues and bugs. Mostly, these bugs are connected with clutter and cache files that keep growing over time as we use our phone. Therefore, getting rid of these excess junk files and cached data solves most of the problems.

Therefore, with these basic troubleshooting techniques/procedures, you can fix these problematic bugs and issue. Moreover, you can apply these solutions to cure common performance and stability issues on your Nokia 7.1 smartphone. Before you we actually begin, you must know that you might need to format your phone to recover it. Thus, it would be better if you can back up your important stuff before proceeding ahead. To back up your phone, either you could transfer files to your computer or use a dedicated application.

Apply force reboot to fix Nokia 7.1 that is frozen or not responding

The Android OS is no different than Windows/Mac operating system when it comes to functioning. It might possible that due an application or a particular configuration, the Nokia 7.1 is stuck and not responding. If it has happened for the very first time, you better power off your phone and restarts again.

It would remove the temporary clutter causing runtime problems on your phone. It refreshes the runtime memory and gives a fresh start to Android OS. Just follow the below instructions:

  1. Press and hold the Power OFF button until your phone vibrates.
  2. Once it vibrates, release the buttons. Now, your phone will turn OFF.
  3. Now, turn ON your phone using the power key.

Then, observe your phone to see if problems are solved or not. If it doesn’t have any impact, just move to the next method. This is the most basic thing you could do to fix small problems and issues.

Clear App cache/data on the Nokia 7.1 to fix stuck and frozen problems

If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, then you might have observed that the performance has been declined. Both performance and stability have synced down and it is getting worse over time. This happens usually because of the cached data, including app cache and data.

As we keep using our phone, the cache files keep on growing up and eventually impact different aspects of the Android OS. It resists OS from running normally and outcomes different problems like phone becomes unresponsive or stuck/freeze at some screen.

Therefore to keep OS debloated from this excessive cached files, we should clear our phone regularly. Either you could clear cache/data individually or clear all the data at once. If you figure that the problems arise after you open a particular application/s or service, then you must clear the cache of that app individually. That will remove all the clutter/junk/expired/corrupted files associated with that application/s.

If you’re able to boot up to Android UI and access the Settings menu, just follow the below steps to get rid of the app cache:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Now, tap on Apps > Open Apps list.
  3. Now, tap on the App that you want to clear its cache memory or find causing problem on your phone.
  4. Then, tap on ‘Storage’ option.
  5. There, tap on Clear Cache to perform this action.

Moreover, you can tap on Clear Data to reset that application completely. That should remove the cached data linked to app/s suffering from problems.

That should’ve solved the problem. If you find that issues/bugs happen around the entire phone, you better clear the complete cached data on your phone. You could do it using the following method.

Perform a wipe cache partition to remove all clutter/cache and junk files

To get rid of entire cache data and files on your Nokia 7.1, you can wipe its cache partition. Most of the time, the firmware malfunctions due to corrupted cached files that become useless and junk after some time. These files interrupt that normal working for the operating system. That’s the most common reason that our phone tends to get slower as the time flies.

When you wipe the entire cache partition, it removes all the cache data, including third-party and system applications. That improves the overall performance, stability and removes most of the bugs that usually distract the general working of our phone.

In order to wipe the cache partition, you just need to enter into the recovery mode. Through this mode, users can get rid of cache memory, perform a hard reset and perform several other actions. The following instructions will help you use this mode to wipe the cache partition on Nokia 7.1 to fix frozen and unresponsive problems:

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the power button.
  2. Now, press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys until you see the booting logo.
  3. Now, release both the buttons to enter into the recovery mode. If nothing happens or it doesn’t boot into the recovery mode, perform the same steps while you connect your phone to the computer using the USB Cable.
  4. Under-recovery mode, tap on ‘Wipe cache partition’ option using the Power key.
  5. Perform this action and exit this mode.

Now, let your phone to reboot. Now, observe your phone thoroughly to figure if it still stuck or freezes anywhere. Probably, that should have fixed all such issues. You should find that the performance has been calibrated and it works normally.

Moving more advanced actions require to format the internal memory on the phone. You better create a backup of your phone before stepping further.

Factory reset Nokia 7.1 that doesn’t boot up or stuck at the screen

It is unlikely to still face such problems. If you do, then performing a hard reset (factory reset) should be your next priority. This will remove all the third-party apps and data that you’ve downloaded. After you perform this action, your phone turns to default settings just like it was when you had used it for the first time.

It doesn’t leave space for bugs or issues. If you’ve just installed a custom firmware or updated your phone and stuck to boot loops or boot screen, then it becomes mandatory for you to perform this action. Basically, it removes all the corrupted files and toxic things. Moreover, you could perform this action for performance and stability sake. It calibrates these aspects and makes things better.

You should know that it will wipe the internal memory. All of your stuff including apps, games, pictures, videos, and documents will be deleted. And one simply cannot revert this process. Therefore, you should back up everything important to you. To hard reset your Nokia 7.1 smartphone, the following steps are required:

  • Turn OFF the phone using the power key.
  • Now, boot into the recovery mode.
  • Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.
  • Perform this action.
  • Exit this menu once this action is completed.

Now, allow your phone to reboot. Soon, it will take you to the setup screen, where you need to put your Google account details.

That’s it, you’ve successfully fixed problems and issues related to unresponsiveness and performance on Nokia 7.1 smartphone. Now, it should work fine and there shouldn’t be any problem.

We are open for your comments and compliments. If you find these troubleshooting methods are helpful or not, do let us know through the comments. Should you have any problem or issue, do let us know. We would try to answer your question at the earliest.


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  2. My Nokia 7.1is hanged and having booting problem. I have tried several times with the on/ off key. But it is of no use. The problem persists. Can you please help me to solve my problem.

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